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Fata Morgana

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The world of FM is technically the same universe as SHOS, but it operates on a different timeline and thus, counts as a separate universe.

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Supernatural, fantasy

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The magic system on FM is based on "wild" magic.

Magic has existed since the world's creation at the start of the universe and has existed alongside the universe forever. It is, by default, an infinite resource that has no repercussions for its use outside of what the person can physically handle. However, the life on Earth that has developed for the most part has never touched or accessed the ancient magic.

As life developed on Earth, magic settled into the systems as we know of them today, growing and evolving alongside the people and the various species to form into "branches" of magic with their own specialties and abilities no one else has access to. For example, although Mages have access to every magic "type", the types of magic they access are like the 'children' of the original wild magic that existed at the start of the universe. And if you want to think of FM as having "ley lines" like SHOS did, those ley lines are what remains of the original wild magic, and not the wild magic itself.

There exists pockets of the wild magic that remain from the time of original creation, trapped underneath the Earth's crust like one might find fossils or coal, located so deep underground that no one and nothing that currently exists on Earth can reach to it (even magic beings can't touch the sources). As eras go by, those few remaining pockets of "wild" magic leech into the world through its environment. There are pockets in most cradles of civilization (hence why they are cradles of civilization), and dotted around a few handfuls of other places as well.

Snow Haven is one of the more obvious places where it is known such a pocket must exist, because of the hot springs. Even though the magic exists underneath the geothermal waters and tectonic plates that give birth to the hot springs, the magic is strong enough to seep into the very waters themselves and lend power and mysterious energy to the land surrounding.

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terrain Fale Legends have been passed down generation after generation in the cities of Alaska. One of the most common legends known to citizens, especially those old enough to remember it’s roots, is about an ...
terrain Seraphim Hotel (The Reine) Are you looking for a place to call Home in the very heart of Alaska? The Seraphim Hotel is a great base from which to explore the Snow Haven's wonders. Spend your days discovering Alaska's enchant...
terrain Tamana Tavern The local bar and pub, named after the river that runs north of town. It is one of the most popular bars in town and is a major social spot. Serves craft beers, all manners of alcohol, and some fin...
terrain Lunar Pastries A bakery that shares the building with [[Location-242725]] . Specializes in themed cookies and coffee blends named after popular novels and comic books.
terrain Rockin' Records Snow Haven's local music lover's haven! Home to all mediums of music from vinyl records to CDs to instruments to memorabilia to merch, it even has small, soundproof rooms in the back for private mu...
terrain Snow Haven General Hospital Snow Haven's main hospital is a branch hospital from Fairbanks, located east outside town off State Route 26. The complex is more of a souped up outreach clinic than a fully-equipped hospital. SHGH...
terrain Snow Pond Spa Designed after hot springs in Japan, Snow Pond Spa has both public and private, indoor and outdoor access to one of the largest hot springs geysers in Snow Haven. Everyone has access to the public ...
terrain Frontier Library Need a book? Need some time in a quiet place? Well, the library is for you! Come on in, and browse the up-to-date selection of books and resources, or grab a private study room and get some stuff d...
terrain Pinewood Inn Snow Haven's own Bed & Breakfast! Pinewood Inn boasts beautiful bedroom suites, all with own private attached bathrooms, as well as a luxurious dining room and private, guest-only access to hot spr...
terrain Olivia Azio's Cabin (The Blood Legion) The "old Wansley Homestead", as it is sometimes referred to, is the last residential home at the tail end of the road that leads to the North Denali-McKinley Trail Outpost Station. Formerly owned b...
terrain Z-SH
terrain Namaste Ink & Bikes (Trinity Mafia) A handsome tattoo parlor tucked into the corner of Main Street with a curious side business: the selling, repairing, building, and painting of motorcycles and their parts. Bike groups are welcome t...
terrain Snow Haven A seemingly sleepy town in Alaska that sits upon a deep well of ancient magic. The magic has essentially become sentient and believes it *is* the town. Thus, mysterious and magical things happen in...
terrain Town Hall The chief administrative office in Snow Haven. All local government operations occurs here, with all its departments, its meeting rooms, storage areas, and more. It is an over-sized office building...
terrain Nightowl Café A locally owned, 24 hour café that serves coffee and donuts at all hours to service the tourist crowds. A good place to duck in and grab a coffee or hot chocolate in the wintertime to avoid the chi...
terrain Alpine Diner One of the oldest restaurants in Snow Haven, the Alpine Diner is the classic example of American cuisine with an Alaskan spin. It is a cozy, wood-paneled diner with a cabin-like feel, with all food...
terrain UF Snow Haven Campus The Snow Haven UF Campus is the local community college option for students. It offers a wide field of classes, from vocational schooling, to 2-year and 4-year degree programs, and even some gradua...
terrain Sundog Books SUNDOG BOOKS is a three-story, classic brick bookshop and bookbinding repair on the corner where Spruce meets Market. The ground floor is devoted to new books, with the back half of the store f...
terrain Crescent Club (Nightfall) The newest club to open in Snow Haven, replacing an old disco that hasn't been open since the 1980s. It is a two-story building with a rare basement area. The dance hall is on the ground floor, wit...
terrain The Shadow Knights The Shadow Knights are a shadow organization charged with maintaining the International Statute of Secrecy that every member of the Supernatural Underground must uphold. They are led by the Interna...
terrain The Iron Maiden A seemingly inconspicuous garage behind Namaste Ink & Bikes houses an entire underground complex beneath its floor. If fighting like hell is in your blood, then you've come to the right place. T...

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emoji_events Antique Victorian Snake Bracelet An antique silver snake bracelet belonging to Natasha Keller. It is a sister bracelet to the others worn by Nightfall executives, enchanted by Mages to reveal the presence of supernatural species t...
emoji_events Faina's Engagement Ring(s) Faina is actually in possession of two rings: A blue sapphire ring inset in silver and diamonds, given to her by [[Character-1034824]] A green emerald ring inset in platinum and small diamon...
emoji_events Cat Ring A silver-and-onyx cat ring belonging to Morgan Devereaux. It is a sister ring to one worn by other Nightfall executives, enchanted to serve as a final defense should the wearer ever be attacked. ...
emoji_events Vintage Butterfly Ring A vintage butterfly ring belonging to Joan Walsh. It is a sister ring to one worn by other Nightfall executives, enchanted to serve as a final defense should the wearer ever be attacked. It is w...
emoji_events Cat-And-Moon Bracelet A silver cat-and-moon bracelet belonging to Morgan Devereaux. It is a sister bracelet to the others worn by Nightfall executives, enchanted by Mages to reveal the presence of supernatural species t...
emoji_events Silver Butterfly Bracelet A silver butterfly bracelet belonging to Joan Walsh. It is a sister bracelet to the others worn by Nightfall executives, enchanted by Mages to reveal the presence of supernatural species to the wea...
emoji_events Demonic Parasite A parasite forged from several demons and black blood carriers that must attach to the brain of a living host, granting them immortality and demonic abilities.
emoji_events Teardrop Stone Pendant The talisman for Briony Nakashima, the Selkie's ability to shift between her human and beast forms.
emoji_events Wolf Head Bracelet The totem for Isaac Thomas, the Shifter's ability to shift between his human and beast forms.
emoji_events Glock G43X Pistol Faina's handgun and preferred weapon of choice.
emoji_events Reinare's Flute An ordinary looking silver flute with incredible magical power that when played, its melodies can be used to control others or cause real damage through sound waves.
emoji_events Tree of Life Pendant The totem for Ginny Thomas, the Shifter's ability to shift between her human and beast forms.
emoji_events Caged Pendant The totem for Faina Parker, the Shifter's ability to shift between her human and beast forms.
emoji_events Sam's Amulet A magical item created by Lillian Bloodmare meant to keep Sam's beast in check.
emoji_events Keres Keres is Lillian Bloodmare's signature weapon. It is a scythe forged by the Dark Empress and the ancient mage herself specifically for Lillian's use.
emoji_events The Dark Flame Glove It is a magically enchanted glove, able to create a multitude of flame and darkness spells that can be activated with the snap of its owners fingers.
emoji_events Amulet of Chaos The Amulet of Chaos is a unique, ancient magical item. Where most of today's magic items are limited to one or three specific magics, the Amulet is only magically limited by the imagination of its ...
emoji_events Doombringer Doombringer, commonly referred to as the "black sword" or "black blade", is a Bagua Broadsword specially forged for Aerallis Tithiros

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face Unicorn A Unicorn is a mythical horse-like beast, with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead. They can perform magic via a Purity System and shapeshift into a Human form. A U...
face Merfolk A Merfolk is a half-man, half-fish sea creature with the upper body of a Human and the lower body of a sea creature, who can transform their fins into legs to walk on the lands of man. A Merfolk ca...
face Phage A Phage is an undead, immortal creature that has been transformed by the darkest of magicks into an ever-hungering devourer of energies. They do not age and remain frozen from the moment of their s...
face Human A Human is just that: the ordinary, everyday people of Earth we all know. They inhabit almost every corner of the globe. They have no special powers or abilities, no magic… just their humanity.
face Mage Mages are the spell-casters and magic users of the world. They can be born to other Mages or turned from a Human into a Mage.
face Dragon A Dragon is a large, winged, horned, four-legged creature capable of flight, with the ability to "breathe" an element through their species' natural elemental magic and shapeshift into a Human form...
face Aether An Aether is a sky elemental creature that can fly with the use of wings that are inked into their backs and can be retracted and expanded at will. An Aether can be born from other Aethers or turne...
face Dryad A Dryad is an earth elemental species with a deep connection to nature, especially trees, and has access to terra magic and miraculous healing abilities. A Dryad can be born from other Dryads or tu...
face Ghoul A Ghoul is an undead, immortal creature that maintains their life by feeding from corpses. They do not age and remain frozen in the moment of their death. A Ghoul cannot be born; they can only be c...
face Phoenix A Phoenix is an immortal, shape shifting bird with red and gold plumage who follows a cycle of death and rebirth. They are a fire elemental species and utilize ash magic. A Phoenix can be born from...
face Selkie A Selkie is a shape-shifting sea creature that sheds the skin of a beast form to walk on land with the use of an object called a talisman. A Selkie can be born from other Selkies or turned from a H...
face Shifter A Shifter is a shapeshifting creature that changes from their human form to their beast form through the use of an object called a totem.
face Werebeast A Werebeast is a cursed creature who is forced to transform from a human to a bipedal, half-man half-beast monster over the course of a lunar cycle. A Werebeast can be born from other Werebeasts or...
face Vampire A Vampire is an undead, immortal creature that survives off the blood of their victims. A Vampire cannot be born; they remain frozen at the moment of their death and go through eternity as the livi...
face Esper An Esper is a person with the ability to use magic-based psychic powers to manipulate the world around them. An Esper can be born as an Esper or turned from a Human.

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