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Helena Hottenstein

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Trinity Mafia, Consigiliere







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Long hair, straight



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Pale white


She dresses smartly in nice clothes - usually of the business variety. She prefers long coats, boots, and dress pants, and leaves her silky black hair down unless there's bloody business to be done. She can dress up, and does if the situation calls for it. She's a chameleon like that - a woman who fits in to almost any given situation should the need arise, be it street clothes, upscale dresses, or a casual tshirt and jeans. She likes to observe, and to do so, sometimes you need to not be noticed.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Helena Hottenstein have?

Helena has a single black vein visible on her left shoulder.

Anything Extra

Around strangers, Helena is not a very expressive person. As easily as she changes clothes, she dons a mask to suit. Her smiles are fake, her laugh - while charming - is rarely real and her interest in people is often clinical and business based. She's a hard person to read and she likes it that way.

She has no tattoos and only two ear piercings, one in each ear. Her jewelry is always appropriate for the moment.

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Personality Overview

Helena is a monster, there's no doubt about it. She's removed from what many might call being human and identifies with mortals very little. Such people mean very little to her and are usually toys or pawns to be moved on a chess board. Be useful, be quiet, get out of the way, or she'll deal with you. Helena has very little use for those with no talent or no information, and she spares them none of her time.

The vampire prefers business deals and logical steps. Those who behave irrationally or emotionally irk her and stir a far more sinister creature in her - one that she tries very hard to keep on a leash. There's the demon side of Helena that comes forth when she's pushed to extremes: anger, jealousy, disappointment, fear, and even heightened excitement. Most negative emotions. Because of that, Helena tries to maintain a cool head. She isn't shy about dismissing those she doesn't like and will walk away from a conversation without a word.

At her best, Helena is a predatory, graceful woman that seems untouchable. She doesn't care about people, doesn't pay them any mind, and seems unattainable.

Behind that, she is a fiercely loyal woman with a head for numbers, law, and can be moved to violence to protect and secure her interests. The only people close to her are the only people who know her. Xandria, Marco and Madison know her and understand her dark rage. They are the only ones that she feels close to and she trusts no others. Helena secretly craves warmth, so if she does become close with another, they've found themselves a snuggle partner! Most of the world she keeps out, but Xandria and Madison are family and she gets jealous of anyone trying to get close to them.

Helena is obsessive about ensuring problems do not get to Madison. She wants things to run smoothly, or she's quick to mete out punishment appropriate to those that made it a problem.


  • Order

  • Quiet snow fall

  • Cleanliness

  • Instrumental music playing quietly in the background, usually piano. She's especially fond of when Madison plays piano and sings.


  • Disobedience

  • Stupid people

  • Unpredictability

  • Messes of any sort


  • Demonic blood, thus demonic powers

  • Very logical and meticulous

  • A decent knowledge of weapons and trained in hand to hand.


  • Unstable.

  • A vampire, so sunlight bad.

  • Emotionally stunted, so it's very hard for her to relate to people.


Helena is thought to be bisexual, but the only company even remotely close to romantic that she's kept over the years has been female.

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Religion - What religion does Helena Hottenstein practice?

She isn't religious or even spiritual.

Occupation - What is Helena Hottenstein’s occupation?

Trinity Mafia, one of the 3 Hellhounds

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Favorite food - What is Helena Hottenstein’s favorite food?

She can't eat normal food, so she doesn't have one. However, she does prefer both esper and virgin's blood. A combination of both is a rare delicacy.

Favorite possession - What is Helena Hottenstein’s favorite possession?

The motorcycle that Madison built for her.

Favorite animal - What is Helena Hottenstein’s favorite animal?

Honey badger

Job - What job does Helena Hottenstein have?

Right hand to the Trinity Boss

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Background - What is Helena Hottenstein’s background?

Trigger Warnings below: Abuse, physical abuse, implied mental illness, implied rape

Detailed History

Jolan Hottenstein was a serf living on the lands of a lord who's farms she worked. Life was normal for all the servants. They worked as much as possible but it was hard with long and cold winters. This is not a fairy tale, the lord of the manor took a liking to her and bedded her one night. Servants had no rights and had he chose to, he could have raped her. Instead Ivan offered her a good drink. Jolan became pregnant and had a child, a daughter she named Xandria. She took care of the girl on her own because the lord of the manor refused to take the child as his. Four years passed on the farm until bad times forced most of the workers to leave to find work elsewhere. Jolan was sent to work on a neighboring farm that was doing better than the other.

A stranger came through one day, a charismatic fellow claiming to be a traveling priest. He took a special interest in Jolan and comforted her. But things weren't as they seemed. With a gentle touch she never knew and kindness, the priest seduced and bedded Jolan. She became pregnant soon after and the priest vanished days later. Now with a child and another on the way, the woman did her best but it was a difficult pregnancy and more painful than her first. She knew something was wrong, something about the priest and what was growing inside of her.

It was a very cold night when the child was born and Jolan didn't survive. Xandria cried the rest of the night at the loss of her mother, and she hated her little sister for taking her away from her. Hanna was the only person at the farm who was close friends with their mother and she took it on herself to care for the new born, who she named Helena, and Xandria. Trying times were ahead but she managed to keep the children alive and over time Xandria's heart soften towards her little sister.

By the time Xandria turned 18 and Helena 13, Hanna died leaving the girls to survive on their own. They did their best to earn money on the farm and when the cold made it almost impossible to farm, they sought work in the manor. They cleaned and cooked, Xandria developed her dancing and Helena her singing, and the girls put on shows for the lord of the manor and his guest when he had parties, anything to earn extra money. One late December day everything changed for them and everyone living on Ivan's lands. He sold his manor and all his assets to a mysterious man named Marcus. Everyone living on the lands and working for the lord of the manor now had a new lord to work for.

The Coven----
Marcus was a shrewd man, business more than anything but he held parties and fancy dinners like any other lord. His family was just as strange but more open and talkative. What was most strange about the family was that they never came out in the light of day. They were never seen in the morning or afternoons only at night. Another strange thing about the family was that they had special servants to tend to them and no one else was allowed to. The cook no longer cooked meals for them. The only meals made in the manor were for the servants. During the day the manor was locked up tight and no one was allowed to visit until night fall.

Xandria and Helena (now 25 and 20) put on shows for their new lords just as they had the former. Xandria was an instant hit, and the lord of the manor and his wife took a liking to her. The sisters were invited back for other events, private parties with only a select few people, and finally invited to stay in the manner. It was a better life for Xandria, but for Helena things weren't so great. The younger sister had never been favored from the start and once they learned her secret, things got worse. Unlike Xandria, Helena's father was a demon who disguised himself as a priest and impregnated their mother.

The vampires sensed a taint in her blood, called it "black blood". Why they didn't get rid of her then, no one knows. Xandria was favored by the lord and lady of the manor, and Helena was left in the cruel care of the daughter's of the lord and lady of the house. ( Neka and Silvia) They taunted her, called her mother a whore, and said that she was very ugly and no one loved her. They also tried to convince her that Xandria didn't love her. The abuse turned physical and the twins made Helena their personal servant. They beat her when she made mistakes, and sometimes just for the cruel fun in it, they beat her again.

Her behavior changed. She started to apologize a lot, even for things that weren't her fault. She was usually silent unless spoken to. She'd become paler, and colder somehow. Like the new owners.

One night during a party, the twin's cruelty reached it's breaking point and Helena started to fight them back. As punishment the lady of the manor turned her into a vampire then locked her up in a cage in the basement. There the abuse became even worse. They starved her, beat her, and dragged her around like a dog on a leash. Xandria saw less of her little sister during this time, believing the lies that the girl choose to be alone because she was jealous of her older sister. But Xandria could no longer believe the lies when she accidentally walked into the basement and found the twins beating and dragging Helena around like she was an animal.

They were just about to chop off all her hair when Xandria arrived. It was a shocking display of cruelty she had never seen before, and when the twins told her to help them, Xandria refused. Armed with a torch she fended the vampire twins off and saved Helena. The sisters tried to flee but they were captured by the coven. Disgusted with Xandria, they turned her right in front of Helena and the young vampire's fragile mind cracked. The demon within was unleashed and the girl from no where became fiery vengeance. Helena attacked them all in a blind rage and the vampires couldn't keep her off. A fire started in the manor, and the building burned to the ground, killing any remaining vampires that Helena hadn't killed herself. In the end, the sisters walked away from the ashes broken but alive.

Life after the manor was even harder than either could have expected. Now vampires, they could no longer go out in the light of day. With no money and no place to live they slept where they could, abandoned farms, sheds, crypts, any place that would shield them from the light of the sun. They re-surfaced at night walking the lands looking for food. Xandria had to be the level headed one between the two from then on. After her demonic powers awakened, Helena had an episode whenever she came emotional upset. She trusted her older sister to care for them both and followed her lead as she had always.

They started with live stock, attacking cows and other animals that didn't put up much of a fight. They hit farms a few times before they had to move on to the next. Sudden and strange deaths of live stock tended to draw attention. One night they attacked a farm that was guarded and the sisters were separated. Three men surrounded Helena with guns and she panicked. The demon within awakened and they were all slaughtered and their bodies ripped apart, flesh ripped from bones and devoured. The hunger was insatiable and Helena attacked anything and everything in her path. She charged into the farm house and not a single servant serviced the slaughter. The main house was next and that too she drank dry.

Helena wandered into the night a mindless fiend. The next night when she awoken she was in a very dark cabin in the woods. Xandria was there and another woman she didn't know. Like them she was a vampire but much older. Her name was Madison and she would change their lives forever. They stayed with their new friend and she kept them fed, got them fresh clothes. Madison showed them how to be better hunters, and Helena how to control and use her powers. A bond formed between Helena and Madison over time even though neither understood it or were willing to admit it.

Madison was not only a powerful vampire, but also a crime boss. Neither sister knew anything about being in the maifa but they trusted Madison and joined her. Helena learned to fight, learning a martial arts style that was still highly guarded in china, and as her powers grew, so did her strength and ability to control them. The vampire also discovered just how smart she really was and how fast she learned things. The sisters were also taught to use weapon, and Helena caught on face. She was an excellent marksmen with guns but the vampire was a natural with knives and a bow.

Once her training was complete Helena was at Madison's side always. She learned a lot from the older vampire and found her place in the crime world. Helena took on the name "Gwyllgi" (the black dog) she was as fierce as she was loyal to Madison. She always got the job done and when she was on the hunt she let nothing sway her from her target. Helena followed Madison after she departed Russia and went where the work was. In 2014 Helena headed to Bear River, Montana with Madison where Trinity was created. Like her right hand, Helena stayed with Madison and together they were a force to be feared and respected. The move to Alaska marked a new turn in her life and where she was working and living in a bigger busier world, she was now in a small less noticeable place. What that meant for the future was yet to be seen.

device_hub Family
Family Overview

Jolan Hottenstein - Mother, deceased
Xandria Hottenstein - Older sister

Jolan died giving birth to her. Her father is an unknown demon, though she quietly feels closer to him that she does to the rest of her blood relatives.

Pets - What pets does Helena Hottenstein have?

Helena doesn't keep any pets.

Fun Family Facts

She considers all of the Kerrigan Crime Family and the Trinity Mafia as family, though she's especially fond of and closest to Madison. Helena's relationship with Drucilla is fine in moderation, but they usually don't get along unless Madison is around.

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Awareness Overview

Even before she was made into a vampire, Helena had never been a normal human. The sisters as well as the people in the town knew that Helena was the daughter of a demon and thus, Helena herself has always known that other species have existed, but her knowledge of the supernatural underground was limited in the beginning. It wasn't until after she and Xandria were turned, and taken in by Madison Le'Strange, that she learned about the underground as a whole.

In terms of the supernatural underground and it's workings, she knows everything that Madison and the Kerrigan Crime family does - and has an in-depth understanding of the supernatural species as well as the undergrounds inner workings.


Due to her black blood, Helena's presence has a tendency to unsettle humans as well as most other supe's. Most people - especially those who can either read auras and magical signatures - can tell that there's something... Off, something tainted, about her. But it's not readily apparent what that something is.

Magic items meant to tell apart supernatural species tend to go haywire or unresponsive around Helena, and cannot pinpoint what exactly she is.

Personal Abilities

Beyond being a relatively 'older' vampire, Helena also has a more demonic state. The 'black blood' from her father grants her these other abilities:

Darker Than Black -
As a child of darkness, she can use dark fire - an intense black flame. Dark Fire’s intensity and range is empowered/amplified, and also made possible, by hatred and other negative emotions such as anger.

Berserk -
This mode is an enhancement to her physical form and abilities. It strengthens her powers and causes her to go into a frenzy, but can leave her irrational and vulnerable to certain magics. Upon entering this form, her face, arms, and legs are covered in red markings – the pattern varies between individuals, but the more marks there are, the more durable they are and the longer the state lasts. This will vary depending on Helena's state at the time of her 'berserk'.

Shadow Link -
Enables Helena to travel at a speed faster than light, called darkspeed, as well as through shadows. To others, this can look like teleportation. She can break her body down into shadows and reform it the same way. She can also use shadows offensively and defensively.

Devour -
She live, breathes, and thrives in darkness. She can absorb darkness elemental attacks (and magic) and use it to regenerate or augment their own abilities. Meaning throwing dark magic at her will only make her stronger.

Madison is capable of pulling Helena out of her rage with a soothing phrase: "remember: none but us". Although one or two other people have used the same phrase to bring Helena back, the words only carry weight when they come from Madison.


Helena has never gone berserk for long, so the full extent of the berserk state is unknown and yet to be safely explored.

The only telling sign that she's about to go berserk is the large number of black veins popping out from her skin.

The only visible sign that she possesses the Black Blood at all is the single black vein that is always visible - but it's almost always covered up by makeup or clothes.

edit Notes

For the past two hundred years or so, Helena has had an unrequited love for Madison Le'Strange. Although the two are close, her affection for Madison is never truly obvious - but those who are closest to her may have an inkling about how she feels.

She has accepted long ago that the one she loves will never feel the same way about her, and has resigned to keep her feelings a secret until her dying breath. However, she is prone to subtle displays of envy whenever Madison brings a woman home or is seen with someone else. Helena is the type to guard her love's door while she's busy with another, but with quivering fists in her pockets.

Her love for Madison manifests as a keen need to see that everything run smoothly and that the older vampire who took her in never has a cause or concern that stems from something Helena has done. In that, Helena is obsessive about ensuring problems do not get to Madison. She wants things to run smoothly, or she's quick to mete out punishment appropriate to those that made it a problem.

Fun Facts

Although she likes Faina in general, Helena dislikes whenever the shifter makes trouble for Madison - and she does her personal best to help smooth things over in order to eliminate, or at least minimize, the problem/damage.

In other words... Currently in the timeline, she's not really Faina's biggest fan, but she knows that Madison adores her, so she will do whatever she can to help.

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