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Name - What is Cynric Parker’s full name?

Cynric Parker

Full Name

Cynric Arod Parker


His nickname is just "Cyn".

Age - How old is Cynric Parker?




Occupation - What is Cynric Parker’s occupation?

The Iron Maiden Darkspawn


Dragon (Earth)

Birthday - When is Cynric Parker’s birthday?

January 14th

Played By:

Sebastian Stan

face Looks
Height - How tall is Cynric Parker?

6 FT

Body Type

Lean without much bulk, but a trim and athletic physique

Eye Color - What is Cynric Parker’s eye color?

Cornflower blue

Hair Color - What color is Cynric Parker’s hair?

Brown to dark brown, depending on the time of year and light angles.

Hair Style - How does Cynric Parker style their hair?

He usually keeps it short, once it gets long enough to get in his eyes it bothers him. Plus it's just easier to maintain.


I believe so, will need to come back to this




Cynric likes clothes that fit him and are comfortable. He doesn't like anything too baggy or too small. While he can follow dress codes when needed, he tends to lean towards anything that can be labelled as "comfortable and sturdy" and can be worn until threadbare. He also has an aversion to second-hand or hand-me-downs, so would prefer to carefully save to buy good quality new than get anything used.

Identifying Marks/Scars

A small pattern of criss crossed scars across his shoulder blades and upper back, soft and faded with age and almost invisible unless in the correct light
- Earned the night he "kidnapped" his sister from her foster family, they are from where splinters tore open his skin crawling under an old wooden fence

Definitely others, but none of note at the moment

fingerprint Personality
Personality Overview

  • Is a leader, not a follower, but is also able and willing to step aside should there be someone more experienced in the area.

  • Has a quick-burning temper, but is more in control of it and his moods. Is the more level-headed of the two

  • feels an enormous sense of ownership and responsibility for whatever he is put in charge of. He will take ownership of both successes and failures equally as the one in charge.

  • deals immensely with guilt, believing that losing his family is all his fault (Ellie's and Adelaide's deaths, losing Faina)

  • has a hard time relaxing and having 'fun' because of having to be the 'man of the house' since he was 5 years old. Always on some level of alert, always thinking in survival mode despite himself.

  • always the "adult" in the room - although his idea of what an "adult" is in any given situation may not be reality

  • projects versions of himself depending on the situation as a defense mechanism. An excellent actor, he can adapt to social situations in order to best fit in and blend in.
    (as a side effect, feels like he can only really be himself around a precious few handful of people, namely Jack and his sister)


Cynric is a smoker. (Blame Jack.) Faina HATES IT. She has been aggressively trying to get him to quit, which he refuses to do. It's one of his few vices and it helps calm him down and gives him space to think. (Not like it hurts him, either, being an earth dragon who can breathe poison gas.) They are currently in a battle of negotiations over it - namely, Cynric swapping between different smokes (cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, and vapes), and Faina getting rid of them as it suits her.



Talents - What talents does Cynric Parker have?

Cynric is a skilled melee fighter. Raw talent has since been honed and sharpened by Jack until he is one of the best of the best at the Iron Maiden, despite his young age compared to most of the other Darkspawn.

all_inclusive Characterization
group Relationships
Family Overview

As the eldest born and the only son, Cynric has felt the pressure of being the responsible one and the leader since he was very small. The family unit was traditional insofar as, everyone was expected to help out and pull their weight, but Cynric, as the eldest and male, was expected to shoulder more of the burden and do more tasks that were a 'man's work', to help his father while his mother cared for his little sisters.

When Arod disappeared, Cynric was thrust into the role of 'man of the house' at only 5 years old. Adelaide was forced to rely heavily on him to look after his sisters and the home while she did the heavy lifting and tasks that only an adult could do. It was an enormous weight of responsibility that he took seriously, but it was also too much to ask of a small child to look after two toddlers.

Cynric still feels a deep-seated, spiralling guilt that all the misfortune in his life is his own fault, all stemmed from that fateful moment when his baby sister fell through the ice and drowned on his watch. That he, at only six years old, plunged into the freezing water and dragged her to shore but was helpless to do anything that could get her to breathe again.

He failed his mother, who put him in charge and who spiralled after Ellie's death; he and Faina were especially close as children afterwards, bonded by shared trauma and Faina's phobia, and he failed her too, when the foster care system tore her away. Everything that's come since has felt almost like divine punishment, karma for failing in his duties to his family. Cynric tends to be passive through life as a result - keeping to yourself and coasting along is better than risking such catastrophic failure again.

-insert info about being taken in by Jack-

Other Family:

Cynric has been taken in by Jack O'Grady and the Iron Maiden is an extension of his family, although he isn't close enough to anyone in particular outside of Jack to really consider them close. More like distant relatives, coworkers, the like.

Pets - What pets does Cynric Parker have?

None of his own

Fun Family Facts:

Cynric and Faina are still cautious around one another as adults, suspicious of each other thanks to the 14 year separation between them, but old habits die hard. They have spent a lot of time together since reuniting and are exceptionally close. Cynric's loyalty to his sister is just as much due to guilt as it is their shared bond, and sadly because she is not blind, Faina can see that. She has been known to browbeat him into following her into trouble despite his better judgement, because he has a hard time saying no.

date_range History
Birthday - When is Cynric Parker’s birthday?

January 11th. He is 2 years older than Faina.


Snow Haven, Alaska is technically registered as his place of birth and therefore hometown, because the county lines put it as the closest town. It's more accurate to say either Fairbanks or Juneau, however.

Current Residence

Snow Haven, Alaska

Education - What is Cynric Parker’s level of education?

Cynric scraped by through school by the skin of his teeth, managing to graduate with just barely enough to mean he did not have to go for a GED. He has no form of higher education and no patience at all for academics, nor any idea what he would want to do if it were offered.

History Overview

Faina's history outlines most of their life that would need called out prior to their separation.

Detailed History

Cynric took 100% of the blame for their runaway status. They decided to make an example of him, and he was given a restraining order where he was not allowed to even make any attempts at locating or contacting his sister until he was 18 or he would end up serving time in a Juvenile Detention Center in Secure Confinement.

That didn't scare him; what did was that his assigned social worker told him that his attempts at rebellion and misbehavior would endanger Faina's placement into a good family, because they would be known as 'problem children'. That if he ever broke the restraining order and she was with a good family, she could lose that forever.

It was a lie - Faina had already been sent to Anchorage and the foster care system could give less of a fuck about where the two of them got placed - but 12-year-old Cynric believed the social worker and learned he needed to stay on his best behavior among authority figures. This is where he really honed his acting skills.

Otherwise, Cynric had the same rough life as his sister. Bounced around a lot, never got adopted, didn't do well in school by choice rather than a lack of ability, etc. He dealt with his issues and the bullies with his fists where adults couldn't see, graduating from playground scuffles behind the dumpster to back alley beatdowns, and eventually developed a reputation as a fighter.

He soon learned that he could be paid to beat and be beaten, so that was what he did to make cash in his teens. It was through these underground, illegal fights and match betting that he came to learn of the supernatural underground, around his mid-teens, 15/16ish. He also came to Jack's attention at this time, though only by word of mouth, never in person.

He never forgot about Faina but even in his teenage years was genuinely afraid that if he contacted her before the restraining order was up that he would ruin whatever good life she had, let alone all the negative consequences for himself. He couldn't ruin another family member's life like he had all the others.

When he was thrown out of foster care at 18, he was finally able to search for his sister again: only to discover that she had run away and went missing at 16 only a few months before he started his search. Cynric had no idea whether she was alive or dead, whether she had left Alaska or not, and had no idea where to even start the search if she was alive.

He made his money and scraped a living through his underground fighting matches; he enjoyed it and was good at it, and it was close enough to both the supernatural and the criminal undergrounds that he could get a lot of information, and he wanted to find his sister.

-insert info on turning & meeting Jack & being taken in here-

ac_unit Magic Info
Species Type

Cynric is a turned Earth Dragon. He was turned at 21 by someone he thought he loved, but they had intended to kill him. Neither of them knew he was carrying a Dragon's Scale at the time. When he turned instead of dying, he was abandoned and left for dead.

Awareness Overview

Cynric has been aware of the supernatural underground since he was about 15 or 16. It was more in vague terms thanks to his proximity to the criminal underworld, where being supernatural is more open (although still fundamentally secret). It wasn't until his turning that he was exposed fully.


Standard draken magic powers. Cynric has never had any trouble with his shift or his magic; control as well as flight came to him pretty easily, all things considered. He is best with the earth manipulation side of his magic while in Human form, although he can't compete with a Dryad when it comes to earth bending he can handle himself well for a dragon.

Thanks to his magic type, he is also particularly adept with poisons. Detection, usage, and even manipulation, to a certain extent. This isn't something that comes into practice often, as outside his work with the Iron Maiden, Cynric mostly keeps his head down and stays out of trouble.


His dragon form is standard dragon in shape, but his coloring is of earthy browns with splashes of green along the spines on his back and the tips of his wings. Others tell him his brown appears to be mixed with a dark forest green, especially in sunlight, but he can't really tell himself. His scales, when removed, are what's referred to by jeweler's as a "smoky" color, often a deep brown amber in color and mistaken for polished quartz or bronzite.

His Scale in his Human form sits at the base of his neck where the line of his shoulders meets his spine, aligned over the topmost vertebrae.

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