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For writers

Authors use to create rich, immersive worlds to set their novels, stories, and plays in.

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For roleplayers

Dungeon masters use to build worlds for their campaigns that can be shared with players.

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For designers

Game design teams use to collaborate and keep every aspect of their world in sync.

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Create characters

From your heroes to the little guys that live in the background, everyone plays a role in strong stories.

Create locations

From magical mountains to urban modern settings, locations are the lifeblood of worldbuilding.

Create items

Track books, weapons, artifacts, and other items in your world: who made them, owns them, and more.


Promotes creativity

Your notebook now asks you questions about your characters and ideas, and your answers are saved too.


Backed up forever

Never lose a notebook full of priceless ideas again. is backed up and always available.


No ads, ever

Rest easy knowing your notebook is safe and completely private by default, but shareable if you choose.


Deeper characters

Get to know your characters. Track every detail of their thoughts, appearance, family, and personality.


Richer worlds

Immerse yourself in vibrant worlds with specialized notebook pages for your countries, cities, landmarks, and more.


Continuity checks

When every little fact is stored in one place, you can rest easy knowing you won't accidentally contradict yourself.



Quickly find anything, anywhere. Even that random thought you jotted down at 3am two years ago.



Focus on one universe at a time and automatically filter everything else out. Reorganize, sort, and write freely.


Grows with you

Plan as much as you want in your Notebook, for life. The only limits here are your imagination.


Brainstorm together

Invite anyone to review any pages you decide to share. Sometimes a second set of eyes makes all the difference.


Write faster

Reference any aspect of any page in your notebook without losing your momentum in our built-in document editor.


Write better

Analyze your writing with a world-class AI that measures readability, style, emotion, and more.

Create universes

Track multiple stories simultaneously by organizing your ideas into just the universe they belong in.

Create buildings

Fill your towns with stores, offices, historical buildings, and residences for your characters.

Create conditions

Conditions affect your characters for better or for worse. Create diseases, blessings, and more.

Create countries

Kingdoms, countries, regions, and more. Huge swathes of land are often claimed quickly.

Create creatures

Your personal bestiary includes the wildlife, critters, merfolk, and other interesting beings of your world.

Create deities

Gods, goddesses, and other godly beings in your world — every world came from somewhere.

Create floras

The plants, flowers, trees, and other nature in your world. Paint your landscape with rich flora.

Create governments

The organizations of your world that keep it running smoothly (or not): governments.

Create groups

Use groups to bundle your characters, locations, items, or other ideas into any kind of collection you need.

Create jobs

How do your characters make a living? What does everyone else in their towns do? Jobs build worlds.

Create landmarks

From the smallest statue to the biggest mountain, landmarks are littered across the land.

Create languages

Language is the bond that weaves a culture's words together. Are there any new languages in your world?

Create magic

Often a source of magic creates a multitude of spells, potions, and occasional trinkets.

Create planets

Celestial bodies orbiting through space, carrying a planet's-worth of worldbuilding on them.

Create races

Humans are often joined by elves, orcs, werewolves, vampires, dragons, and a myriad of other races.

Create religions

Organizing your world's beliefs into cohesive religions can lead to a more epic world for your readers.

Create scenes

Scenes are events that happen in your world, ranging in size from a nice breakfast to entire wars.

Create technologies

Create your gadgets, gizmos, and all kinds of advanced (or primitive) technologies.

Create towns

Towns across the country are pockets of interesting life, filled with characters and more.

Create traditions

Everyone has something they celebrate. Honor your characters by detailing their traditions and holidays.

Create vehicles

Vehicles come in many shapes and sizes. Create cars, boats, planes, spaceships, airships, and more.

Create sports

People are naturally competitive, and sports seem to naturally emerge in of every world. Score!

Create foods

People of all kinds eat and drink things of all kinds. Come eat, drink, and be merry!

Create schools

From Hogwarts to Walkerville to Brakebills, schools educate every new generation in our worlds.

"Really clever and beautifully organized way for storytellers to create a world."

— Alec Polsley

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Start worldbuilding immediately. No card needed. Get started now

  • language Plan up to 5 universes
  • group Plan unlimited characters
  • terrain Plan unlimited locations
  • beach_access Plan unlimited items
  • cloud_upload Upload up to 50MB of images

language Plan unlimited universes
group Plan unlimited characters
terrain Plan unlimited locations
beach_access Plan unlimited items
business Plan unlimited buildings
bubble_chart Plan unlimited conditions
explore Plan unlimited countries
pets Plan unlimited creatures
ac_unit Plan unlimited deities
local_florist Plan unlimited flora
fastfood Plan unlimited foods
account_balance Plan unlimited governments
wc Plan unlimited groups
work Plan unlimited jobs
location_on Plan unlimited landmarks
forum Plan unlimited languages
flash_on Plan unlimited magic
public Plan unlimited planets
face Plan unlimited races
brightness_7 Plan unlimited religions
local_movies Plan unlimited scenes
school Plan unlimited schools
directions_run Plan unlimited sports
router Plan unlimited technologies
location_city Plan unlimited towns
today Plan unlimited traditions
drive_eta Plan unlimited vehicles
cloud_upload Upload up to 10GB of images