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Authors use to create rich, immersive worlds for their novels, stories, and plays.

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Dungeon masters use to build worlds for their campaigns and share them with players.

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Create rich worlds with your free worldbuilding notebook

With a free account, you'll have access to the core building blocks of fictional universes (characters, locations, and items), personalized writing prompts set in your world, unlimited document storage, access to a thriving community of other worldbuilders, and more.

Deeper characters

Get to know your characters. Track every detail of their thoughts, appearance, family, and personality.


Richer worlds

Immerse yourself in vibrant worlds with specialized notebook pages for your countries, cities, landmarks, and more.



Focus on one universe at a time and automatically filter everything else out. Reorganize, sort, and write freely.


Brainstorm together

Invite anyone to review any pages you decide to share. Sometimes a second set of eyes makes all the difference.


Backed up forever

Never lose a notebook full of priceless ideas again. backs up and protects your work.


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Rest easy knowing your notebook is safe and completely private by default, but shareable if you choose.

Write smarter with integrated novel-writing software

Cross-reference notebook pages and documents you write to build a rich network of connections that makes your world feel like a wiki that manages itself.

Promotes creativity helps flesh out your ideas by asking you questions about the pages you create.


Continuity checks

When every little fact is stored in one place, you can rest easy knowing you won't accidentally contradict yourself.



Quickly find anything, anywhere — even that random thought you jotted down at 3am two years ago.


Write faster

Use the built-in document editor to reference any aspect of any page in your notebook without losing your momentum.


Write better

Analyze your writing with a world-class artificial intelligence that measures readability, style, emotion, and more.


Grows with you

Plan as much as you want in your notebook — for life. The only limits here are your imagination.

Go the extra mile with premium notebook pages's free tier was intentionally designed to be enough for most worlds, but if you want to support the site and take your worldbuilding to a new level, a premium subscription is available that unlocks 25 additional page templates to use. Each template is customizable and comes with its own set of writing prompts.

Create timelines

Plot your plot over time. Track what happens every step of the way.

Create collections

Collect and organize notebook pages into customizable collections you can share or collaborate in.

"Really clever and beautifully organized way for storytellers to create a world."

— Alec P. Pricing

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