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Characters 23411ccced97471214699a465d75569104860116adaeae68fa94957bb93c76c6 Create characters

From your heroes to the little guys that live in the background, everyone plays a role in strong stories.

Locations 469e68f911869c18780d8725d90a0fd4738395a06a7affb0ecf50a2cd5ccda56 Create locations

From magical mountains to urban modern settings, locations are the lifeblood of worldbuilding.

Items 11da46efc32f7c5df5fe52fb4c38e5da7608f63791d1e230f817691484fa3a93 Create items

Track books, weapons, artifacts, and other items in your world: who made them, who owns them, and more.


Promotes creativity

Your Notebook now asks you questions about your characters and ideas, and your answers are saved too.


Speeds up writing

With a universe of information at your fingertips, you can look up anything quickly and keep writing.


Continuity checks

When every little fact is stored in one place, you can rest easy knowing you won't accidentally contradict yourself.


Deeper characters

Get to know your characters. Track every detail of their thoughts, appearance, and personality.


Richer worlds

Immerse yourself in vibrant worlds with tracking available for any kind of locations.


Legendary items

Every object has a backstory that can shine as bright as any character — if you let it.



Quickly find anything, anywhere. Even that random thought you jotted down at 3am two years ago.



Focus on one universe at a time and filter everything else out. Reorganize, sort, and write freely.


Backed up forever

Never lose a notebook full of priceless ideas again. is backed up and always available.


Grows with you

Plan as much as you want in your Notebook, for life. The only limits here are your imagination.


Brainstorm together

Invite anyone to review any content you decide to share. Sometimes a second set of eyes makes all the difference.


Make it yours

Plan creatures, magic, scenes, and other page types specific to your ideas, tailored to you.

Universes 11003047685942705b95a4ac8fce4dda20f230b1628012927bc8a88740590fa5 Create universes

Track multiple stories simultaneously by adding your characters and other ideas to the universe they belong in.

Scenes df65671f240e099d0eb8538ba243065f929e2ee653856a550372629f599979ad Create scenes

Scenes are events that happen in your world, ranging in size from a nice breakfast to entire wars.

Creatures 4f1a4f7f36dd23199cc7ded2568936403632626a0de6bcab86ec929ad8e9f3be Create creatures

Your personal bestiary includes the wildlife, plantlife, merfolk, and other interesting beings of your world.

Magics 7d0f27b76798edfe467a9b7ee977adc0824c41d78ed65a065b6ee77521dec679 Create magic

Often a source of magic creates a multitude of spells, potions, and occasional trinkets.

Groups dcb97c020933bfc21faeacac1f4647e9c0535a0ebe1024b766260ad206a65815 Create groups

Use groups to bundle your characters, locations, items, or other ideas into any kind of collection you can think of.

Languages 45939ba191eaef086525da0af2c396bcee386b05db4eff2b7fd37e8be236b8ad Create languages

Language is the bond that weaves a culture's words together. Are there any new languages in your world?

Races 9ba1541cf7eb5148ae450461fe297e9caf472c6d7ada56f11556a0076df65f81 Create races

Humans are often joined by elves, orcs, werewolves, vampires, dragons, and a myriad of other races.

Religions c0125977c01d14ac41fb5ce0918afd8f5326925132ffe87a52208bb5af79929a Create religions

Organizing your world's beliefs into cohesive religions can lead to a more epic world for your readers.

"Imagine sliced bread as a notebook. This is even better."

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  • Plan unlimited universes
  • Plan unlimited characters
  • Plan unlimited locations
  • Plan unlimited items
  • Plan unlimited creatures
  • Plan unlimited groups
  • Plan unlimited languages
  • Plan unlimited magic
  • Plan unlimited races
  • Plan unlimited religions
  • Plan unlimited scenes