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Name - What is Xandria Hottenstein’s full name?

Xandria Hottenstein

Full Name

Xandria "Barghest" Hottenstein

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Occupation - What is Xandria Hottenstein’s occupation?

Trinity Underboss






Ryan Ashley

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Body Type


Eye Color - What is Xandria Hottenstein’s eye color?

Baby blue

Hair Color - What color is Xandria Hottenstein’s hair?


Hair Style - How does Xandria Hottenstein style their hair?

Long hair, wavy




Xandria is covered in tattoos from neck to toe. The insignia's for both Kerrigan and Trinity are entwined on her back, arching over the image of a ghastly skull dog with horns - her namesake in the family. Other tattoos include skulls, jewelry and intricate patterns.

Skin Tone



While both of the Hottenstein sisters fall into the classy side of the fashion spectrum, Helena prefers form-fitting, feminine clothes - often skirts and dresses and crop tops, boots and heels. But unlike her sister, who sticks strictly to darker colors, Xandria embraces both black and various shades of red - including pink. In fact, she loves the color pink in most of its forms and has outfits for every mood.

Xan is the type to change her outfit multiple times in a day, be it for comfort or simply a change in mood at the time.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Xandria Hottenstein have?

Xandria has two fang scars on the left side of her neck from her turning.

Anything Extra

Around everyone, Xandria is extremely expressive - with her face, her hands and her voice. Everything about her seems to ooze warmth and wisdom.

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Personality Overview

Xandria, at her core, is a sweetheart. Despite all of the hardships in her life, she retains a strong sense of hope and a belief that everything will work out in the end - because if she doesn't, she quickly falls into despair. She is warm and friendly, almost to the point of being bubbly at times, to everyone unless given a reason not to be, and while it is genuine most of the time, she can sometimes have ulterior motives. Either to benefit the family or herself, there is no middle ground.

Her friendly but stern personality earns friendship and rapport quickly, earning deals and discounts galore for the family. The only downside to this is a terrible crippling anxiety, one that requires special medicine in order for her to function like a normal person.


  • Madison

  • Her sister

  • Trinity peeps

  • Pastel goth anything

  • Light pink and black

  • Red wines

  • Tattoos


Despite a bubbly persona, Xandria is incredibly stubborn, driven and ambitus - all of which can be both positives and negatives. She doesn't take anyone's crap, but once her mind is set on something, there's very little that anyone can do to veer her from her course.


Anxiety - When turned, most vampires are cured of whatever mental or physical alignments they had as humans. In Xandria's case, it made her anxiety worse. It takes a special magical medication to treat. Without it, Xandria's anxiety can become manic episodes about almost anything - though it's mostly to do with her own well-being and fear or danger from others or fear of sudden death.

Talents - What talents does Xandria Hottenstein have?

She's a talented tattoo artist, trained under Madison herself.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Xandria Hottenstein have?

  • Art (drawing, painting, making cloths and jewelry)

  • Reading

  • Researching literally anything that interests her

  • Shitposting online



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Religion - What religion does Xandria Hottenstein practice?

She isn't religious or even spiritual

Occupation - What is Xandria Hottenstein’s occupation?

Trinity Mafia, one of the 4 Hellhounds

Favorite color - What is Xandria Hottenstein’s favorite color?


Favorite food - What is Xandria Hottenstein’s favorite food?

She can't eat normal food, so she doesn't have one

Favorite animal - What is Xandria Hottenstein’s favorite animal?

Killer Whales

Job - What job does Xandria Hottenstein have?

Trinity's second Underboss

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Family Overview

Jolan Hottenstein - Mother, deceased
Helena Hottenstein - Younger sister

Jolan died giving birth to Helena.

Fun Family Facts

She considers all of the Kerrigan Crime Family and the Trinity Mafia as family, though she's especially fond of and closest to Madison. Xandria also has a close relationship with Drucilla Morgan.

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