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Namaste Ink & Bikes (Trinity Mafia)

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A hybrid tattoo parlor and mechanic's shop, that also acts as a front for the Trinity Mafia.

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A handsome tattoo parlor tucked into the corner of Main Street with a curious side business: the selling, repairing, building, and painting of motorcycles and their parts. Bike groups are welcome to converge in the bike lobby, but not in the parlor. Both are simply, yet elegantly furnished.

The building consists of three bathrooms (two in the parlor and one in the bike shop), with the bike shop to the left and the parlor to the right. Bike building and repair is completed in the back of the building, and completed motorcycles are parked in a mini garage on the shop's side.

The business is owned by Madison Le'Strange, and doubles as a cover for Trinity.

The Iron Maiden is located underneath a storage warehouse out back of the main building.

Magic Awareness

While the Statute is in effect for anything client-facing, what happens in Namaste behind closed doors is anyone's guess.

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A handsome tattoo parlor tucked into the corner of Main Street with a curious side business: the selling, repairing, building, and painting of motorcycles and their parts. Both sides are simply, yet elegantly furnished, each room fashioned after the underworld in Greek mythology. The building consists of three bathrooms (two in the parlor and one in the bike shop), with the bike shop to the left and the parlor to the right. Bike building and repair is completed in the back of the building, and completed motorcycles are parked in a mini garage on the shop's side.

The tattoo parlor's entrance is designed after the River Styx. The wait area is furnished with leather chairs and two couches, and two studded tables that consist of each artist's portfolio. Tattoos and piercings can be requested. Each artist has their own room to conduct these services in, with fresh equipment and lots of space.

Biker groups are welcome to converge in the bike lobby, but not in the parlor. The Biker lobby serves beer, some alcohol and other refreshments, but those who consume alcohol are not allowed to get tattoos done. Mechanics are available five days a week, but can work weekends per customer request - especially if they're filling custom orders. Although they work primarily on motorcycles, they can also repair cars and trucks.

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Members of Trinity are traditionally found by leadership and are tested if the individual doesn't have a long history in the business. If the individual passes their test, they are made into a Titan. From there, it's possible for a Titan to rise to the upper levels of the family.

However, those with a background in the business are recruited from other criminal organizations, the deep web, the FBI and other intelligence organizations, gangs and so on. Once recruited and a member of the family, that individual receives specialty training (if they don't already have the skills) for the area they want to go into. There are other ways to be recruited of course, and it may vary on a case by case basis.



At the top of the pile is the Godfather, or simply put, "the boss". In this case, it's Madison. The Godfather makes all the major decisions and all the Mafia income ultimately came to her. Her authority is required to control the Mafia members and to resolve any disputes. The real boss keeps a low-profile and assigns an acting boss to keep her real identity hidden from the likes of the press, and the FBI.

The Underboss

Just below the boss is the underboss. The underboss is the second in command, able to resolve disputes without involving the boss herself and ultimately, is being groomed to replace the boss if she is MIA or in danger of going to jail.

The Consigliere

In-between the boss and underboss is a role of an advisor to the Godfather. The Consigliere, as they are more commonly called, are there to make impartial decisions based upon fairness and for the good of the Mafia. The Consigliere never really gets involved in the business and criminal operations but they still get respected as if they were a boss. If you have ever watched the Godfather then Tom Hagen, played by Robert Duvall, was a great example of this role.

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A Caporegime is sometimes referred to as the Captain or the Capo (also Kapo) of a crime family. How many capos there are in a given family simply depends on how big that family is. In Kerrigan, there are over 300. In Trinity thus far, there's less than twenty. The role of a Capo is to manage their own crew within the crime family, they will be given a designated geographical location to operate within, or they will be given a particular racket to run. A Capo’s career relies heavily on how much money they can bring into the family. The Capo keeps some of his earnings and the rest are passed up to the Underboss and ultimately the Boss.


At the bottom of the tree are the Titans, commonly referred to as soldiers or saldato, who will report to their Captain (Caporegime). Soldiers are street level mobsters who essentially are no more than your average type criminals and there can be many soldiers assigned to one capo. They can earn a lot or they can earn a little. In a typical Mafia, the majority won’t earn much because any money earnt is passed up the tree. This is not true of Trinity because of their association with Kerrigan. They will stick their necks on the line, and a lot of soldiers can end up murdered by rival gangs or banged up in jail.


The final part of the family comes in the shape of an associate. An associate is exactly how it’s described. They are not actual members of the Mafia, but they work with Mafia soldiers and capos on various criminal enterprises. An associate is simply someone who works with the mob, including anyone from a burglar or drug dealer to a lawyer, investment banker, police officer or politician. Associates can still become made-men if they meet the criteria set out, if successful they will be promoted to a street soldier, usually.

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Motto - What is Namaste Ink & Bikes (Trinity Mafia)’s motto?

Not Gods, but Titans who rise above all.


The Trinity Crime Family, also called the Trinity Mafia and just simply ‘Trinity’, is the first official Mafia organization in Snow Haven. They have influence in sections of Montana, along the east coast and everywhere overseas - including all of Europe, Russia, Germany, China and Japan. Trinity is a small branch of the Kerrigan Crime Family, but functions as a separate entity. Trinity itself is only 5yrs old. Its parent family, Kerrigan, has been around since WW2. Members who've been part of the family for more than 5 years are either from Kerrigan or have joined from other families.

Their activity ranges from racketeering, loansharking, extortion, contract, corruption, drug trafficking, murder/mercenary work, gambling, conspiracy, money laundering, bookmaking, contract, labor racketeering and more. Trinity is led by a vampiress known to the black market only as Cerberus, who welcomes all of the town’s unfortunate and talented individuals into the family’s fold… If they have the gall for the job, and are “ready for the harvest”.

Be it a contract forged in the fires of hatred or an arrangement born of a simple need, members of Trinity are specifically equipped for such unique tasks as they are called for.


All members of the Trinity Crime family have a codename. Keeping to the Greek theme, the codenames in Trinity are often the names of the Greek titans (not the gods) or Greek beasts. These names are chosen for members by Madison herself, either when someone joins Trinity or at some point in the past. Although there are members who will not have titan-themed codenames, this is an extremely rare occurrence; in order to have this be the case, the individual in question must have an extensive criminal background to have earned the nickname/codename that they have.

Within the family, codenames are important. It is the first name they know each other as, and they only one they address each other by unless the individuals develop a closer bond/relationship - in which they reveal their real names to one another. Codenames are explicitly used by Trinity members on missions.


How Jobs Are Handled

Only codenames are to be used on missions. IC, each responsible team, or member, will be given a vanilla folder containing all of the information they will need to complete their mission. All members will be given a button before they head out. Once it's been completed, they are required to contact HQ and return to base. If there are any problems during the mission, they are to use the button to alert the rest of the family; it will transmit their location and the time back to HQ.


Contact VELIK if you’re interested in joining the Trinity Crime Family - either in DM or in the plotting channel. There are plenty of positions to fill and lots of work to go around (IC, of course). Before your character is complete, you and Velik need to agree on a codename and rank for the character (Velik normally supplies them based on the character's personality).

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Who is the Kerrigan Crime Family?

The Kerrigan Mafia was established by the vampiress, Drucilla Morgan in 1821 in Moscow, as a secret project away from Ma'luum. When she was forcibly retired from Ma'luum, Drucilla and the members of the Crime Family moved to Kiri, Florida to set up a permanent base in 2007 to escape the eradication of Ma'luum and its victims.

Having existed for so long, Kerrigan has connections all over the world and conducts business on an international scale. It's numbers are estimated to reach thousands, with sub-branches throughout the US and UK, large bases in GA and the primary HQ in FL. Kerrigan's territory extends all the way across the entire east coast on the US, in Moscow and the West side of the European coast.

What is Trinity: Beyond Crime

The Trinity Crime Family’s main purpose is to be just that - a family united by and for crime, the dirty work that people need done under the nose of the law. Once accepted into the folds of the familia, its members are under the protection of those in Trinity regardless of species, origin, and personal preferences. Such petty things have no place under the Trinity, for all are as equals - even the Godfather. All members must wear the Trinity, a tattoo given by Cerberus, either upon the back of their necks or over the left breast, or wear the Trinity around their necks during "business runs".

While for all intents and purposes the organization is to unite and create bonds, its members are not introduced to each other by first name. They are only to give their real first name if and when they feel like a true bond has formed with another member. Until that point, they are to be addressed by all by a code name that they’ve earned in the field. if the individual is new to their way of life and has not yet earned a name for themselves, Cerberus will bestow one upon them. True initiation into the family for new members is the earning of a code name. This is to teach the family the power of a name and to give both a sense of purpose, but also a sense of belonging and equal opportunity.

They cater to anyone and everyone for the proper compensation. There also aren’t any bans on species or age requirements for joining. Instead, Cerberus (Madison) inspects each individual personally to see if they would be a good fit into the family, how they could benefit the family, and how the family can best benefit them in return.

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