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A Shifter is a shapeshifting creature that changes from their human form to their beast form through the use of an object called a totem.

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Shapeshifters is the most common alternative name, but they go by many things in many cultures.

face Physiology
Human Appearance

Shifters appear to be normal Humans in their Human form and can run the gamut of human appearances just like Humans do. However they typically still retain the instincts and heightened senses of their beast form as a Human.

Identifying Markings

Outside of their totem, Shifters do not have any markings that distinguish them from humans.

Other Forms

Shifters have two forms: their human form and their beast form, that they can transform between at will by shedding the skin of their beast form into a Totem and donning their human form. These forms are permanent and the ones the Shifter will have all their lives.

Other Form Details

Shifters appear to be normal land animals when they are in their beast forms. They can be larger or smaller than their animal counterparts in the wild, but the size is never drastic enough to cause alarm if an Unaware Human were to spot them. They also retain their human-level intelligence and skills of their human form as their beast.

A Shifter's beast form can be of any land animal. They cannot take the form of any sea creature, although they can take the form of flying animals. The animal species must be living in the present day; they can't be extinct.

There are some creatures that can be considered either a Shifter or Selkie and can go either way. If you are unsure whether the animal you picked would be considered a Shifter or a Selkie, please reach out to Staff!

Beast forms of a Shifter are Player Choice. You are free to say they pass through bloodlines, or they can be completely random.

Health & Healing

Shifters are generally healthy creatures with a small level of rapid healing ability - they don't heal as fast or as easily as other creatures, such as Werebeasts, but they can still heal wounds or injuries with a short recovery period. Illnesses and diseases are rare, and when they are afflicted, they recover fast.


Shifters can communicate with others when in their beast forms. Other Shifters, as well as Selkies, Dragons, Phoenixes, and Unicorns understand the beast as if it were spoken language being used.

For other Supernaturals and Humans, Shifters can communicate through a mild form of telepathy. They can send images, impressions, feelings, and basic commands to others; they can't send thoughts as pure speech.

grade Magic System
Branch of Magic

The branch of magic Shifters belong to has no formal name, often just going by "shifter magic" or "totem magic".

Transformation Type

The Shift is the term used to describe both the act and the process from going between the Human form and the Beast form. When a Shifter shifts from their beast form to their human form, their magic transforms into a physical item called a Totem.

Transformation Details

Shifters can change at will through the use of their totem. Shifters only need to have their totem touching their skin in order to shift back into their beast form. A Shifter can't shift at all without their totem.

The totem can be anything, and can even change its appearance over the course of the Shifter's life. The totem is often a wearable item so the Shifter can keep it close and on their person at all times. Most commonly in the modern era it is jewelry or clothing, but it can also be a fur blanket or coat.

Shifters must keep their totem safe, because the totem is the source of their magic and their ability to return to their beast form. Totems act like ordinary items, so they can be damaged, broken, or destroyed.

A damaged or broken totem will eventually heal itself and the Shifter will recover their magic and their ability to shift. However, if a totem is destroyed, a Shifter will eventually waste away and die.

Weaknesses - What are the weaknesses of Shifter?

Totem Possession

Because a Shifter's magic rests entirely within their totem, if they lose their totem or their totem is taken from them, Shifters are completely powerless. As an unfortunate side effect, it also puts them completely under the control of the person who possesses it.

The level of 'possession' the totem holder has over the Shifter is Player Choice. This can be anywhere from trapping a Shifter in their Human form by not giving the totem back, to compelling the Shifter to act as a slave to the totem holder at risk of death if the totem is destroyed, to literal compulsion to do the totem holder's bidding, to total mind and body control.

Totems can be taken and used in this manner by any species, including Humans and other Shifters. The Totem Possession doesn't react differently to the different species.

Totems can be surgically attached to the Human form to prevent Totem Possession, but they can't otherwise be damaged in order to do it. For example, the totem can't be turned into ink to be tattooed to the body.

On Bonding

Soul Bonds

Similarly to their Selkie cousins, Shifters have a process where the totem can become bonded to another person - as if the totem has imprinted on them, or chosen them as their soulmate.

On FMRP we do not have any rules or restrictions on soul bonding. This is considered optional for the species. Players can choose to use it for plotting purposes or ignore it. The bond can be whatever you desire, something like a Mage's Familiar or a Vampire's Thrall, or something totally different. All avenues are open to you!

date_range Age & Development

Due to the magic of the totem, a Shifter has a longer than average lifespan, and can live to be around 300 years old.

Age Details

Shifters age at the same rate as Humans until they are in their early twenties. At that point, their aging slows down dramatically.

Magic Access

Shifters have the ability to shift between their human form and the beast form from birth. Born Shifters have an easier time with their beasts than turned Shifters, who can take a while to get used to their new beastly side.


While a Shifter doesn’t need to be helped through their turning or shown how to transition or survive, as some figure it out on their own, they have pack-mentality and often crave the comfort of others. It’s much easier if the Shifter has the help of others of their kind.

Turning a Human

Humans can be turned into Shifters one of two ways: a blood-bond with a spirit animal, and a Shifter Totem Ritual.

A Blood-Bond is formed by the spirit of a land animal claiming the soul of a Human for its own. Occasionally a Human may meet an animal that seems to call to their very soul. This is the animal's spirit magic calling to the Human.

Wild or not, the Human is drawn to touch the animal. At that point, the animal will usually lash out and draw blood from the Human just as the Human touches it.

The transformation is immediate: before the Human can react to the injury, the magic has taken hold, the wound is gone, and the Human has shifted into their new beast form. Once they are able to figure out how to shift back, they possess their new totem and are now a Shifter.

The other option is a Shifter Totem Ritual. The totem is the source of a Shifter's magic, and is what gives them the ability to shift into their beast form.

If a Human has a totem from a Shifter and it touches their skin while they have an open wound - the size and severity depends on the Human - the magic within the totem will immediately seize hold and transform the Human into their beast form. When they return to their Human form, they will have their own totem in addition to the totem they were holding.

Turning Everything Else

Shifters can only be created by being born a Shifter or turned from a Human. Once someone is born or turned a Shifter, they will always be a Shifter. There is no way to become a Human or a different Supernatural creature.

groups Culture

Shifters can have children with the following species besides themselves:

The child of a Shifter and another species will always be the species of one of the parents.

Example: The child of a Shifter and a Selkie will either be a Shifter or a Selkie. There is no such thing as a 'hybrid' species.

Other Species Relations

Shifters can tell other supernaturals apart by their smell. Each species has a unique scent signature that Shifters can smell in either form to determine what species the person is. Individuals also have unique scents that a Shifter can learn.

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