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Name - What is Faina Parker’s full name?

Faina Parker

Full Name

Faina Adelaide Parker


Call her a nickname and die. Sam calls her "kid" and does not get away with it. Cynric sometimes shortens her name to pronounce it "Faye" in moments of weakness. He does not get away with it either.

Her criminal code name is "Tempest".

Age - How old is Faina Parker?




Occupation - What is Faina Parker’s occupation?

Trinity Mafia Captain


Shifter (Wolf)

Birthday - When is Faina Parker’s birthday?

May 16th

Played By:

ArtBreeder + Kaya Scodelario

Description - Describe Faina Parker.

CW throughout Faina's app, nothing explicitly detailed but she has a rough life.

face Looks
Height - How tall is Faina Parker?

5 FT 2 IN

Body Type

Small and scrawny

Eye Color - What is Faina Parker’s eye color?

Deep Ocean Blue, which is a dark blue

Hair Color - What color is Faina Parker’s hair?

Dark Brown

Hair Style - How does Faina Parker style their hair?

Curly, Mid-Shoulder Length, and it is a joke to say she "styles" it, ever. She gets it to where she can run her fingers through it and it doesn't look like a rat's nest. That's all the effort you get.






Faina never holds much stock in her appearance. She's usually in jeans or cut off shorts and whatever shirt she can find, along with a pair of sneakers or work boots. Due to the fact that she almost never buys anything, and because clothes were hard to come by as a kid, most of her clothes aren't actually hers; she's stolen them from other people. As a result a lot of her clothes are too big on her. She owns a few nice outfits but the only time she'll dress up is for a special occasion or a job.

To be clear, she has been provided with dressers and closets full of clothes by other people at various different times. She will still steal whatever is closest at hand to wear.

Identifying Marks/Scars

Her body is crisscrossed in a myriad of faint scars and marks, but there are five scars in particular that stand out:

✶ a strange pattern of small scars across both her shoulder blades and her upper back, almost invisible unless looked at in the right light
- Earned the night Cynric "kidnapped" her from her foster family, they are from when splinters tore open her skin crawling under a wooden fence.

✶ a nasty, jagged scar a half inch above her belly button that extends all the way across her stomach, turned white with age
- Earned the night she tried and failed to kill Sam

✶ extending across her lower back, three long gashes and a fourth much fainter one that look like claw marks, with an arcing tooth mark surrounding.
- Earned the night of her turning; the beast who attacked her had pinned her and intended to take a chunk out of her side, which she narrowly prevented by smashing a whiskey bottle into its face

✶ The most recent set: another nasty scar, from the clean cut of a blade, extending across her abdomen along the bottom of her ribcage
- Earned the night she tried and failed to kill Reinare

✶ A carving of the letter 'R' etched with a knife and then burned into the flesh of her left calf
- Also earned the night she tried and failed to kill Reinare. It's supposed to stand for the name, but if asked Faina claims it stands for 'Revenge'. (she has stopped wearing any kind of pants that will show her leg because of this mark)

Anything Extra:

Faina has always been small, both in height and size. She looks scrawny, bordering on underweight, all lean muscle and very little fat reserves. Although the wolf has increased her appetite and filled out her frame somewhat, it has had little impact on her overall physique.

She has a pale kind of complexion those born and raised deep in the north never seem to lose; not a sickly pale but a pale no amount of time in the sun can completely get rid of, regardless of how pink or tan her skin gets.

She also has faint freckles across her nose and the tops of her cheeks.

fingerprint Personality
Personality Overview

Faina has had more than her share of hardships in her life. The mere idea of "survival" drives her personality. She's used to being a loner, to being beaten down and tossed aside, and her interactions with people now reflect the mentality that she doesn't need anyone or anything.

She's ruthless, seemingly heartless, overly head-strong, stubborn as a mule, cynical, quick to judge, very distrusting, and usually pessimistic. But she's also determined to succeed past any obstacle in her path, at any cost. She doesn't waste opportunities and takes every advantage she can get. If she fails, she'll try again; woe be it to anything that tries to stand in her way.

Her biggest flaw is that Faina has an extremely short-fused and violent temper. Since becoming a Shifter the fuse has only shortened and made the temper worse. She struggles to control her temper at the best of times and for the most part loses the fight. She's like a runaway train when she gets started and there are very few people who can successfully defuse her before she's blown herself out.

If given the time and strength of will to probe deep into her psyche, she is really just trying to protect the scared, naïve, abused little girl who never got to grow up. She still has a heart, she still has fears and desires just like anyone else... but this is a weakness that she believes is too dangerous to let anyone expose and prefers instead to push everyone and everything away. She channels all negative emotions into her anger and lashes out.


  • Rain

  • Movies (specifically spaghetti westerns and action films)

  • Bad Reality TV

  • Winning Arguments

  • Running, Jogging, Walking,

  • Working with money,

  • Cooking (especially for other people)

  • the sky

  • open spaces

  • Being in control (of herself and others)


  • Coffee

  • Cigarette Smoke

  • Hospitals, Doctors

  • Nicknames, Pet Names

  • Certain elements of the outdoors, camping, hiking, etc.

  • Tequila

  • Large bodies of water (lakes, oceans, wide rivers, etc.)

  • Snow, Ice

  • Most people

  • Touch, physical contact


Resourceful: Strand Faina on a deserted island and she could probably get enough gear together to survive long enough for rescue. She was born in the wilderness and can pretty easily take care of herself in almost any situation.

Self-Assured: Faina's self-confidence is super high. She doesn't give a shit what anyone else thinks of her or her life. She can be confident in herself bordering on arrogant, something that comes from the fact that she has to rely on herself to survive quite a lot.


Temper: Faina has an infamously short fuse. Pretty much everything can piss her off in some way or another. The wolf has only made her temper worse, so expect explosions whenever she's pissed off.

Emotionally Weak: Faina doesn't really know how to handle her emotions. She never really learned how. Her highs are high but her lows are really low. She tends to funnel everything negative - fear, nerves, sadness - into anger and lashes out. If she's not yelling or talking with her fists she doesn't quite know what to do.


Faina is super heterosexual, and also leans heavily towards demisexual as well. She has a clear 'type' - older men (5+ years minimum) with whom she's formed an emotional connection.

(If you attempt to make the insinuation that she's into much older men because she has daddy issues she will actually kill you.)

Friends & Enemies

Faina has always been a loner. Due to a messed up childhood and a phobia of touch (seriously, don't touch her) she has abandonment issues and chooses to push everyone away rather than get close to anyone. But a Shifter is a social creature, and ever since her turning she's been painfully lonely and slowly opening herself up to friends more and more. Get past the tough badass exterior and she is the kind of friend who will show up no matter what.

As for enemies, she is definitely the type of make enemies faster than one can blink. A dark childhood, a criminal past, and a scathing personality combined with the ability to really push people's buttons means that she is fantastic at making people hate her. The feeling is usually mutual. She has a dominant and aggressive personality and doesn't like when a situation is not completely under her control. It's also very easy to get under her skin and rile her up; her temper is short-fused and violent. Rivals and enemies come and go in droves.

Love & Romance

Lovers are complicated. She is heterosexual with an attraction for men who are usually a minimum of 5 years older than herself, and her phobia of touch makes things difficult. Faina's first and only love was with Sam Skiles, who proceeded to shatter her heart into a million pieces when he 'abandoned' her, only to find out that he got himself and everyone they loved killed, which only made it worse. She then had a year-long relationship with Kievan Russell, who she broke it off with over irreconcilable differences.

Now, after several years as best friends and two as lovers, Faina is engaged to her best friend and fellow Trinity Mafia member, Isaac Thomas, who remained behind in Florida while she came up north.

Talents - What talents does Faina Parker have?

Faina is a natural-born marksman and a skilled sharpshooter/sniper after years in the criminal underground. Her primary weapon of choice is a handgun; not necessarily the right tool for the job, but she doesn't need something else. She's made some near impossible shots on killer odds. It's well known that Faina's hands are always rock steady and she never misses unless her target deflects - even in fights with creatures with power and magic that far exceeds her own, Faina can, at minimum, usually hold her ground with her gun alone.

Given an actual sniper rifle, her aim is accurate and deadly.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Faina Parker have?

Faina doesn't like to give herself a lot of downtime to have hobbies. She'd usually give someone a blank look if they asked her what she liked to do "for fun".

That being said, going for jogs or runs has always been a form of stress relief - even more so now with the wolf involved and with Skully.

She also loves Westerns - western movies, western TV shows. Doesn't really matter whether new or old, she usually enjoys them no matter what. She especially loves the classics era, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and the black-and-white shows like Gunsmoke and Rawhide. If she's really in need of a comfort thing to put on the TV, she'll find them on one of the streaming services and watch them.


Faina has a severe case of haphephobia, the fear of touching or being touched. It manifests most commonly in a "skin crawling" sensation, an intense and overwhelming feeling of disgust, and a strong nausea both in the back of her throat and in her stomach. It has been known to be literally painful as well, like her skin is being pulled or stretched and pin pricked by dozens of tiny needles.

The phobia has been with her for as long as she can remember, although the first real manifestation she can remember first occurred during Ellie's funeral. Due to this she will refuse to have any physical contact with people. Only during times of extreme emotion - anger, sadness, fear - can she withstand the act of touching someone or being touched.

This phobia has faded somewhat since her turning; the wolf's consciousness can mask some of the worst of the symptoms, and it has been proven that magic can be used to eliminate the phobia all together. She can also learn to endure it with certain species better than others. But it tends to come back with a vengeance in new or unstable situations and progress can be undone near instantly. It's something she has to constantly fight with.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Faina Parker have?

Faina tends to make snap judgement calls and then holds those grudges until the bitter end. If she decides after 30 seconds that she hates you? The hate will burn forever. Lose her trust? Instantly dead to her.

Anything Extra:

All three of the Parker siblings have the predisposition for addictions in their family history and therefore struggle with vices in different ways. Faina's tendency is towards complete self-destruction when she loses control. She ceases to know the meaning behind the word 'moderation'. She has already tried to drink herself to death once (which she was only able to get control of after it ended in her turning) and she seriously cannot be allowed near hard drugs, ever, period.

Luckily, she generally has good self-control so her desire for self-destruction only really comes up when her stress levels and temper are running high.

all_inclusive Characterization
Favorite color - What is Faina Parker’s favorite color?

She would tell you blue is her favorite - royal blue and navy blue, specifically. She's not a big fan of bright colors or pastels.

Secretly, it's green.

Favorite possession - What is Faina Parker’s favorite possession?

She has two:

  • Her handgun Glock G43X Pistol is the only thing she's kept from her time pre-Bear River. Sam gave it to her right after she joined up with the Ravagers and while she wouldn't admit it, it's clear she has a sentimental attachment to it and keeps it in as good condition as she physically can. There are markings on it that any member of the Ravagers would recognize should they see it. Otherwise it's indistinguishable from any other handgun in its make. It's plain, ordinary, and unmagical, and Faina would balk at the idea of modifying or enchanting it in some way.

  • Out of all the photos Isaac has, there is only one that she kept for herself: a photo of the trio (Sam left, Faina middle, Isaac right) where Faina has her arms around them, beaming at the camera while they're both looking at her. She actually folds this one up and carries it on her. At this point the photo is well worn and creased a dozen times over from how often it's been folded and unfolded. She's extremely protective and secretive of it, for some reason - Isaac is the only one who knows she has it (and only because he gave it to her) and the only other person who's seen it is whoever got into her suitcase to leave the "gift" from Reinare.

Favorite weapon - What is Faina Parker’s favorite weapon?

She is most comfortable using a handgun, although she can basically shoot anything that is handed to her. Pre-Ravager days your standard issue hunting rifle (the kind that was in every home in Alaska) was her preferred choice.

While she does... okay with melee, she tends to avoid using blades and sticks with just her fists because it's been proven too many times that she is too reckless with them and she has the scars to prove it.

Accents & Speech Patterns

Faina has a strong northern Alaskan accent. After running away from Alaska at 16, she fought hard to drop it and then had no accent at all. Unfortunately for her it came roaring back the moment she began living in Snow Haven. She hasn't noticed.

Faina swears heavily just as a part of normal speech. Her swear meter is set to "the amount of fucks in the sentence is proportional to how emotional she is". One fuck is baseline. She would never say 'what on earth' when 'what the fuck' is just as appropriate. Her speech is either coarsely abrasive or business-like, and actress to pretend to be better educated she is not.

group Relationships
Family Overview

Faina is the middle child and oldest daughter of Arod Parker and Adelaide Parker. She has an older brother, Cynric Parker, who is two years older, and a little sister, Ellesmera "Ellie" Parker, who is a year younger.

Arod disappeared while on a trip into town when Faina was 3 years old; his body was never discovered, so there's no telling whether he is dead or alive. It is Faina's belief now that she's older that he walked out on their family.

When she was 4, her little sister Ellie fell through the ice on a lake by their house; Faina raced to get their mother while Cynric tried to pull her out, but by the time Adelaide arrived Ellie wasn't breathing and turning blue. She jumped on the snowmobile and raced to town, leaving Faina and Cynric behind. She didn't return until well into the night, where she informed the children that Ellie had drowned and died. They attended her funeral a week later.

Adelaide would eventually die from a combination of drugs, alcohol, and starvation when Faina was 7 and Cynric 9, succumbing to what Faina believes was a combination of grief, loss, and depression.

Cynric and Faina were separated in the foster care system when she was 10 and Cynric 12 after a 2-year successful runaway attempt before they were finally caught. She wouldn't meet Cynric again for another 14 years, when it came to be known he was working at the Iron Maiden and in the care of Jack O'Grady.

Faina has no extended family that she knows of, and believes there are none considering the social workers were unable to locate any next of kin before she was put in the foster care system.

Other Family:

She considers the Trinity Mafia to be her family, now; Madison Le'Strange is the closest thing she has had to a mother since her birth mother's death, and somewhere along the line it became less of a thing they just said and more of an official, 'you're adopted' thing.

She is engaged to her best friend and fellow mafia member Isaac Thomas, who she has been dating for almost 3 years after a nearly 5 year friendship.

Pets - What pets does Faina Parker have?

Skully, full name "Skull Crusher", the unaltered purebred Doberman Pinscher that her ex, Kievan Russell, rescued from a puppy mill and then gave to her as a present. Skully is the first pet Faina has ever owned and she is ridiculously in love with that dog. She is everything her owner is not, a big loveable goofball who wants nothing more than pets, cuddles, and treats.

Skully has been trained as an emotional support companion for Shifters and Werebeasts in particular, but generally encompassing most supernatural species with beast forms. She helps keep Faina calm and the wolfish instincts in check. Faina also has a hard time sleeping without her, as Skully helps with her nightmares.

Fun Family Facts:

Ever since reuniting with Cynric through the Iron Maiden, Jack O'Grady has essentially officially unofficially adopted her as well, making him the closest thing Faina has ever had to a father figure in her life.

Faina would have no way of knowing this, but 'Adelaide' - her middle name, and the name of her mother - is a family tradition name on her mother's side, given in some form to the eldest daughter.

date_range History
Birthday - When is Faina Parker’s birthday?

May 16th. Faina is 2 years younger than Cynric, and 13 months older than Ellie.


Snow Haven, Alaska is the technical listed birth place, but Faina was born on the homestead her parents owned, and grew up from 10-16 in Anchorage, Alaska. If anyone asked where she felt home was, though, she would say Sacramento, California, where the Ravagers had their base.

Current Residence

Snow Haven, Alaska

Education - What is Faina Parker’s level of education?

Faina never graduated high school. Her high school diploma is a fake purchased alongside her driver's license and other important paperwork when the Ravagers fell and she had to get the hell out of dodge. Her school years were absolutely miserable and she spent two semesters (spring semester of freshman year and fall semester of sophomore) in Juvie at a correctional high school.

Kerrigan insisted that if she wanted to keep working with the finances that she have some form of higher education (really it was more likely that High Elf Guy wanted to keep her out of his business) so Faina does have a Associate's degree in Accounting.

She is actually good in school, a fast learner, a good studier and test taker, but she has no real interest in any formal degrees. Childhood and then being turned the last time she attempted to get into community college has soured her to education in general.


Faina's only native language is English. She picked up enough Spanish to get by when living with the Ravagers in California but she can't really read/write it. She can also recognize what language she's hearing most of the time, but she doesn't know any other language enough to read/write/speak.

She also knows some words and bits of phrases in some of the Native Alaskan languages thanks to where she grew up, specifically from the Athabascan and Algonquian variants. Mostly sentences like common folk phrases and people/place/thing names in native tongues.

History Overview

Faina spent the first 16 years of her life in Alaska. And she spent the last 5 years of that 16 trying her damnedest to get out. She spent time all over the state; first in the wilderness between Snow Haven and Fairbanks, then Fairbanks itself, then Anchorage, then Juneau.

Alaska has been nothing but cruel to Faina. She was born here, but she lost her whole family here. And when she finally escaped at the age of 16 by hitching a ride with Ravagers street gang members Sam Skiles and Isaac Thomas, she vowed she would never, ever go back.

But time changes things, and other places she went were just as cruel. She lost the family she built with the Ravagers in California, and lost her first love; she was stalked and turned to a Shifter against her will in Montana, where she met Madison and reunited with Isaac; and finally was forced to flee the life she built in Montana to settle with Trinity and the Kerrigan crime family in Florida.

She has had her heart broken by the men she loved twice, endured pain and suffering, made her first kill on accident when she lost control of her wolf, tried to leave the criminal underworld behind and found she could not. But Faina has grown because of this.

The past few years in Florida with Kerrigan have been good ones. To her own surprise she became fast friends with Drucilla Morgan, the Kerrigan crime boss, and actually adapted quite well to the crime family and the Florida heat. Trinity and Kerrigan were able to get her the help she needed with her wolf and now four years later she even has a kind of peace with it.

Madison moved from a mentor and a friend to more of a mother figure, one Faina actually accepted. And after years of unspoken tension between them, Faina and Isaac finally got through their feelings for one another and began dating, shortly before arriving in Florida. Two years into their relationship Isaac proposed, and she said yes.

It was only Faina's refusal to return to Alaska that she didn't initially follow Madison to Snow Haven. It was a bittersweet goodbye. She wouldn't go and Madison wouldn't ask her to. She and Isaac stayed behind while Madison moved Trinity back up north, and things have been quiet since then. Almost too quiet.

And then Drucilla - in her usual fashion - came up with a scheme for Madison that involved, no, required, Faina to travel up to Snow Haven. Although she initially refused, Dru wouldn't take no for an answer, and cajoled and pleaded until Faina finally agreed. She left her fiance behind in Kiri and went to Snow Haven in secret, to surprise Madison and set Drucilla's plans in motion for the Trinity boss.

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Detailed History

Faina Adelaide Parker was born deep in the chilled Alaskan wilderness; the middle child and oldest daughter of Arod and Adelaide Parker. Her parents were modern day pioneers, living on a homestead deep in the wilderness an hour from the closest town and working the land for food and survival. Her older brother Cynric was two at the time of her birth, and a little sister Ellesmera - nicknamed Ellie - was to follow a year later.

Despite the hardships living off the land with no other support brings, they were a cozy, tight-knit family with little to trouble them so far from civilization. Faina knew nothing of the world except their homestead and what her parents taught to their children: how to farm, how to work the land, how to sew, how to cook, how to clean, and the homeschooling lessons Adelaide would teach them. The only time she would even see people other than her family was when they made a family trip into town to see a doctor every six months or so.

That all changed in one fell swoop starting when Faina was three years old. Her father Arod left for a trip into the closest town of Snow Haven - a rare occurrence in general, but common at that time of year - before the thaw removed the packed snow that served as their road... and never came back. When he did not arrive home at the usual time Adelaide called in a Missing Persons report.

The County Sheriff's search and rescue found the snowmobile about halfway between their homestead and town, but no sign of Arod or the supplies he was carrying. The snowmobile was overturned - no way to tell which direction he was originally pointed - and a recent snowfall had covered any tracks. No one in town could confirm whether or not he had been spotted there. Arod was eventually labeled as Missing, Believed Deceased - but no one was ever able to confirm whether that was true or whether he might have just walked out on his family.

Now a single mother of three kids under six, Adelaide did the best she could to both raise them and maintain the homestead, but it was an overwhelming task to handle on her own. Adelaide frequently left a 6-year-old Cynric in charge of his 4-year-old and 3-year old little sisters, and everything that came with having two little girls barely out of the toddler stage.

It all came crashing to an end one blustery day towards the end of Spring. A late cold snap meant the lake by the homestead was still frozen, and Cynric, Faina, and Ellie went out to play on it. Ellie went out too far in the wrong direction. The ice broke beneath the weight and sent the 3-year-old plunging into the icy water.

Faina ran for her mother while Cynric did his best to reach her and pull her out. By the time Adelaide arrived, Cynric had her out of the water and back on shore, but Ellie was barely breathing and was quickly turning blue. Panicking and without regard for her other two children, Adelaide grabbed Ellie, jumped on the snowmobile, and raced away to find a doctor. It was late into the evening before Adelaide returned, without Ellie, and informed her remaining two children that their sister had drowned.

Shortly thereafter, Adelaide sold the homestead and moved what remained of their family to Fairbanks, Alaska. Faina and her brother were exposed to 'city living' for the first time; aka, it was the first time either of them really lived in a location around other people. Faina was quickly enrolled in a public school for kindergarten and her brother into second grade as their mother went off to find work to keep them in the cramped little house she had purchased for them.

Faina remembers very little of her time in Fairbanks, but it was very clear Adelaide never recovered from the loss of her husband and youngest child. Her mother had a hard time finding or keeping a job and bounced around, and eventually sank into a depression she remedied with alcohol and later drugs picked up from unsavory friends and a few people she introduced to her children as "coworkers" - an adult Faina recognizes them now as either drug dealers or prostitutes. Faina began to raise herself, with her brother's help; they had always been raised to be self-sufficient and this was no different as their mother slipped further and further away.

By the time Cynric was 9 and Faina 7, Adelaide had stopped leaving her room and refused to eat; the only sustenance she took was alcohol and drugs. She passed away one day while they were at school, succumbing to an early grave caused by deep depression and grief.

The next week passed in a violent whirlwind: Faina was pulled from class, taken with her brother to stay with a neighbor; a funeral was held by the local church (despite the family not being religious) when no adult stepped forward to claim the body or make the funeral arrangements. Shortly after, the contents of her life were packed into her school bag and a trash bag, and she and Cynric were taken to Juneau, Alaska, to an awaiting foster family while they waited for a relative to be contacted to come and claim them.

Only as far as either of them knew, they had no other family; when asked, neither of them could name a single person, and the social workers didn't seem to have any luck themselves. No one stepped forward to claim them. The foster family who currently kept them was never supposed to be more than a temporary solution, so when no other relatives could be found, social workers were forced to separate the two children and place them in different homes.

Faina was traumatized; she had never been away from Cynric for more than a few hours while they were both at school, and he was the only family she had left. He clearly felt the same. It didn't take long for Cynric to learn where his sister was, and he hatched a daring escape: at the tender age of 10, he ran away from his foster home, got a ride across the city, and "kidnapped" his 8-year-old sister from her foster parents. He promised her they would never be apart again. She believed him.

They spent the next two years as orphan runaways on the streets, avoiding all cops and any adults who might try and turn them in, fearful they would be separated again. Summers were the easiest time; they would camp out on the outskirts of the city, gather their own food by fishing, foraging, and scrounging up scraps, and occasionally earn some money doing odd jobs for people. Sometimes they would pretend like it was camping, or living on the homestead.

But the winters were harsh and unforgiving and they had to seek shelter wherever they could get it to keep from freezing to death. Sometimes people took them in, sometimes they stayed in shelters. They could never stay anywhere for long, too fearful someone would report them.

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ac_unit Magic Info
Species Type

Faina is a turned Shifter whose beast is a wolf.

Faina's wolf is unusually violent and volatile for a Shifter, having often been compared to that of a Werebeast; it's been speculated that it's due to the traumatic nature of her turning as her injuries and scars make clear she nearly died and only survived the attack because she turned.

Awareness Overview

Faina had been an unaware Human all the way up to 2 months before her turning. Her introduction into the supernatural underground was brutal and traumatic for her - six months in total of being stalked, harassed, and physically and sexually assaulted by a man she nicknamed the "Psycho Stalker", who revealed himself to be a [stick with Shifter or go back to Werewolf?] shortly after her 21st birthday. He had her convinced that the Statute meant if anyone found out the Human knew about the underground, she would be killed, before he disappeared.

Her mental health, at the revelations he had thrust on her, combined with the torment and her own natural isolation, plummeted into a nosedive spiral and she nearly drank herself to death. She was blackout drunk the night of her turning and can't remember anything past leaving her apartment and then finding herself alone and bloodied in a field.


Faina has standard Shifter magic and, besides her wolf being unusually volatile and controlling for a Shifter, is utterly normal in most other ways.


A side effect of her phobia is Faina's ability of spatial awareness, that has only been increased and enhanced by the wolf's senses and instincts. She has a broad awareness of where she and others are located in a space and can easily narrow this focus to just herself or someone else. She can calculate other people's movements, figure out where they're going to be a second or two ahead of real time. This makes her an excellent sniper and also excellent at dodging others' attacks. The only struggle she has with this are from creatures with superhuman speed.


Faina's wolf form is an Alaskan Red Wolf. Her tiny stature in Human form does not translate to her wolf form; though Alaskan Red Wolves are typically on the smaller side, her wolf form is larger than even a grey wolf.

She finds her wolf form uncomfortable (feels strange being in a different skin, even if it's her own) and is reluctant to shift as often as the wolf wants to or she should. One thing she has discovered is that her phobia tends to be muted as a wolf - not completely gone, but much fainter and much easier to deal with.

Magical Items/Artifacts

Her Caged Pendant totem. She keeps it on the same necklace chain she keeps her obsidian Trinity emblem. Her totem and her engagement ring, a blue sapphire, are the only jewelry she wears.

Anything Extra:

Faina has no idea who turned her - she does not believe it was the Psycho Stalker, but she doesn't know who else it could be. The scent was long stale by the time she was well enough for her and the person who helped her to return to the scene and figure things out, and they were never able to locate quite where it happened as Faina had gone far off track.

Faina has blocked out the memories of her turning, but here it is written out: whoever it was [undecided] during the attack, pinned her down with a paw on her back and intended to tear into her side. She smashed the bottle in her hand into its face a second before the jaws could clamp down, and the head jerked from impact (hence the scar of the arcing tooth mark) as the bottle shattered. There was a brief scuffle as Faina got free and turned around (hence how deep the scars from the claws) and she used the broken bottle in her hand to attack. During that brief scuffle some wound caused the person to shift back to human form and Faina grabbed the totem - triggering a totem ritual event when her bloodied hand touched it, and turning her. Wolf!Faina, enraged and with human consciousness blacked out, kills the attacker before shifting back and destroying the totem she stole before fleeing the scene to safety.

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Character chevron_right Love interests link linked Faina Parker

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Character chevron_right Children link linked Faina Parker

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