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Name - What is Sandra Enyar’s full name?

Sandra Enyar

Full Name

Sandra Lynn Enyar

Age - How old is Sandra Enyar?




Occupation - What is Sandra Enyar’s occupation?

The High Priestess's Guard




She is called the High Priestess's pet by other members of the Reine despite being Reinare's fiancé.


Niece Waidhofer

face Looks
Height - How tall is Sandra Enyar?


Body Type


Eye Color - What is Sandra Enyar’s eye color?

Hazel, commonly alternating between green, blue and gray

Hair Color - What color is Sandra Enyar’s hair?

Dark brown, straight, length is to the small of her back

Hair Style - How does Sandra Enyar style their hair?

Long hair, straight

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Sandra Enyar have?

Her brows are well-kept, expressive but thin at the ends.




A blue and purple butterfly on her right shoulder blade

Skin Tone



Sandra holds a lot of stock in her own appearance as well as that of her partner, and those she considers family. She prefers bright and warm colors but will happily wear darker colors, like black, if it looks good. All of her outfits are form fitting, consisting of lots of skirts, thigh-high socks, low cut or short shirts, dresses and lots of lingerie. She never leaves home without any makeup on, and will never dress for comfort unless it’s cute. She expects the same of her other half. If her significant other doesn’t care what they wear, Sandra will dress them herself - and will demand it, if they’re going out.

And much to the dismay of her family and friends, she loves to dress them up too - and will demand to do so if she doesn’t like how they look when they’re going out together.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Sandra Enyar have?

There is a faded scar on her left side from a stab wound. She has a few other scars from jobs while being part of the Ravagers, but they're all faint and relatively small.

Anything Extra

No matter where she was or who she was with, Sandra Enyar always presented herself like royalty - someone to be idolized and followed. She is a diva through and through

fingerprint Personality

  • Dancing and choreography

  • Pop and upbeat music with some elements of rap

  • Shoes! Shoes for every occasion are a MUST!

  • Bright and warm colors

  • Designing and decorating rooms; Sandra is the type of person that will change the way a room looks every six months

  • Skirts and thigh highs

  • Men that are pretty but kinda dumb

  • Pretty and confident women

  • Modeling, Onlyfans

  • Anything that makes her feel/look sexy/beautiful

  • Milkshakes and ice cream

  • D R I N K I N G and getting turnt U P

  • Having a good time

  • Being a shameless flirt


  • Being dirty

  • Gore

  • Horror movies. Not because they’re scary but because she thinks most of them are stupid. However, she’s a buff for the ones that she feels were done right

  • Old houses and buildings

  • Non-modern looking rooms She’s extremely picky with the furniture and room designs that - she likes. She likes contrast and brightness, so anything that’s mute, doesn’t have much contrast or looks dated/old is on her no-no list

  • Being told to smile

  • Soda with no liquor in it, wtf

  • People that beat around the bush. Get to the fuckin’ point!

  • Being told what to do


  • Confident, high to medium self esteem

  • Honest to a fault and very loyal, both as a friend and as a lover

  • Quick witted, silver tongued and savage af

  • Doesn’t put up with anyone’s bullshit

  • Very strong emotionally

  • Probably too good at manipulating others to get what she wants. But this is never with ill intent.

  • Has a good heart and can see the good in everyone


  • Abandonment issues

  • Doesn’t trust easily

  • Friends and loved ones are great, everyone else can fuck off. In other words, she’s pretty mean to strangers and doesn’t give a fuck

  • Gossip? Yes please. Give her all of the tea.

  • Bitch is a diva

  • Probably too confrontational… If anyone has a problem, she’ll ask what their problem with her is to their face. Wanna fight? She wishes you would, motherfucker

  • She cares about what people think. Image is very important.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Sandra Enyar have?

  • Look good

  • Smell good

  • Very expressive but can be an excellent actress when she needs to

  • The 3 S's: Shoot, shovel and shut up

Motivations - What motivates Sandra Enyar most?

  • Survival

  • Making sure Sam is okay

  • Keeping her fiancé happy

  • Uncovering Tralloni's mystery

Prejudices - What prejudices does Sandra Enyar have?

  • If it smells bad, it is bad

  • If it looks gross, she will NOT touch it

  • If it doesn't affect her life, she (usually) doesn't care

Talents - What talents does Sandra Enyar have?

Sandra is a fantastic model and a talented photographer with an eye for detail. Her attention to detail and love for fashion/design has also made her into something of a home designer - and a good one at that.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Sandra Enyar have?

Fashion, photography, scrapbooking, dancing, home decor and design, DIY projects of all kinds



groups Social
Religion - What religion does Sandra Enyar practice?


Politics - What politics does Sandra Enyar have?

Sandra hates politics

Favorite color - What is Sandra Enyar’s favorite color?

Blue and gold

Favorite food - What is Sandra Enyar’s favorite food?

Her favorite meal used to be fancy BBQ tacos.

Favorite possession - What is Sandra Enyar’s favorite possession?

Sandra has a collection of favorite outfits, jewelry and so on. She can't pick ONE favorite thing.

Favorite animal - What is Sandra Enyar’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Sandra Enyar have?


date_range History
Birthday - When is Sandra Enyar’s birthday?



Los Angeles, California

Education - What is Sandra Enyar’s level of education?

High School diploma

Detailed History

When she was 18, she was targeted by a serial killer. She was the token hot girl with big tits and schoolgirl lipstick, an innocent virgin whore - the cheerleader who babysat. In his mind, she was the perfect sacrifice. Except there was a twist; he never expected the teenager to be a stonecold killer bitch that could give him a run for his money. Her family was butchered for being in the way, with Sandra being the only survivor… Supposedly. Seraphine’s body was never found and she remains missing to this day. The teenage mage outsmarted the killer and did him in instead. Sheerly out of spite, she brought him back as a ghoul and killed him again.

She took out her father’s life insurance policy and sold her family home, then opted to live with her boyfriend and his family until they were kicked out. Her relationship with Mitch and, well everyone else, was strained for a time during her period of grief. She bought a foreclosed house at 19 for a small amount of money and flipped it. She made it nice, but it was missing something. Something vital, something personal. She rented out their LA home and started to travel.



Reinare had never seen or had any experience with the Ravagers when she sentenced them to die, with both her and Reid opting to keep their leader alive to work to repay the debts. The choice to do so was a political one, with the Bloodmare’s being the ones to profit from the carnage either by selling body parts, organs and what not that remained in tack, and/or by providing more parts for Lillian and Luvia to use in their experiments. It was just business.

Once they were dead, Reinare decided to raise one as a ghoul to keep for collateral. When she saw the corpses, her decision to choose Sandra was instantaneous.

device_hub Family
Family Overview

Luca Enyar - father
Seraphine Enyar - mother
Thomas (Tom) Enyar - little brother
Sarena Tithiros - Aunt
Allimarina Tithiros - Aunt, deceased
Aerallis Tithiros - cousin
Ilosti Tithiros - cousin
All members of the Enyar, Tithiros and Cesario families are her relatives. She is aware of the Tithiros side of the family, as her father’s stepson from a previous relationship is married to a Tithiros woman.

At 21, Sandra chose her to make her own family and found that with the Ravagers. She considered Faina Parker to be the little sister she’d always wanted, and Lucas, Eddie, Isaac and Sam like brothers. Lily took the place as mom. Mitch was her boyfriend, the childhood sweetheart, that she didn’t know how to leave because it might mean that he would no longer be in her life. Sandra hated that thought. He was her best friend. And though she wasn’t in-love with him anymore at the end of their roads, she did love him.

Pets - What pets does Sandra Enyar have?


Fun Family Facts

The Enyar family and the Tithiros family are descendants of the Cesario family - the Enyar's from Cetanu's side and the Tithiros family supposedly from Shalusen's (Sego's) side.

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folder_open Supernatural Information

Born as a Human. Turned into a Mage at the age of 18. Was murdered in 2014~2015 by Reid and reanimated into a Ghoul by Reinare Seraphim.

Awareness Overview

It should be known that while Sandra high-key isn’t the biggest fan of being a ghoul, she has gotten used to it… More or less.


Sandra possesses all of the abilities and strengths of the average ghoul. However, she’s been trained to target pressure points in the body. She’s also been taught the Silat fighting style, both with which to better protect her master and her master’s room.

On Elendran however, her strength is increased and she becomes easily irritable and aggressive. While any version of the drug doesn’t have any negative effects on her body due to her species, an unfortunate side effect is becoming ravenous while under its effects. Sandra will binge eat while on the drug and if she’s unable to do so, it triggers a starvation response that can put her into zombie mode.

Things that she would normally care about, such as being dirty, are not an issue while on Elendran.

Personal Abilities



Ghouls don't have other forms.

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