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Name - What is Isaac Thomas’s full name?

Isaac Thomas

Full Name

Isaac Lawrence Thomas


His code name is "Ladon" within Trinity

Age - How old is Isaac Thomas?

just turned 30 in February



Occupation - What is Isaac Thomas’s occupation?

Trinity Front Runner/Guard


Shifter (Wolf)

Birthday - When is Isaac Thomas’s birthday?

February 11th

Played By:

Taron Egerton

face Looks
Height - How tall is Isaac Thomas?

5 FT 10 IN

Body Type

stocky with squared shoulders

Eye Color - What is Isaac Thomas’s eye color?

Hazel Green

Hair Color - What color is Isaac Thomas’s hair?

Light Brown/Brown

Hair Style - How does Isaac Thomas style their hair?

He almost always keeps it short


Probably yes lol




Isaac is the type to have a preferred set of outfits in his closet that he sticks to, the same shirts or the same pair of jeans, until they fall apart. Call it a testament to a life on the run, but he could easily grab everything in his closet and his dresser and stick them in one suitcase and have his entire life packed and ready to go.

Identifying Marks/Scars

His nose sits a little crooked on his face, having broken it a few times, and he is covered in scars; the main ones across his hands and knees and shoulders from fights and scrapes over the years, some small and some large, but the biggest ones are the deep claw marks and punctures that curve around his shoulder, chest, and upper arm on his right side, the product of the wolf attack that caused his turning. The scars have already faded to a milky white and the wounds have long since healed, but you only have to look at the scars to see the extent of the original damage.

Personal Possessions

Anything Extra:

Isaac's body tells a story of the life he's lived. He's stocky with squared shoulders, but he very rarely stands up straight to his 5 FT 10 IN frame; his shoulders are usually hunched a little forward, his back slouched, a move designed to appear aloof when he's really braced for trouble. He has a wide and easy smile but there is often a shadow behind it and a hint of danger; there is a hulking beast below the surface that has transformed into the wolf that now shares his body.

Isaac doesn't put much stock in possessions, so that also applies to his appearance. What little sense he has comes courtesy of his days with the Ravagers, but those days have faded. He's not one to hold onto things as sentimental. The only things he's ever held onto was his camera and his weapons.

fingerprint Personality
Personality Overview

Isaac is a product of the streets he grew up on. He's a tough guy smartass who's more mouth than brains, a man raised to whip out snarky remarks and use his fists at a moment's notice. He's quick with a joke even at inappropriate moments and sometimes can't shut up when he's ahead.

He's street smart in every way he's not book smart; he barely made it to a freshman in high school and couldn't tell you a thing about academia besides what applies to himself in the real world. What he's learned in his life he's learned by using his hands and actually doing it, or having it shown to him. He's not dumb by any means but he'll be the first to admit he's not the smartest guy.

He never used to have a temper, or at least he didn't have a temper beyond what's considered 'normal' for a tough guy brawler raised on the streets. But since his turning he's found himself feeling way more temperamental than normal, more emotional and less able to control his emotions. His temper especially has made him feel out of control, as if his new wolf side makes him more aggressive and hostile.

Despite being a fighter and being good at being muscle in any given situation, Isaac is more of a sidekick than a leader. He is the best 'yes' man and wingman you could find, loyal to a fault and there for his friends, but he is always relieved when not having to make the tough decisions himself. He's never been a ringleader and, in fact, doesn't really stand up for himself in some situations. He prefers to ignore rather than face any personal issues.


  • Photography

  • his camera

  • a strong cup of coffee

  • hot summer days

  • working with his hands

  • having something to focus on or a goal to move towards

  • surprising love for theater and the fines arts


  • Feeling helpless or hopeless

  • Loneliness

  • being bored

  • dark rooms

  • country music

  • cold winter nights

  • facing issues head on

  • his insecurities


Loyal: Isaac is loyal almost to a fault. Loyalty and love for friends and family is the only way he's gotten through life so far, so he feels like he owes the same to others who have earned his love and friendship. He would easily take a bullet for a friend or a partner.

Comforting: Isaac is a grounder. He's good at being a rock for people, that constant background presence and a shoulder to lean on. Combine that with his ability to make light of bad times means that he's really good at comforting people.

Easygoing: Isaac is a very 'go with the flow' kind of guy. He's typically a 'yes man' for any situation, no matter how stupid or how dangerous. Even in situations where he has bad feelings or misgivings, he'll voice them, but if the other party is adamant will still follow through. He's a good partner and sidekick like that.


Insecure: Isaac has a surprising amount of insecurities he tries to keep well hidden. He hides it deep beneath his mouth and his fists, and he would never acknowledge them, but they still clearly exist and can be tapped into. Products of a traumatic childhood, life in the Ravagers, and dealing with the aftermath of their deaths.

Mouthy: Isaac's biggest defensive weapon over his fists is his mouth. He's never learned how to shut up when he's ahead. He often snaps out snarky remarks and jokes and speaks without thinking, and more than once he's gotten punched out for it.

Temper: Isaac didn't used to have much of a temper - not any more than the average gang member - but since his turning he has a problem with anger issues. Things can set him off faster than before, and once worked up he has a hard time calming back down. He can be prone to a lot of 'Hulk' moments if he isn't careful.


He's pretty firmly heterosexual.

Friends & Enemies

On the surface, Isaac is a goofy, fun-loving guy, always quick to crack a joke and run his mouth to whoever is willing to talk to him. However, Isaac is haunted by the loss of his family and has a hard time making deep emotional connections. To most people, he is a casual 'hang out' friendship that doesn't go beyond the surface, because he doesn't want to open himself up to the kind of friendships and personal connections he had only to lose them all over again. Still, if able to get him to open up, Isaac is a loyal and easy-going friend who is always there when his friends need him.

He doesn't go out of his way to make trouble, he often finds himself in it. He is a smartass brawler who never quite knows when to shut up while he's ahead. Plus his criminal history is a mile long and extends all the way back to 15 and younger. Combine his seedy past and mafia present there are bound to be plenty of people who are enemies and want him dead, although there is no one in particular at the moment that he could point a finger at.

Love & Romance

Isaac has only ever seriously been in love with Faina Parker. There have been plenty of crushes and short-lived flings over the years, but he has never been in a serious relationship and never intended to be, choosing instead to watch the relationship between Faina and best friend Sam Skiles blossom. Until Sam was killed along with the rest of the Ravagers, and Isaac bitterly regretted never giving himself a chance. The moment he had the chance he told her he loved her and let the cards fall where they may.

While there were some real struggles along the way, the persistence paid off and they have been dating ever since.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Isaac Thomas have?

Photography is his main hobby; he has a surprising love of the fine arts as well and likes to go to art exhibits and museums, provided he can pester someone to go with him as he's afraid he stands out too much as a thug going on his own.

Anything Extra:

Isaac lost his virginity at 15 to Jeannine, a girl in his, Sam, and Leo's 9th grade science class. He was so nervous and refused to talk to her that Sam and Leo plied him with alcohol until he had enough liquid courage to do it. It was great (despite it definitely being pity sex) up until he ended up throwing up on her. Bro code declares the incident has never been mentioned again, but it's a fact that only the three of them know and can be used as a form of proof between them if they are who they say they are.

all_inclusive Characterization
group Relationships
Family Overview

Isaac's blood family is as good as dead to him and he has never mentioned them to anyone that currently knows him, not even in passing.

The only people Isaac ever considered his real family were the members of the Ravagers street gang: Sam, Faina, Leo, Mitch, Sandra, Eddie, Lilly, and Lucas. Losing the majority of them - especially Sam and Lilly - tore his world apart and he is still recovering. After discovering members still alive - Faina in Bear River and Leo in Kiri - Isaac finally felt within a place to begin a sort of healing.

Although they weren't super close while Leo was still with the Ravagers, Isaac can now call him his closest friend - after, of course, the brutal fight that occurred when Isaac revealed his relationship with Lilly, who turned out to be Leo's mother.

His relationship with Faina Parker, who he was secretly in love with but never attempted to pursue or reveal out of respect for both her and Sam, finally blossomed after nearly 5 years as best friends. They have been dating for nearly 3 years and engaged after two, with a wedding set for late next year - provided Faina finishes whatever mission sent her to Snow Haven.

Lovers/Love Interests

Other Family:

Madison Le'Strange has effectively adopted him alongside his fiancee. Isaac came around to her as a mother figure much faster than Faina and has no problem calling her 'Mom' or referring to her as his mother. He generally leaves off the 'adopted' and 'mother-in-law' part completely.

Pets - What pets does Isaac Thomas have?

Skully, full name "Skull Crusher", the unaltered purebred Doberman Pinscher that belongs to Faina, is by extension Isaac's pet too. Although she was given to Faina while she and Isaac weren't really speaking, these days the story goes that Isaac got her the puppy, and not her ex, just to stop people from asking about it. He loves that dog as much as she does.

date_range History
Birthday - When is Isaac Thomas’s birthday?

February 11th. He turned 30 just 3 days before the events of the Valentine's Day shenanigans in Snow Haven.


No one knows where Isaac was born.

Current Residence

Kiri, Florida

Education - What is Isaac Thomas’s level of education?

Isaac dropped out of high school when he was 15 and has never gone back to school in any form.

History Overview

Isaac is a turned Wolf Shifter with an extensive criminal rap sheet and a lot of regret over his choices so far in life. His past is a mystery until he arrived in Sacramento, California at 13, beaten and homeless. He was placed in foster care where he ran away to live on the streets, and met his best friend Sam Skiles at 15. Together along with a third friend Leo, the pair created the Ravagers street gang and turned to a life of crime to support themselves. They were doing well and were 7 members strong by the time Faina Parker joined them, when Isaac was 21 and Faina was 16. He was in love with her from the moment he saw her, but Sam got there first.

Life was good until a drug deal with a pack-gang went wrong and landed the Ravagers on death row. Faina was able to escape thanks to Sam, but Isaac watched as the pack-gang murdered his friends and family and then turned to murder him. He was violently attacked, but they didn't kill him; instead, they turned him into a Wolf Shifter and left him for dead. It took two years before Isaac was recovered enough physically and mentally to reunite with Faina, and confess one of the biggest regrets in his life: that he had never told her he loved her. Faina rejected him at first, but just as things started to look up for him - joining the Trinity Mafia, having work and a family again, Faina asking him out on a date - they were given orders to evacuate, and the pair were forced to flee with Trinity to Kiri, Florida, to set up a new base of operations.

Things have gone great in Kiri and with Kerrigan and Isaac has remained there ever since... up until he finally learns what's happening in Snow Haven and flies up there to join Faina.

Detailed History

(I just dumped the original history in here it probably needs cleaned up a bit since canon's changed some)

CONTENT WARNING: Mentions of child abuse, graphic violence mentioned, suicidal ideation

»»— ☠ Pre Ravagers —««
Isaac was born Lawrence. As if anyone could have a great start to life with Lawrence as their first name. The only way it could have been worse was if he ended up with glasses and braces and suspenders as well, although by some grace of God he managed to avoid all that.

Isaac doesn't speak of his early days or of his birth family. He had a family, of course: a mom, a dad, and sisters, two of them, one older and one younger. But he doesn't acknowledge them, or his life before he turned 13: before he ran away from home and got snatched up by the foster care system, before he was dumped in a group home with 11 other kids and forced into a new school where he would eventually meet his best friend, and before his best friend would change the course of his life forever.

To anyone who asks, Isaac didn't pop into existence until he was 13, when a cop stood in front of him with his arms folded and asked him for his name, and he looked down at the religious pamphlets spread across the end table to his left at the homeless shelter and saw one with the story of the father who sacrificed his son, and the name 'Isaac' tumbled out of his mouth. No one ever bothered to check, he signed his name as 'Isaac Thomas' (another name he pulled from that stack of pamphlets) and that was that, Isaac was born. Just 13 years later than his actual birthday.

So here he was, a 13-year-old runaway who got caught, in ragged clothes and covered in bruises, and no family to return to because 'Isaac Thomas' had no family. So they picked him up and dumped him in a group home until the good old government could figure out what to do with him. And they made him go back to school, a place he hated, because he didn't need any of the bullshit they taught him about Shakespeare and algebra with variables, like he would ever need to know what the square root of 'x' was or how Hamlet struggled with his dad's death when he had to worry about what to eat and how to get it.

Isaac had always struggled in school, he had never been book smart, it was a miracle he managed to pass his classes enough to get into high school, so for 2 years he did everything in his power to be anywhere else but at school or at the group foster place they called 'home'. He spent all his time out on the streets, and there he thrived, running with groups of other rejects and dropouts. He never had much of anything but the clothes on his back and whatever he could fit in his pockets, and by the time he was 15 he had run away again and was living on the streets full time. Times were hard and life was incredibly rough; he'd be lucky if he ate once a week.

It was when he was 15 that he met Sam officially for the first time. Isaac would never admit it out loud, but the fact of the matter was Sam basically saved his life. He vaguely knew who he was from school; they went to the same school and were in the same grade, and while they had never spoken they had both been in the same 'troublemaker' classes and detention enough that he knew his face and his name. But they didn't start to hang out until after Sam's mom died, and Sam and his friend Leo started running the same streets Isaac now called home. They banded together, the three of them, a regular old group of reject kids, a bond forged out of equal parts friendship and necessity.

»»— ☠ Ravager Days —««
It was Sam's idea to start the gang, as a way to make money so they could eat; an idea that would cement Isaac's friendship with him as a permanent bond, and save his life. He was struggling on the streets by himself, starving, and if it wasn't for Sam's genius and Leo's connections he never would have made it. They needed Isaac for the muscle, and he was more than willing to give it. God knew he'd done enough fighting in his life. It was difficult to switch from a defensive street rat style of fight to being aggressive and taking what he wanted, but Isaac adjusted. And it turned out, the three of them - though more so Sam and Isaac - made an awesome team. Here they were, a bunch of 15 year old dropouts that life rejected, and slowly they clawed their way out of the gutter and started pulling in the dough.

It wasn't an easy road, and things didn't get serious until Sam's dad killed himself, leaving Leo and Isaac as the only family Sam had left. By that point Isaac had found himself a hideout in an old, abandoned warehouse on the other side of the city, some pity project a crazy homeowner had tried to convert into a house and gave up on, so it was a half house half garage monster that still looked like a warehouse from the outside. Half the construction was unfinished and the warehouse was falling apart, but the foundation was there, and it was a safe and dry place with a roof overhead.

It would serve as a good enough place as any for a hideout, so when Sam called him Isaac helped him take every valuable thing left in Sam's home and moved them in there. The warehouse became the base of operations for what would be the start of the Ravagers street gang.

Isaac and Sam started running jobs for other street gangs, to start, but gradually expanded into their own work; they made the best team, Sam was the charisma and the brains, and Isaac was the brawn and the voice of reason when Sam's ideas got too crazy. Leo was more into doing his own thing and making the connections, but the three of them made it work; they got more jobs, actually started to make money, fix up the home side of the warehouse. They had Sam's old van and eventually motorcycles they stole off a gig Leo set up for them. For the first time in a long time that Isaac could remember, he didn't have to worry about how much money he had or where the next meal would come from.

And one by one their group started to pull in more people, other street rats and rejects like them, other people who needed a home and a family, some older and some younger. Mitch came first, with his on-again-off-again girlfriend Sandra; Mitch was a mechanic, insofar as he was the only one among them who knew how to fix shit, and Sandra was an older lady working as a bartender who was able to get them cash and parts. Eddie came next, a kid who looked like an angel but could rob almost everyone and everything blind without anyone ever suspecting him, and then Lilly, who was the resident cutthroat badass who put Isaac's fighting skills to shame. With the way she acted one could suspect she had blood on her hands, but no one was ever brave enough to ask her. Lucas was last; he was a lot like Leo, but he dealt in a lot bigger game, and he grew up with a trucker, so he had connections all up and down the West coast.

After Lucas showed up, Leo didn't stick around. He was more Sam's friend than Isaac's, and he wanted to get into the dark side of the gang world with drug running and trafficking; that wasn't something any of them wanted to do, so Leo left. Isaac wasn't sad to see him go. They had a good thing going, they didn't need to shake things up. The seven of them together formed themselves into a street gang to be reckoned with, and Sam started calling them the Ravagers. The name stuck.

The Ravagers were the closest thing to a family Isaac had ever had, and Sam was his best friend, might as well have been the closest Isaac ever had to a brother. From 16 to 21 he thrived right alongside the others, their own makeshift family. Sure, they weren't rich, the Ravagers were nothing more than small fry in a big ocean, but still, they made it work. .

In other words, they grew up. Never got close to making it big, but big enough that they held their own small section of turf in the city, had their own gigs and their own contacts. They pretty much had the run of whatever they wanted in their area, and Isaac didn't really want for much. Not until the day of their Alaskan gun running job that would once again shift Isaac's life on a new course.

»»— ☠ Faina's Arrival —««
It was supposed to be the same route they'd run before; the gigs were too pricey to run often, even with a nice payout, so to cut costs on this trip it was just Isaac and Sam in the RV, even though they could've used a third as a lookout. Because as it turned out, they needed it. The cops were onto them, some undercover sting operation level shit to catch the Russians they were trading with, and they were steps away from being caught. It was the kind of close that made a guy break out in a cold sweat, and Isaac wasn't the type to lose his cool, but it was close.

And then a saving grace, some teenage girl on a bicycle caused a scene, and he and Sam were able to duck out of there and run back to the RV and lay low long enough to give the cops the slip. Under any other day Isaac would've downed a beer and let the close call fade from his memory, but this wasn't an ordinary day and it wasn't an ordinary trip.

There the girl was from earlier at the door to the RV; she'd somehow tailed them when the cops couldn't, shoving her foot in the door before Isaac could close it on her, demanding - without even knowing who they were - to take her with them wherever they were going.

It was fierce determination that got her through the door. She didn't back down, not against Sam or the two of them together, and wouldn't take no for an answer. Although Isaac saw the ferocity for what it really was: desperation. The same desperation that had sent Isaac off as a runaway not once, but twice. Isaac met Sam's gaze, and nodded to the look, and it was decided: Faina Parker was joining their trip home.

Isaac couldn't say if it was in those first moments that he fell in love with her or not, but by the time they had finally crossed back into Sacramento city limits he knew that she was everything he had ever wanted. There were only a few problems with that. One, Faina was only 16. Two, Isaac was absolutely hopeless when it came to women, a stuttering, stumbling mess. And three, by the time they made it home, he was as sure that Sam had the same feelings he did as he was sure of his own feelings, and if it came down between the two of them, Sam would always win, hands down. That's just how he was.

It was one of the few times since they first met that Isaac had ever felt bitter jealousy and resentment of Sam. But it also wasn't like he put up much of a fight; Isaac was terrible with women, after all, he didn't feel like he had a chance, and it became clear very quickly that he suited the role of a big brother and best friend more than he did a potential lover. And that was fine. That was good enough for him. In fact, in some ways it was better. He could love her quietly, from afar, and still have all the benefits that come with being a foster brother and a best friend. It afforded a close connection he wouldn't have gotten had he tried to win her from Sam. It was already evident to everyone that there were sparks there.

Still, Faina's presence subtly but fundamentally shifted the dynamic between Isaac and Sam that they'd been maintaining for the almost 6 years they'd known each other. Things got a little strained; Faina started replacing Isaac on jobs, which didn't help Isaac's jealousy and resentment as he was simultaneously losing the girl of his dreams and bits of his best friend at the same time.

He could only think the worst when there was a night the pair didn't come home from what should have been a simple in-and-out job. He flopped between believing the two of them had been killed or had run away together, either of which was equally believable. If it wasn't for Lilly stopping him he would have gone out to find them, a jumble of nerves and trigger happy fingers.

They came back over a day late, both injured, though Faina was much worse off than Sam; his were ultimately superficial, hers had been life threatening. They had been jumped on the way back, Faina immediately explained, by some masked punks looking to take the payout they just made and their lives. She had stupidly stepped left when she should have stepped right and was almost gutted. Sam didn't say anything. The explanation was accepted by the gang - the client on that job was known to have a lot of cutthroats hanging about - and Faina was out of commission for several weeks as she recovered.

It was Sam who pulled him aside later that night and told him the truth - Faina wouldn't come clean about the 'Sam Incident' (as she later called it) until much later. They had attacked each other. He didn't give much detail on how it started, or why, just that she came at him and he lost his cool and fought back. Ultimately he struck the blow that ended the fight. He had nearly gutted her, nearly killed her. Sam looked so guilty and so torn up about it that Isaac couldn't feel angry about it for very long.

It was then Isaac knew he had lost his chance with Faina. Sam loved her, that much was clear, even if he didn't know himself how deeply he did. Isaac had never seen him so serious about a girl before. And Faina clearly felt something for him back, or she wouldn't have bald-faced lied to them all about who attacked them. And Isaac knew if he tried to present himself as an option for Faina, not only he would hurt the growing relationship between Faina and Sam, but also Isaac's own friendship with Sam. Sam was his best friend... his brother. He couldn't bring himself to do that when Sam actually seemed serious about this girl.

So Isaac resolved to keep his love a secret... from them both. He stepped back into the role of third wheel and best friend to the both of them. As long as the two most important people in his world were happy, he was happy. Honestly, he had convinced himself that he preferred it this way. He had an intimate platonic connection to the both of them. He was the voice of reason when the two of them fought, a listening ear when Sam needed to vent or Faina needed help, got to bear witness to the ups and the downs and everything in between almost as if it was happening to him. And if that was the best Isaac got, so be it. He was fine with that.

Isaac dutifully stepped out of his position with Sam and made room for Faina. They were a trio now, a throwback to the old days when it was just Isaac, Sam, and Leo. And Faina fit in surprisingly well. The three of them shared ownership of the gang: Sam as leader, Isaac his right hand, Faina his left. And Isaac never gave up on loving Faina.

Were there others over the years that followed? Sure. Isaac found a surprising connection with Lilly, who he would run jobs with whenever the other two didn't need him. He had always had a small crush on her, but never anything serious, and Lilly made it clear that they were only friends and his only use was to share her bed, sometimes, when she felt like it. It was a weird arrangement, but hey, it wasn't like Isaac had a lot of options or could get it from other sources. So they had that going for them. But he was never in love with Lilly, nor she with him. Faina was the only one who had his heart.

Despite this, the years that followed were some of the happier ones for Isaac. The Ravagers continue to flourish, they made a name for themselves on those Sacramento streets. The warehouse hideout had become a comfortable home and garage, even though most of it was makeshift and things still broke all the time. It wasn't like they could get a contractor in to do any real work. But still, things were going good for everyone involved and could have stayed that way... if not for Sam.

»»— ☠ The Fall of the Ravagers —««
Isaac should have recognized that antsy look in his eyes from the start. It was the same look Leo got as the Ravagers were first setting their turf up: Greed. Sam wasn't as happy about their situation as everyone else was, and it gave Isaac an uneasy feeling just like it did with Leo. If it wasn't broke, don't fix it. Things didn't need to change. But Isaac brushed it off and then soon forgot about it as the look went away a few weeks later and Sam seemed back to his normal self.

But it didn't take long for Isaac to notice the changes. He didn't think anything of it when Sam started taking more personal jobs, and then him and Lilly started to run together... but once Eddie and Lucas started to follow them, Isaac got suspicious. He tried to ask but he was shrugged off as it just being a heavier workload than normal, and he had to keep his questions on the down low because it didn't seem like Faina had noticed yet; Sam had cleverly set her up with several labor-intensive blackmail jobs she was focused on. Eventually Mitch and Sandra were even brought in and it was only Isaac and Faina who were not involved in whatever scheme Sam had cooked up this time.

Isaac was suspicious and, at this point, justifiably pissed off. Sam sometimes kept things to himself - he had every right to, and Isaac had of course done the same - but whatever he had going on now had the Ravagers raking in the cash, but in secret. Isaac was no good with the numbers and the figures like Faina was, but peeking at the finance records Isaac could tell barely a quarter of what he saw was logged down. So not only was Sam doing something he didn't want anyone to know about, the others were getting their cuts directly, and Faina was - at least at the moment - none the wiser.

The same couldn't be said for Isaac, who had less to fill his time now that the others were all occupied. Being discreet got him nowhere; even Eddie, who would snitch on Jesus, refused to tell him what was going on. So Isaac had to go bold and confront Sam. And it wasn't a moment too soon, because Faina had started to notice the strange comings and going and things not adding up and he did not want to be on the other end of that interrogation machine.

Isaac confronted Sam one night while all the others were out. Asked him what the hell he thought he was doing, where were all the others going, where did all this shit come from? And Sam finally sat him down and told him: drug trafficking. All the hard stuff they swore years ago they wouldn't get into. Isaac couldn't believe it. Of all the greedy power hungry things he thought Sam might be into, drug running was not one of them. Sam had obviously expected him to be pissed, because he told him that everything was fine, Sam had a plan, and this next gig would be the last one: he had made a deal with a pack of supernatural creatures for a practical mountain of drugs and once the deal went off, that was it, they would be set and things would be fine.

If Sam expected Isaac to be shocked about the existence of the supernatural world, he wasn't. And if Sam wanted to ask him why he wasn't shocked, he never got the chance. Isaac was more agitated about the news than comforted, and laid into his best friend about this shitty, stupid ass idea. That this was a terrible idea, that neither him nor Faina would have let Sam go through with this if he had told them, they were all at risk and in danger from this, and what exactly was Isaac supposed to tell Faina? She was in the dark and she was in as much danger as everyone else.

This pissed Sam off in turn; it was the first time they had fought in awhile, and Sam really laid into him. Told him he had everything under control, the deal had already been struck and was about to go down, and he needed to leave Faina out of this. The plan had gone off this long without a hitch and Faina didn't need to know until it was over. Isaac had deep misgivings, but Sam talked him into laying off of it, just like he always did - and Sam made Isaac swear not to tell Faina. Almost begged him, even. And of course Isaac promised. How could he not?

But Isaac wasn't happy about it. He was still irritated that it had happened, was still happening, was going to happen. Faina was all over him any chance she got, asking him what was going on because Sam refused to talk to her, and he had to basically blow her off as well to keep his promise. And he was angry Sam was doing this but wouldn't explain why.

It was during one of his Faina-ducking episodes that he ran into Mitch and Sandra arguing. They were having a 'moment': a code word among the gang that meant that one of them - Sandra this time - was threatening to break off the relationship forever. Mitch and Sandra were very on-again-off-again and this typically happened a couple times a year. They'd break up, go crazy for a little while, and end up back in a relationship after a few months. It had happened so many times no one really took it seriously anymore... but it was the only time that Mitch couldn't be relied on during a job, because he tended to want to 'cheat the system' and make more money than everyone else, usually by skimming product, to try and win Sandra back. Typically they both got pulled off whatever jobs they were on and put on harmless tasks until it blew over.

This time should have been no different... Isaac should have told someone as soon as he saw it. But he was annoyed with Faina, irritated at Sam, and over this whole stupid drug running bullshit... so he didn't say anything. Kept his mouth shut. And might have possibly gotten everyone else killed.

The day of the job came and Isaac stubbornly decided to stay home. He barely spoke to Faina and actively avoided her, just wanting this job to be done and over with. How different he would have done things if he had known... they all arrived back from the job on cloud nine, Sam was around just long enough to kiss Faina and tell her he'd be back, so the bastard still didn't tell her what was going on... Isaac stayed out of the celebration and away from Faina, she went up to bed in a huff, and eventually everyone passed out around 2 in the morning... only to get woken up an hour later by a frantic Sam demanding to know what the hell happened to the shipment.

That night, everything fell apart. Mitch had ended up being put in charge of counting the bags of cocaine they were delivering, he skimmed twenty bags off the top, and now the pack-gang was out for blood. No one had enough money left over to replace that much, and now they were all fucked. Their only chance was if the pack-gang was merciful and gave them a time extension to get the money. All Isaac could do was look at Sam and ask him about Faina. Sam said he would handle it, he had a trick in mind, and went upstairs to get her. Not long after she was out the door. Isaac didn't even get a chance to say goodbye.

He could have run too. He could have gone with Faina, slipped out and left the others behind. He wasn't involved with this deal and doubted the pack-gang would know who he was. But he couldn't abandon his family, or Sam. He squared his jaw and waited with the others as the clock ticked down.

»»— ☠ The Turning —««
The nightmare that was his final night as a human began. The pack-gang didn't give a fuck about their money problems. They shot Mitch dead on the spot and dragged a screaming Sandra from his corpse. Sam and Isaac were shoved into one vehicle and Eddie, Lilly, Lucas, and Sandra into another. Sam wouldn't speak. So Isaac spoke for him. Demanded to know why the hell he ever thought this was a good idea, look what he'd done. Venom spewed from his mouth as he demanded answers and Sam wouldn't respond. He spoke so much he can't even remember all that he said, and eventually their escort just knocked him out to shut him up.

When he came to, he was on the floor in a room soaked with blood. Sandra and Lucas were both on the floor a few feet away on his right, dead, their chests torn open. Lilly was a few feet over from them, but it looked like she had struggled, because her limbs had been torn off. He heard a sharp, shrill scream cut short from somewhere behind him, the slump of a body hitting the floor. He tilted his head back and met Eddie's lifeless gaze... and the forms of three giant wolves standing next to him. Two veered off to his left and when he looked, he saw them head for another person on the ground: Sam. Before he had a chance to even call out a warning the lone wolf that had stayed behind sank its jaw around his shoulder. He screamed and fought against the wolf, but it was no use; the last thing he remembered before his vision cut out were the other two wolves tearing into his best friend, tearing him into pieces, and one successfully tearing his head off.

Isaac didn't die. To this day, he doesn't know how, or why he was spared when everyone else was killed, but he didn't die. He woke up with a searing pain on his arm, chest, and shoulder from the bite and a high-grade fever, but he was alive, outside some abandoned building in the pouring rain in an area of Sacramento he later recognized as miles from the hideout. He crawled his way inside, but the next week was a blur, filled with nightmares and fever-induced hallucinations as his body slowly and painfully healed from the attack of the pack-gang.

Almost by sheer force of will Isaac survived his turning and his first shift, alone in that abandoned building. He became one of them and even though the curse nearly broke him, he survived. The lone survivor of the Ravagers... as he had no idea whether Faina had survived the slaughter, though he doubted it since no one else did. It was six months of scrounging for scraps of food and trying to get control over the beast he now shared a body with before Isaac was able to leave that abandoned building for good and try and make it to the outskirts of town to one of their safe-houses.

When he arrived the safe-house had been ransacked. His newfound sense of smell told him that it wasn't the pack-gang that did it... but Faina. She had survived. Her scent was stale (not that he had any experience with scent trails at that point) so he couldn't say how long ago it was, but it was after the Ravagers had all been killed, because her scent was more fresh than the rest of theirs. Relief and anguish washed over him in equal measures as he grieved his losses, and after a little while made his way out of the safe-house to wander the roads as he tried to decide what to do next. He had no idea where Faina was now or how to follow her... and he was starving and the beast in his head threatened to burst free at any moment.

It was at that time he was spotted by a nomad pride of werebeasts, shifters, and selkies sweeping past Sacramento; they stopped, took one look at his sorry self, and took him in. The leader told him gruffly he was liable to get shot out there by himself, or thrown in jail as a vagrant and then shot when he lost control of the beast and turned in the jail cell. And Isaac went with them because he had nowhere else to go. He traveled with them in this nomad pride, trying to recover from the whole ordeal.

It took a year of their constant presence and assistance - and a lot of travel - before Isaac started to feel like himself again. He decided it was time to leave the pride and find a quiet place to gather himself and start rebuilding his life, starting with Faina. Someone in the pride recommended Bear River, Montana, and so that's where Isaac went... not knowing what would happen when he got there.

ac_unit Magic Info
Species Type

Isaac is a turned Wolf Shifter, violently turned by a pack-gang when a deal with his own street gang went bad. He was spared from being killed by his best friend Sam Skiles, but instead the pack-gang savaged him and left him to experience his turning and his first shift completely on his own. He was able to survive the attack but is badly scarred physically and mentally from the experience.

Awareness Overview

Isaac has been aware of the supernatural underground for a long time, although this fact wasn't revealed until Isaac confronted Sam about the shady stuff and he revealed out Reid's gang was supernatural.

Isaac has never spoken about how he knew, although it's presumed he knew because a few of the Ravagers weren't Human and found out through them somehow - they would be incorrect, but he hasn't ever tried to correct any of the assumptions.


While he has figured out a balance with his wolf and tries to stay 'zen', Isaac struggles with aggression and anger, especially while in his beast form. He can easily be provoked into rage and/or violence far more easily in his beast form than he would while a human.


Standard, I think


Isaac's wolf form is a larger-than-average Timber Wolf, with normal markings and color patterns for a timber wolf in browns, greys, blacks, and tans, but standing 42 inches from floor to shoulder.

Magical Items/Artifacts

His totem is a Wolf Head Bracelet made of stainless steel and black braided leather.

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