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Creating Creatures on

Your personal bestiary includes the wildlife, critters, merfolk, and other interesting beings of your world.

Creating creatures on is easy.

To get started, just click Creatures under the "Worldbuilding" header in the site sidebar. You'll be able to see or edit all of your existing creature pages and create new ones at any time.

searchable Search your creatures

If you've got a lot of creatures, you can quickly get around to the right one with's full-text search. It searches your entire notebook for anything you wrote about that creature.

You can also filter your creatures by tag, whether you've favorited that page, and which universe it's in.

lock Private by default

Your ideas are valuable. Every creature you create in is owned by you, completely private by default, and only accessible to you.

But of course, you also have full control over that privacy and can share any creature page you want, however you want, whenever you want.

star Premium page

Creature notebook pages require an active Premium subscription to create, but users on free plans can view and edit their existing creature pages at any time. is your personal worldbuilding notebook; any page you create is yours forever and you'll never lose access to any part of it for any reason — even if you downgrade to a free account in the future.

Get a head start with a rich creature template

Templates on are what help our unique worldbuilding system better understand your world.

You can fill out as little or as much as you'd like on every new creature. You'll see progress indicators every time you edit it to show where you can make progress on, and our system will intelligently generate questions for you around the site that will automatically save your answers to the proper place on your creature page.

Templates are also fully customizable across every creature in your notebook.

You can browse the default template for creatures here; click any category to see its questions.

  • info Overview


    Write as little or as much as you want!


    How would you describe a this creature?

    Type of creature

    What type of animal is this creature?


    This field allows you to link your other pages to this creature.


    This field lets you add clickable tags to your creatures.

  • pets Looks


    What colors does a this creature come in?


    How would you describe the shape of a this creature?


    How big (or small) is the usual this creature?


    How tall is the usual this creature?


    How much does the usual this creature weigh?

    Notable features

    What physical features are most notable for this creature?

    Vestigial features

    What vestigial features does this creature have?


    What materials (feathers, scales, etc) is this creature made of?

  • fingerprint Traits


    How aggressive is the average this creature?

    Method of attack

    What methods does a this creature use to attack?

    Methods of defense

    How does a this creature defend itself from attackers?

    Maximum speed

    How fast can a this creature move?


    What are the notable strengths of this creature?


    What are the notable weaknesses of this creature?


    What sounds does this creature make?


    When hunted, what spoils does a this creature leave behind?


    Write as little or as much as you want!

    Strongest sense

    What is this creature's strongest sense?

    Weakest sense

    What is this creature's weakest sense?

  • location_on Habitat

    Preferred habitat

    What kind of habitat is best for this creature?


    This field allows you to link your other pages to this creature.

    Food sources

    Where does this creature find its food?

    Migratory patterns

    Does this creature have any migratory patterns?

    Herding patterns

    What herd patterns does this creature have?


    What does this creature compete with for food or other resources in its habitat?


    What are the major predators of this creature?


    What does this creature prey on in its habitat?

  • call_split Comparisons

    Similar creatures

    What other creatures is this creature most like?


    What symbolisms does this creature hold in your world?

    Related creatures

    This field allows you to link your other pages to this creature.

  • timeline Evolution


    What preceded this creature? How has this creature evolved over time?

    Evolutionary drive

    What drove this creature to evolve over time?


    What evolutionary tradeoffs has this creature made throughout history?


    How might this creature further evolve in the future?

  • scatter_plot Reproduction

    Reproduction age

    At what age can this creature start to reproduce?


    Besides age, what other requirements are necessary before this creature can reproduce?

    Mating ritual

    What is this creature's mating ritual?


    How does this creature reproduce?

    Reproduction frequency

    How frequently does this creature reproduce?

    Parental instincts

    What parental instincts does this creature have?

    Offspring care

    How does this creature take care of its offspring?

    Mortality rate

    What percent of this creature offspring make it to adulthood?

  • bubble_chart Classification


    Write as little or as much as you want!


    Write as little or as much as you want!


    Write as little or as much as you want!


    Write as little or as much as you want!


    Write as little or as much as you want!


    Write as little or as much as you want!


    What variations of this creature are there across the world?

  • photo_library Gallery

    This category lets you upload images to this creature's notebook page.

    It's great if you have sketches or artwork for your creature, but also works well for collecting visual inspiration, too!

  • edit Notes


    Write as little or as much as you want!

    Private notes

    Write as little or as much as you want!
    Private notes are always visible to only you, even if content is made public and shared.

photo_library Upload images to your creature

Creatures and other worldbuilding pages all come with a dedicated area to upload and showcase your own uploaded images.

All users start out with 50MB of image storage space available for their notebook (usually around 250-500 images), but Premium users receive an extra 10GB (10,000MB) of storage space for plenty of wiggle room when decking your creature out with all kinds of images.

The images you upload replace any default images the site uses, which makes your notebook truly feel yours when you see all of your fancy creatures!

vpn_lock Focus on creatures from a single universe

Building entire fictional worlds is hard, and it gets even harder when you've got ideas spanning multiple universes or worlds.

Focusing on a single universe at a time is a good example of how tries to stay out of your way as a worldbuilding tool, while also presenting your ideas front-and-center for you to work on without distractions.

After you've created a couple universes, you can select any one at any time to filter your entire notebook to just creatures and other pages that exist within that universe, letting you focus on just what's important right then.

group_add Invite others to collaborate lets you add an unlimited number of collaborators to your universes. Each one has full access to work alongside you on your creatures and other pages within that universe.

If you have a Premium subscription active, your collaborators can also share all of your Premium perks while working in your universe, too!

brightness_4 Work in light or dark mode

Protect your eyes at night by choosing between light and dark themes at the click of a button, available across the entire website.

An example of a writing prompt generated for user's fictional race

pets Build your creature piece by piece with personalized writing prompts

Once you've started creating a creature or two, you'll start noticing our worldbuilding tool asking you personalized questions about those creatures around the site.

Whenever you write an answer to any of these prompts, they'll automatically be saved to the relevant field on your creature notebook page and you won't be asked the same question again.

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description Smoothly transition from worldbuilding to storytelling

Every account on comes with unlimited document storage for you to bring your fictional worlds to life.

There are a variety of writing tools for you to use, building on top of the foundation you lay from a world of creatures and other notebook pages. Each one offers new ways to enrich your world and write better stories within them.

Some ways you can use the writing tools in with your worlds are listed here:

  • timeline Start working on a timeline and add your creatures to the individual scenes that are relevant to them.
  • description Create unlimited documents and link your creatures to them.
  • description Quickly pull up and reference any aspect of your linked creatures from the editor without ever leaving your document.
  • layers Group your notebook pages together in new ways by adding them to Collections.
  • ballot Share your creatures to your followers or the world to get comments and feedback.
  • pets See in a single place all the timelines, documents, and collections your creature is linked to.