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Name - What is Wolf Head Bracelet’s full name?

Wolf Head Bracelet

Item Type - What type of item is Wolf Head Bracelet?

Shifter Totem

Description - Describe Wolf Head Bracelet.

The totem for Isaac Thomas, the Shifter's ability to shift between his human and beast forms.

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General Appearance

The totem is a thick bracelet, encircling his wrist with a snug fit like one would a watch. On one end of the bracelet sits a snarling wolf head, the underside of which holds the clasp for the bracelet loop. The other end is said loop, with a brushed metal end that the loop is secured through and used for adjusting the bracelet's size.

The entire thing, bracelet strap included, is considered part of the totem.

Materials - What is Wolf Head Bracelet made out of?

Thick, black, braided leather for the bracelet itself, and then polished stainless steel for the wolf head. Silver brushed metal for the metal end.

Weight - How much does Wolf Head Bracelet weigh?

It's got a bit of weight to hold, but not heavy enough to mean anything significant. About the same weight as a normal men's watch.

Past Appearances

The totem has not changed as long as it's been in Isaac's possession

date_range History
Year it was made - When was Wolf Head Bracelet made?

Isaac's turning


Although Isaac remembers very little of his actual turning thanks to being mauled by Reid's goons, the bracelet actually belonged to Reid's pack-gang, originally. They turned him in a totem ritual and when he shifted back, the bracelet had become his totem rather than that of the original owner, and the original owner had a new totem. Rare, but not unheard of to happen. Isaac isn't aware of this.

flash_on Abilities
Magical effects - What kind of magic does Wolf Head Bracelet possess?

Wearing the totem allows Isaac to shift between his Human form and his Beast form.

Magic Spells

He has no other magic on the totem itself and is under no sort of Totem Possession.

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