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Drucilla Morgan

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Drucilla Morgan

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Godfather of the Kerrigan Crime Family




The Executioner


Megan Fox

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Raven black

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Long hair, wavy

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Drucilla has a few tattoos here and there, only one of which commemorates her lost love, Nicole Wolfe. That is the largest piece on her body, located across her shoulders. The rest are seemingly random. She has a few matching tattoos with other members of Kerrigan, including Anette and Madison.

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Unlike other crime bosses, Dru doesn't purposefully flaunt her riches with designer clothes or jewelry. Her style is that of alternative elegance that is both practical and stylish. And comfortable. She wears dresses and pants but never skirts - unless she's lost a bet.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Drucilla Morgan have?

Her unusual red eyes and elongated fangs.

Anything Extra

A simple look upon the vampiress known as the Executioner would not warrant the thought of her being the Godfather of Kerrigan. Drucilla is a buxomly built woman with fair skin and a fox-like face, complete with high cheekbones and almond shaped eyes. However, it's not her looks that catches one's attention - it's her eyes, a shade of crimson that seems to drink you in and swallow you whole. Their colour seems to pierce through shadow and emit an eerie, almost bloodied glow. Her fangs are also slightly larger than other vampire's, though the reason for this is unknown.

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Personality Overview

Drucilla was once a pleasant girl who was kind and polite to all. She loved deeply and crushed easily, but was also easily manipulated because of her trusting, loving nature. It wasn't until she became a worker for Vindictus that she quickly learned she had to steel herself... Until she became a prisoner/slave and was forced to undergo a complete metamorphosis in order to survive.

She is always... An interesting individual to talk to, with a crooked smile and looks to boot, but underneath that pleasant façade is the cold, cruel heart of a young woman who cares only about herself thanks to the corruption forced upon her. She is incredibly selfish and will only ever do something if she can find some way that it helps her. There is no seeing through this façade. She can fool anyone into thinking that she is anything, almost like a master of disguises. Her cunning knows no limits and her morals are incredibly compromised. Anyone and everyone she has ever met has been fooled by her manipulative ways and no one knows who she truly is.

Her anger seems to be nonexistent, or whatever suits her at the time. She is never the same to every person, seeing as every person is manipulated in different ways, but if you get her truly angry, you will never know until it is too late. She is patient and will exact her revenge at precisely the moment it will hurt the person who angered her the most. She uses her hypnotism ability to figure out what each person is like and what will work the best with them. During her time as a prisoner in Ma'luum, she learned that she cannot trust anyone around her, and as such, takes the time to know each person she works with and learn what makes them tick... Just in case. Are they ever truly her friends? To her, no, but they will never know that until she decides they are useless and throws them to the curb.


Necromancy, alchemy, blood, guns


Other vampires (usually) and mages. Dru has an extreme hatred of Mages that, in most cases, will make her target them - on sight if applicable. She loathes Akasha and Luvia.

She doesn't like nor believe in friendship, only acquaintances.

Drucilla can also no longer tolerate classical or jazz music - they make her angry and aggressive.


Dru excels in gunslinging and has excessive knowledge of the dark arts. Her sense of humor is also usually thought of as a strength, all things considered.


She has always been a creature of impulse rather than reason. Drucilla, more often than not, will react based on how she feels at the moment rather than thinking it out. This extends to fights.

Motivations - What motivates Drucilla Morgan most?

To kill mages and fuck bitches.


Bisexual, with a heavy preference of women

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Detailed History

Drucilla was sired by a vampire lord who owned a Club for vampires in Germany at the age of 19. She was under her sire's wing for nearly a decade, acting as a hostess for the Club. The Club, Delirium was run by two Vampire Lords that owned half of the city and another vampire club called The Crimson Mist in Moscow, and offered a service to the outsiders that introduced willing non-vampires to act as living blood donors. In exchange for blood, the willing participant would be paid 25 gold (which is a lot) per session and would be promised a pleasureful experience. Each participant had to meet a weight requirement of 110lbs or more. While Drucilla was still a fledgling, she was being taught by her sire to control her bloodlust.
The problem was that Drucilla, having been from a poor family that had never had a surplus of food and thus often spent most of their lives hungry, could not control her thirst on her own. Having a surplus of food was a blessing to her and caused her bloodlust to go into overdrive when feeding. Her thirst became so great that she unintentionally drained one of her victims dry. After that, her sire fired her from the Club. One of the club regulars introduced her to another vampire club that was underground. Vindictus was owned by a wanted criminal in Cochem that conducted illegal trafficking of blood whores through his club.

(Blood Whores are individuals who grow addicted to vampires, a step further than a thrall; they are not willing participants, but are controlled by their addiction, which makes the practice almost the same as rape. In addition, normal Shiki are meant to survive on one or two pints of blood. Shiki who over-eat extend their bloodlust, and as a result, alter the amount of blood it takes to keep them functioning. The more the vamp takes, the bigger their thirst becomes. It is normally these Shiki's that go rogue and drain everything to a husk in order to fill themselves. The amount of upkeep for such beasts is overwhelming and cannot be afforded... Which further restricts the laws between the Shiki and their donors, and thus, why Blood Whores are generally illegal within the vampire community.) For a few years, Drucilla led blood whore conduction in Saxony, where she met Nicole Wolfe.

Nicole was... An interesting human that instantly clicked with Dru. Drucilla introduced her to the world of the supernaturals, and obtained her permission to drink from her, but unfortunately Nicole (Nikki) became addicted. The pair were fast lovers, hellbent on staying together. And for a couple of years, that seemed to be a dream come true, until Dru entered Berlin.

A group of hunters followed her back to the club and reported them to the town guard, who infiltrated Vindictus and arrested all of its inhabitants for being involved in ''slave trafficking''. During transportation to the prison, the guards were intercepted by Nobles who paid them handsomely to browse their prisoners and select a few to be imported into the slave trade in another region of Germany. Drucilla was one of the selected individuals. Unfortunately, she was auctioned off to one of the highest bidders of the night, who turned out to be a member of the Cult of Bane. Despite several attempts to escape, to go home to her human, she was powerless to control her fate.

He transported her and several others to the supernatural concentration camp, Ma'luum, where they underwent abuse and torment. She made a few friends, one of which was an Elf named Lolita, at the start of her incarceration. During her time in Ma'luum, several of her friends died and she herself was placed on death row several times. What little remained of the friends she had, a werebeast, another vampire, and an Mage, all betrayed her in exchange for their lives when the sections Commander was ordered to take one of the prisoners to Ma'luum II to be quarantined in Sector 3 - inside of the "starvation cells".

In a fight for her life, Drucilla broke free of her bonds and tried to escape. When the commander raised his bane pistol, she grabbed the werewolf she had once called a 'friend' and used him as a shield. The commander fired a total of ten shots. In his death throes, he bit her, hoping that her blood would regenerate him - but gave the opposite affect. One of the officers pushed the two apart and was about to take her to Sector 3 when the commander stopped her. "Don't bother with that one," he said. "She'll soon suffer the same fate. Let her die slowly." The commander selected the Mage instead for transport, while the officer decided to use Drucilla for the last moments of her life to fulfill his own desires. However, she didn't die... Instead, she survived and used her body's violator as a recovery meal.

She attempted escape soon after, but was soon outnumbered by officers and commanders and captured. Drucilla was taken to Wolfsbane, the leader himself, where he would decide her fate. During that time, he saw the hatred burning in her eyes and asked her if she wanted revenge - if she wanted to purge the world of that which she hated. When she answered, Bane promoted her to Officer and handed her weapons. He also placed a collar around her neck. "You will serve a trial period of one week. Try any funny business and this collar will kill you. Understand?"
"I understand."

With that, she left Wolfsbane's office as Officer Drucilla, wearing the Nacista uniform and a badge for the Cult of Bane. A few hours after her promotion, Drucilla tracked down the corpses of friends that had died and through the use of black mana, forged them into a creature named Salmagundy. The creature proved to be a formidable ally for Drucilla, but it was a peaceful abomination until shot up with steroids - which was how she kept it 'productive' within the camps.

To her dismay, centuries years later, Nicole Wolfe and her Shiki mistress, Sophia, came to Ma'luum. The group that Nicole was in consisted of Anahita and Cathetal Tithiros, Freya Kirishiki, Firia and Firis Cefalu, Xio Zidan, Allu, and Cibella Harvenhight. Unfortunately, they were placed into Officer Akasha's camp. All Drucilla knew was that her human, now a Shifter, had found her somehow. She had to get her Nikki out of there.

One morning, Drucilla put on a man's disguise and entered the brothel where Nikki was forced to work that day. Much to the other men's disappointment, Drucilla stole her away and used the privacy to reunite with her lost love, who she thought would have died long ago. Oh how she'd missed her Nikki... The Shifter told her that ever since Dru had gone missing, she had searched high and low for her vampire. To compensate her addiction, she met with many a Shiki, and while many of them tried to keep or turn her, she always got away - because she had to keep looking for her Dru. Drucilla wrapped her up in tears, and didn't let her go - told her Nikki that while she was so very happy to have her back, that she wished her human had moved on and settled down, had a good life, and passed on because Ma'luum was not a place for happy endings, that she could die in here and that Dru would never forgive herself if her beloved passed in a place like this.

She promised Nikki that they would escape this place, go to Moscow to unite with Kerrigan, and they'd get the fuck out of Europe. However, Nikki did not want to leave her friends behind, and Dru could not guarantee their safety. So Drucilla tried to steal her away. But Officer Akasha wasn't having it; she almost discovered them several times, curious about whatever relationship they had. Dru wasn't taking chances; she knew enough about the young Elf to know that Akasha would blackmail her. So the vampiress waited.

Unfortunately, Nikki's group faced several hardships - becoming twisted and warped by Akasha - and she could do nothing to help her beloved aside watch and wait for their chance to escape. Freya was the first to fall to the elf's games; she was pregnant and wanted to be with her husband... Akasha promised to unite them, if Freya became a kapo. Desperate, Freya agreed, but her required quota of death led to a miscarriage of her child, and she wasn't the safe afterward. She was dead inside, until she was briefly reunited with her beloved. Drucilla, having no idea that Nikki was friends with them, shot the husband first and closed in on Freya, who had screamed and tried to revive her darling because it couldn't end like this. The Executioner smiled as she blew Freya's brains out. Her execution of her hated soothsayers was short lived, however, when she heard Nikki's wail of despair and realized that she'd made a terrible mistake.

Nikki's love for Freya made Drucilla second guess her hatred of soothsayers, and while she profusely apologized, Nikki didn't forgive her until Drucilla mentioned that it was better this way - that they were free from Ma'luum. Even still, Freya's death was a devastating blow to the group.

New members of the group started to die as Akasha grew more... Violent, and crazy. Of course, the wretched elf figured out the truth of their relationship upon Freya's murder. Akasha's cruelty expanded from her prisoners to Officer Drucilla, who was deeply disturbed by Akasha's advances. Akasha and her partner Luvia captured Dru and kept her as a pleasure pet, with Nikki forced to be the "family cat", and Sophia to just be in on the "fun". Drucilla hated it. All of it. Her personal vendetta with Akasha and her reine blossomed and grew even after the Wolfsbane forcibly freed her from Akasha's lair.

Unfortunately, the end of Ma'luum was upon them some time after. Things within Ma'luum started to escalate; Akasha was no longer content with being an officer, she wanted to rule the camp, and her battle with the Wolfsbane encased the entire complex. Her beloved Nikki was swept up and claimed by the carnage, unleashing the full brunt of Drucilla Morgan's rage. Her slaughter extended specifically to Cult staff, slowly making her way to Akasha and Wolfsbane - and she very well nearly succeeded in killing them both. By the end of it, Wolfsbane had her thrown out with her cohort, Commander Thanatos.

The pair tried to live normal lives for a little while, until it became clear that Dru was too far gone to ever be truly accustomed to normal life again, and was far too wild and thirsty to be in the open. Her Nikki was gone - it was all her fault - and she would tear the whole world down with her grief. Fortunately or unfortunately, he was unable to put her down and thus, she dismissed him as she treated all other friends who betrayed her: With the barrel of a gun and the words "Gute Nacht". For a limited time, she dismissed herself from Kerrigan.

She took to traveling Germany, forced to curb her thirst some, but managed to catch the attention of a Mafia organization, as she had been slowly, secretly, been festering the Kerrigan Crime Family in the womb of Moscow. They attempted to assassinate her until it was clear that she would be better suited among them. And so the deal was struck: Drucilla once again took up the life of a criminal.

Unfortunately, the life of a lone sellsword began to loose it's luster, but she was no better suited to be a member in a crime family - her silver tongue and constant challenge of authority grew too much for her colleagues. If it was one thing Ma'luum had taught her in the end, it was that she would never allow herself to be controlled by other people again. She had assumed the life of a loner would be perfect, but as she came to realize... She wouldn't be satisfied without a position of power. So she challenged the Godfather and won, then merged that family with Kerrigan...

This new realization led Drucilla to move into Florida, where the roots of Kerrigan were promised to be planted. She would keep her promise to Nikki, and give a home to the lowlives of the city. The Kerrigan crime family has grown ten fold since it's conception, having over a hundred bases throughout FL and GA, and is the largest crime family in the south. For this reason, it's also one of the most targeted... And it's God Father, Drucilla Morgan, wouldn't have it any other way.

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