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Madison Le'Strange

Full Name

Madison "Cerberus" Le'Strange

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Godfather of the Trinity Mafia






Kat Von D

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Chocolate brown

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Raven black

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Long hair, straight



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Madison is heavily tattooed and has sleeves on all four limbs, as well as her neck, above her right eye, her back and some portions of her torso.

Skin Tone

Pale white


The dark haired, brown eyed Madison usually wears leather, but will wear anything that she finds visibly appealing on her person that's also comfortable. However, her specific tastes often require the skills of a talented fashion designer, giving her ties to contacts in Milan and large fashion companies around the world.

Anything Extra

Like most vampires, Madison is indeed pale, but not as pale as others of her kind. Whenever she leaves the house, she's wearing some kind of makeup - usually eyeliner and lipstick, but sometimes eye shadow and earrings are included. She’s a big advocate for quality makeup, and has a makeup team in Kiri, FL that produces a custom line that’s sold all over the world.

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Personality Overview

Madison possesses an aura that demands respect and commands authority. Her cool, aloof demeanor can be intimidating for others, as can her manner of speech, but fear not - most of the time, the vampiress is just indifferent. She can be friendly after warming up to someone. It just takes time. She is difficult to impress and even harder to get close to.

Her features are stoic 80% of the time, especially towards people that she doesn't know. She is an individual that will know if she'll like someone within the first five minutes of meeting them. If she isn't impressed or doesn't like what she sees and senses, she is swift to dismiss someone. When she does, however, she strives to be a reliable person that her friends can turn to if needed.
To those she holds dear, she tends to take on a motherly role, without being too smothering. This is probably because she still misses her daughter, even after all these years. To those she despises, she makes it a known fact that they're not allies.

However, Madison doesn't believe in burning bridges unless absolutely necessary, so even if she doesn't like someone, she won't always be a stranger if they're useful.

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She's a gifted and successful artist - both in paintings and as a tattoo artist.

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Playing piano, singing, drawing, collecting all kinds of weapons, fencing, sword battles, motorcycle riding, detailing and so on


Madison is a lesbian and always has been. She'd known from an early age that she preferred women, but was born during a time when such things were punishable by death in Europe. Thus, all of her early relationships were kept secret, except to close friends and family.

Even today, she remains an extremely private person - especially with her love life.

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Not religious

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Madison prefers the blood of female humans and mages, exclusively.

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Her wedding ring.

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Guns, swords and bows

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Boss of the Trinity Mafia

date_range History
Detailed History

I remember the first time I killed a man. It isn't something that you forget, not your first time. It burned itself into my mind and it never let go. At the time, I'd just lost my fiancé, my girlfriend of five years... She was murdered by some cock-sucking asshole on the way to our wedding. No one helped us. I didn't know why she'd been targeted or by who. I was just angry at the world, and I wanted revenge. Who wouldn't, right? So I went into the dirty business of being a killer for some answers.

At least, that's what I thought I wanted to do. I took my first contract out to this swamp and we had to walk through mud to get far away from the road so that I felt comfortable. He spoke to me the whole time we walked. People always say the same things when they think they're about to die. "Don't do this" or "I have family" or "I have money" or "You can just walk away and I'll never say anything." That's my favorite one.

I've heard about the ones who walk away. Their supposed hits get away, give their physical description to the guard, and the guard go after them. Then what had been the target moves away to another Kingdom or country where he gets arrested for the murder of a young girl. Me? I'd never let them go. I don't take chances, and you can't afford to have a heart with a job like this. But enough of that, I was talking about my first. I forget his name. I remember down to the last detail what he was wearing and the pained expression on his face, but I can't remember his name.

He was telling me how much money he had and how much of it he could give me. He told me of his four children, which he'd had with two different women. Urg. He pulled out drawn portraits of the children and showed them to me. I just asked, "And how many others are there?" He knew what I meant and put the photos away. This guy was a war criminal from the recent war between neighboring kingdoms, and served as one of the King's commanders. He was in charge of a rape house where up to eighty women a day, including girls as young as four, were gang raped by soldiers. Many were impregnated. Those were allowed to live. This man was personally responsible for perhaps over one thousand rapes and was known to prefer that mothers and daughters be raped together. And I jumped at the chance to take the contract when it was handed to me.

"It was war," he told me. "It was a different time! You can't judge a man for things he does in war. That's not fair."
"What did those women do that you declared war on them?" I shot back. For some reason, I spoke back to him. I haven't done that since with a mark. Not ever. But that first time, I felt that he owed those women an explanation. "It's different now," He said. "I would never do the things I did. I've repented." Repented my ass. I turned him around to look me in the eyes. "Some things you can't repent for. Get down on your knees."

In the movies, the person at gunpoint always does what their executioner says. In the real world, that's just not how this works. When you consider it, why would they dig their own graves? When I told him to get on his knees, he began to run - just as I knew he would. He knew he was going to die and he didn't want to cooperate in his own death. Fair enough, I guess. I wasn't about to waste an arrow at that distance, not on him, so I reached into a pocket and tossed a long needle at his ankle. It hit home. He screamed and fell, started to crawl away. I followed him closely, watching, teasing him with the promise of death. He was crying. I'd always thought that someone in tears from pain would plead or even pray. He did neither of those things. He was a worm, a filthy maggot in a meat sack shaped like a human. Disgusting. So disgusting that I had no desire to cash it in after I'd fulfilled my end of the bargain. Somehow he mustered the strength to get up and try to flee by flinging himself at trees, the fool. I chased him, and this time when I caught him, I didn't tease him. I pushed the lip of my crossbow against his head and pulled the trigger.

And as I stared down at him, I felt myself shaking with adrenaline. I thought that I might retreat in a hurry and leave him there. Don't get me wrong, I did leave him there! But I stood there, just looking at him for a while - at the arrow lodged in his skull and the blood that streamed from the wound. Soldiers had always said that act of murder haunted them, made them feel like monsters - like they had an ice in their veins that wouldn't thaw. That wasn't what I felt.
My hands were shaking, but not from horror at what I'd done. My heart was racing and I could feel every part of my body. I'd never felt so alive. It wasn't something that I should have enjoyed... Yet I did. I had done the world a favor. It became a feeling that I craved, one that I relished and savored.

Several years have passed since then. I had two important people help me back on my feet again, Alexia and Cleo. I took my daughter, Allimarina, from my first fiance, and got married to my best friend, Cleo. We had a nice house in Freital, for what it was. Didn't care for the neighbors, but hey, what they do in their house is none of my business. Life was good as an assassin. And let me tell you, business was booming, baby. Everybody wanted somebody dead, and it was my job to carry out that wish. Sometimes I would take a contract for one person one day, and the next day, the guy I'd just taken a contract for had become my next target. Funny how that works sometimes.

And then... Then Alexia died. I tried to save her. She went missing and I went looking for her. By the time I'd found her, it was too late. Everything after that is just a blur to me now, everything but for the fact that I wasn't enjoying my contracts anymore - because all I saw when my finger was on the trigger was that girl's smiling, crying face. I took my family and started to leave Germany. All I wanted was to disappear. That's exactly what we tried to do. At the age of nine, my daughter... My baby... passed away. No. She'd been murdered, as a message that rang loud and clear. And I was inconsolable. Distant. I became obsessed with revenge upon the Shadow Knight that had taken my little one from me. Cleo begged me not to go. But I had to. It was never a question.
I hunted Lady Phrost for weeks until finally, finally, bittersweet revenge was mine. It was the first kill I'd ever made without a hit, the first one that was personal to me. And still, Alli's death haunted me. I remained aloof. So distant was I that my wife ended up in the arms of another for comfort. I was hurting, but so was she. How could I have pushed her out like that? How could she have left me so easily? I couldn't just sit there and let the last good thing in my life leave me! So I went after her. We arranged to meet somewhere in a town nearby - where I was tricked, bitten by that rat-sucking bastard and forced to intake his blood. That night, as I lay looking at the stars, knowing that I would soon be called from the cares of the world, I cried. I thought that I would be reunited with my family, and that all of the pain would stop.

As luck would have it, it didn't stop. I rose again as the living dead, with a thirst that I didn't understand. All of the fairytales, the myths and legends of vampires were true. With time, I would understand everything that that meant. For the better half of a year or so, the thirst drove me... Until she came to me one last time. I still remember the way she glided easily through the window, a vision of beauty and power in a flowing white dress, bringing with her the nightly chill. "My love," She cooed, and I went to her, thinking it a dream. But it wasn't. She didn't slip through my fingers like an apparition, confirming that it was real. Her cold wrapped me up. Had she come back? "I'm sorry, my love. I'm so sorry... I never meant for any of this to happen!" I told her that it was okay. She was home now. We were together. It would be... Yet she cut me off. "No," She said. "It will never be okay again."

Cleo explained that he would come for her, and that when he did, she would be gone forever - another victim of his spell. She was scared... Her body trembled in my hands, and I offered her the only solace I could. I knew what she'd come to do. I didn't want to accept it. When I woke the next morning, my wife was gone. That time, I didn't hesitate to go after them. I trapped the both of them in the house that we'd shared, the house we were raising Alli in. Our sire, Michael, had every intent of keeping us apart. So confident that he would be free of his fetters, all the while having the audacity to tell me that we were the same. "The same? Don't be ridiculous. I'm nothing like you. You kill for sport, and hide your fear behind a wall of bravado." I pinned him, staking his hands to the floor. Cleo had been bound in the corner by a chain. "Now let me show you true fear!" From him, I took his fangs. And I watched him descend into madness as he starved, his pleas the background noise to my attempts to bring Cleo back from under his spell. But it didn't work. My Cleo... Was too far gone. Just like she said. With no other choice, I gave her a merciful death, holding her body close as I mourned.

I was lost when he came to me, with a deck of cards in his hand. "I've come with a message for you." He said, "From Allimarina."

Up until that point, I'd been accosting this stranger, ready to sink my fangs into his neck. But that name made me stop cold. "How do you know that name?" He explained that he was a Necromancer, and my daughter had contacted him from beyond the grave to find me - to tell me that it was okay. To tell me to move on, to go back to our plan to leave. Long story short, I had no reason to doubt. As he smiled, I felt her. I felt her arms around my waist. Felt her move through me. My little girl... In order for her to have moved on, she had to make sure that I was okay. For her, I had to be. I had to be me again. So I left for a neighboring Kingdom.

Everybody wanted their happy fix. And me? Well... I was out of a job. As the years went by, the itch came to me. The itch to smack and pummel, the itch to shatter limbs with my bare hands... The desire for the thrill of the hunt. I missed being an assassin. But I endured. Somehow. At least for a little while, until the calling became too much. The years came and went in the blink of an eye. New Rulers, new government... New lands to the north... The World Wars. When the whispers of the first Cosa Nostra and the Russian Mafia emerged, I was there. But those families never stuck. In a land ravaged by war, it was nearly impossible to avoid getting caught in the crosshairs, and I jumped from family to family - one of, is not the only, sole survivor left standing. After the first, hearing the whispered promises of the new world, I jumped on the first boat I could find. The colonies evolved, and I watched as the years passed by.

I moved from state to state, jumping from job to job, making no attachments. I'd been in the military (before the ink), the mafia... Moving from crime family to crime family, trying to find my place. Nothing seemed to stick. My search took me to Montana. Word leaked in from Helena PD about a serial killer running loose in a nearby town. Wherever there's a killer, there are victims looking for revenge. So it was with nothing to lose that I moved to Bear River, greeted by the headlines of the recent paper. "Demons have taken the town." Maybe now I can get back to work... And when I do, I told myself that I'd create a family of my own to take the place by storm.

And I did. In less than a year, the Trinity Mafia had taken control of the media, the BRPD, was rooted into the town's inner workings. Those that I brought in to join me became family - two of which I never would have expected. I met Faina Parker first, and I could tell that she was new to being a part of the supernatural world. We hit it off though. She hates people about as much as I do. She was having some issues with her best friend, Isaac. I decided to help. The next thing I know, I found their files among the documents I'd pulled to find people with... Dirty backgrounds. I offered them work. They took it.

Faina, Isaac, Ilosti and Helena were the only ones that stuck with me during the evacuation of Bear River. I'd gotten a tip from Akasha Bloodmare that the town was in the Shadow Knight's crosshairs, and we left. The members of Trinity got their family out. All but for one family, who didn't take my word to heart. I tried to convince the brothers to come with us. They wouldn't budge, and there was no time left to waste.

So we left for Kiri, FL, where we met up with an old friend of mine. The Executioner, Drucilla Morgan of Kerrigan. We settled in just fine. Trinity became one of Kerrigan's branches - part of a collective whole and yet not. Business continued as normal. But a few months ago... One of my members, Ilosti, fell on hard times. She lost everything that mattered to her. The only thing she said to me was that she couldn't be in the city of crime anymore, and left. She still conducts business, but is otherwise off of the radar.

The months that followed were a blur. Before I knew it, we'd expanded outward along the east coast and were moving inward. Drucilla wanted to expand further, and I was more than happy to accommodate that wish - if only to get out of Florida. I chose Snow Haven, Alaska for it's remote location. It's the perfect new base of operations for Trinity, and I've taken precautions. And it's far away from Dru's crazy ass, which in some ways is a plus.

More importantly, it gives us a chance to bring in new people for our international operations.
Yet no matter where I am, or what I'm doing, my dreams take me back to that house. Back into the arms I love. In my dreams, I live in a world where her eyes are untouched by Michael's spell. Where we watched our daughter grow into a woman, with a family of her own. Where Cleo and I lay together by the fireplace, tracing the others' form, not knowing the sorrow, nor the pain, from that time.

And everyday, I awaken to the terrible truth: Such a happy world does not exist.

Or… Could it?

device_hub Family
Family Overview

Cleo Le'Strange - wife - deceased
Allimarina Marley Le'Strange - daughter - deceased
Cynric Parker - Kind of adopted son
Faina Parker - adopted daughter
Isaac Thomas - Soon to be son-in-law
Claudia Cornell - Cleo's reincarnation, love interest

Madison has never wanted to sire other vampires and to this date, never has.

Adopted Parents

Mila Le'Strange - Adopted mother
Jürgen Le'Strange - Adopted father

Although they tried for years, Mila was unable to conceive and the couple decided to adopt a child. They wanted a daughter, and went to the Sunrise Home orphanage to adopt a child. There, they met young Madison. The couple was talking about adopting both Cleo and Madison, but Cleo was adopted by another family before they were able to. They adopted Madison and raised her as the heir to the family house - something that Jürgen was very adamant about. She was taught how to read, write and how to use a sword as well as a bow.

To their delight, she excelled.
But to their dismay, she preferred the company of women and did not care about any "duties" to properly continue the family line or any of that. Both Mila and Jürgen came around when she married Cleo, who they loved dearly and adored.

Pets - What pets does Madison Le'Strange have?

While she doesn't have any pets of her own, her daughter Faina Parker has a doberman named Skullcrusher (Skully) that Madison sometimes dotes on in secret.

Fun Family Facts

Madison adopted Faina Parker, as well as Cynric Parker and has also practically adopted Isaac Thomas.

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folder_open Supernatural Information


Awareness Overview

Until she was turned, Madison had no idea that there was anything other than humans inhabiting the earth. Her sire left her for dead and she had no one to teach her the ropes. Although she looked for answers and sought out other vampires, her efforts bore no fruit. Madison's control of her thirst is, for the most part, self-taught.

After the death of her wife, she dove into the supernatural world to find anything and everything that she could. After joining the Kerrigan Crime Family, there's very little that she doesn't know about the supernatural underground.


Fortitude: A type of supernatural toughness and vigor which allows Madison to suffer more damage than normal before being in sufficient pain or distress. This ability is latent and does not contribute to a point.

Confusion: Based on flesh-to-flesh contact, Madison has the ability to mess with the targets' mind and change what they perceive as reality for a short period of time. The change applied to the target can be anywhere from a perceived change to their surroundings (Might be really be in a parking lot and suddenly think they are in a graveyard), the people around them (Someone who was once there, no longer is, or an empty room can be seen as full.) Madison is often dazed and/or dizzy for a few minutes after each use.

Personal Abilities

The typical vampire abilities. She is able to suppress and wipe memories from those she feeds from, but it's not perfect. If the thrall's subconscious fights back, the individual can reclaim those memories.


As a vampire, Madison does not have any other forms.

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