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Ilosti Tithiros

Full Name

Ilosti Scyl Tithiros

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Vocalist of Hydra






Sharon den Adel

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Champagne brown

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Long hair, straight


Italian, Dutch

Linked Races


The numbers 6,958 are branded on the back of her neck, marking her time as a prisoner in Ma’luum.

Skin Tone



Ilosti will never leave her home without wearing makeup. Never.

She tends to wear flattering but modest and complimentary clothing, anything from pants to dresses, skirts and flowing tops to everything in between. Clothes for the stage are more fantastical than her every day attire.

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Ilosti Tithiros have?

Ilosti has a lot of scars on her back in both diagonal and horizontal lines, caused by the ripping of her skin by a whip. The ones on her back are still a little dark, indicating that they were either extremely deep or had added up over time. There are a few on her torso, but they're all old and faded to the point of being unnoticeable. Her arms and legs are covered in scars, several of which look to be from self-harm.

When performing or leaving the house, the scars on her limbs are always concealed - either by magic or make-up. Not seeing them does wonders for her mind, so much so that she's considered getting sleeves to cover them up... But that would require revealing that she has them in the first place, something that she never ever wants to do. When her scars aren't covered, looking at or seeing them fills her with disgust and shame - thinking of her body as something gross and horrible, scared and broken, something that no one would want.

Sark helped her feel better about her scars and her body in general. But with him gone, her self-hate has grown while her self-esteem has plummeted.

Ilosti, just like her sister, suffers from mild body dysmorphia.

Anything Extra

Perhaps the oddest thing about this witch... Are the vampire-like looking teeth located on her upper jaw. Of course, they aren't made for drinking blood like vampire fangs, but can surely draw blood and rip flesh. Ilosti does her best to keep her mouth closed to prevent herself from revealing them during a conversation unless at a rock or metal concert.

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Personality Overview

Ilosti is quick to smile, to laugh and even jest, and is adept at making people comfortable with her. Her personality seems to change depending on those around her as well as the situation, but most believe that she's just dramatically inclined. She even seems open, both with her thoughts and feelings, and with her experiences. However... Hardly anyone but for those who follow her know what she's really like. She has learned to gamble with her cards close to her chest.


Ilosti is emotionally vulnerable and extremely lonely. She seeks affection of any kind, but knows that for her safety and the safety of others, it can't be anything serious or long lived. For the same reason, she keeps her friends at an arm's length and refuses to open up to anyone.

Because she has no one to really talk to, she's prone to breakdowns and episodes of depression.

Motivations - What motivates Ilosti Tithiros most?

Revenge and freedom are her two biggest motivations. She believes that Akasha Bloodmare killed her sister, and that by killing Akasha, she can free herself from the older mage's shadow and live a free life.

Talents - What talents does Ilosti Tithiros have?

Singing, costume design, lyric writing

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Designing stage costumes, drinking, cross-stitch, music

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Occupation - What is Ilosti Tithiros’s occupation?

Singer, Captain in the Trinity Mafia

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Both of the Tithiros sisters were proclaimed foodies. Ilosti has a much bigger sweet tooth than her older sister, so anything that tastes sweet or has an explosion of flavor like with salty sweet, she'll probably like. Her favorite foods were anything that her sister and Thora made.

Favorite possession - What is Ilosti Tithiros’s favorite possession?

Her sister's recipe book

Favorite weapon - What is Ilosti Tithiros’s favorite weapon?


Favorite animal - What is Ilosti Tithiros’s favorite animal?

White tiger

Job - What job does Ilosti Tithiros have?

Vocalist of Hydra, Trinity Mafia Captain

date_range History
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Milan, Italy

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Ilosti finished high school but is a self-taught vocalist. She's a naturally gifted singer that has never needed nor sought a voice coach.

Background - What is Ilosti Tithiros’s background?

Note that the below is NOT Ilosti's complete history.

Detailed History

Record of Patients, 2017-2018, 2018

2017 (Pages 1-50) -- Transcription

Page 1.
Type of Insanity - Trauma, PTSD?
Date of Examination - July 21st, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 90 Extremely weak. Bones are visible. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Unknown Female - F - W - Submitted July 20th by authorities. Seems to be in her mid-twenties. The patient is suspected to have starved for 11 consecutive days. Her health should improve with medical help and force feeding via tube. She is silent and unresponsive, and does not have a form of ID on her person. Police reports state she was found cradling a corpse in her arms. The only time the woman spoke was to say that she would not leave her sister. There were several other bodies found at the scene, but they were all reported to be burned past recognition. She went from being catatonic to completely silent on her trip here according to authorities. Our only guess was that she is still in a stuck state, either in shock or from being unable to process whatever trauma she witnessed.
Upon further examination, her body was discovered to be covered with scars and wounds ranging between scraps and large gashes. Medical staff are continuing to treat the patient with utmost care. Nurses and doctors from the nearby hospital have been assisting with her care.

Page 3.
Type of Insanity - Trauma, PTSD, ?
Date of Examination - July 26th, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 30 Extremely weak. Bones visible. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Unknown Female - F - W - The patients' condition has only improved physically. The patients' wounds have mysteriously healed without the trace of a scar. The only evidence that they existed were pictures taken of them when she came in. The patient continues to be unresponsive. The staff have started calling her the Ghost. DNA samples do not pull up in the US or European databases.

Page 2.
Type of Insanity - Trauma, PTSD, ?
Date of Examination - July 30th, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 56 Extremely weak. Bones visible. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Unknown Female alias Ghost - F - W - native of Germany?
The patient is slowly starting to regain some of her strength. She is now able to lift her head, but she is unable to talk for the time being.

Page 1.
Type of Insanity - Trauma, PTSD, ?
Date of Examination - August 2nd, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 15 Extremely weak. Bones are becoming less visible. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Unknown Female alias Ghost - F - W - native of Germany?
Ghost, as the staff is now calling her, is now able to move around a little (limbs, head). Unfortunately for the nurse, Ghost has been removing her feeding tube and makes sounds of distress. This evening, her feeding tube was removed and she was given water. Although she needs assistance, she seems to be able to drink regularly now.

Page 2.
Type of Insanity - Trauma, PTSD, ?
Date of Examination - August 20th, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 36 Extremely weak. Bones are less visible. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Unknown Female alias Ghost - F - W - native of Germany?
This patient has been heard talking inside of her room. Her conversations with herself are incoherent. She will not speak with others present in the room. She speaks German. From this I suppose that she is German by birth. No other information on this patient has been found. It should be noted that her vitals seem to be much healthier, and she is now able to eat on her own.

Page 1.
Type of Insanity - Trauma, PTSD, Insanity
Date of Examination - August 29th, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 84 Extremely weak. Bones are less visible. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Unknown Female alias Ghost - F - W - native of Germany?
The patient grabbed the nurse and asked where her sister was this afternoon. When asked what her sisters' name was, she responded with Ariel-lis (not sure of spelling). A last name wasn't given. Ghost accused the nurse of not knowing where her sister was and started to mutter under her breath. She then started to throw random items at the nurse and tried to escape the room. Medical staff caught Ghost and returned her to her room after she fell when she attempted to run. Within her room, her behavior grew more violent, more desperate; hitting, clubbing, kicking, attempts at biting. Her blows are still a bit weak, however.
She kept shouting that she needed to find her sister, and asked why we were stopping her. She didn't believe that we were trying to help and started to cry and wail hysterically. Ghost has since fallen asleep. We were unable to extract information from her.

Page 4.
Type of Insanity - Trauma, PTSD, Insanity
Date of Examination - August 30th, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 3 Regaining strength . Bones are less visible. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Unknown Female alias Ghost - F - W - native of Germany?
Ghost had another manic episode this morning and she wailed through the night. She seems inconsolable. Staff members have started to notice self inflicted wounds and bruises. For her own safety, Ghost has been fitted into a straitjacket - doing surprising harm to the people that did so until subdued. One of my nurse's families won't be going home to her family tonight. Good to see that Ghost's strength is returning. However, she is a danger to herself and others. Recommended for transfer to the State Insane Asylum on August 31st. Schedule made for 9am.
Note on August 31st, 2017: Transfer for Ghost complete.

Florida State Insane Asylum

Record of Patients, 2017-2018, 2018
2017 (Pages 1-50) -- Transcription

Page 1.
Type of Insanity - Trauma, PTSD, Insanity (as reported from the KIA)
Date of Examination - August 30th, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 19 . Bones are still visible. Strength slowly returning. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Unknown Female alias Ghost - F - W - native of Germany? - Information unavailable. Patient arrived safely this morning at 9:08am. Doctor Prescott from the Kiri Insane Asylum indicate that no information was available for this patient. They called her "Ghost" because her records simply do not exist. He also noted that she spoke German. The German doctor on staff attempted to have a conversation with Ghost, but was unsuccessful. She has been placed into our intensive care unit she reaches a healthy weight.
She refused to eat today. Nurse Jin noted that the patient seemed downcast and tried to coax Ghost to eat, but was unsuccessful. She wouldn't listen or acknowledge me when I sat beside her and told her that it was okay to mourn, but that she needed to take care of herself.

Page 2.
Type of Insanity - Trauma, PTSD, Insanity (as reported from the KIA)
Date of Examination - September 3rd, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 19 . Bones no longer visible. Strength returning. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Ilosti Tithiros - F - W - native of Germany? - Information unavailable. One of our nurses recognized Ghost as Ilosti Tithiros from symphonic metal band Hydra. Cathetal Tithiros is her older sister, in a band called Ethereal, but her fan page says her name is "Aerallis Tithiros". Upon further research, I've located a potential family member in Italy and have contacted the police with their information.

Ilosti is not responding to attempts at conversation, verbal cues, or food. We understand that she may have been cradling her sibling's corpse and are letting her grieve. It's possible that Aerallis's death has broken her. We briefly considered playing one of Ethereal's songs, but quickly dismissed the idea. That's not what she needs right now.
Kiri, Florida Police Department
Forensic Records & Laboratory Notes, 2017

Updated September 5th, 2017. A contact lead given to use by Doctor Harvenhight from the Florida State Insane Asylum resulted in the identification of the "sister corpse". The body has been identified as Aerallis Tithiros thanks to a relative (Sareena Tithiros). The family will create an obituary for her passing. Aerallis's bandmates in Ethereal have also been informed by the case officer, and have word that Ethereal's manager has cancelled all further 2017 and 2018 concerts. The Kiri PD is helping them through their loss.

Dr. Harvenhight has been notified of this for the treatment of the younger sister, Ilosti Tithiros.
According to Sareena, the sisters vanished in 2002 and resurfaced in 2007 (backed up by fans). There is no other information on the circumstances of their disappearance. There aren't any police records on file. An investigation of this is underway.

Location: Woods, south of Kiri.
The victim was found in the arms of an unknown woman Ilosti Tithiros, deep in the woods South of the city limits. They were found by Alex Thompson who was intent on hiking in the area on July 20th, 2017. There were multiple lacerations along the left of her navel, right leg and chest; these wounds are 2in in length and 1in wide. Tourniquets were used to stop the bleeding. The pair were surrounded by charred, black grass and earth, and 4 bodies that were burned beyond recognition.

Forensic lab scans indicate that there was severe internal bleeding, and large amounts of smoke in her lungs. Cause of death seems to be from internal bleeding. Time of death was around 6:09PM on July 9th, 2017. Aerallis is survived by Camille Tithiros and Ilosti Tithiros.
No further information has been found. Authorities have not found a person of interest. Further details to be provided by Ilosti Tithiros. After further questioning of Sareena Tithiros, she was able to provide documents of their incident in 2002 where they were kidnapped. It should be noted that the sisters experienced a similar event in 2002 in the courtyard of St.Andrew's Church in Milan, Italy. During this event, they were kidnapped. The pastor, the sisters' parents, and eight nuns were found dead at the scene. The ground upon which the bodies were found were charred and black. Authorities believe these two events may be linked to the sisters' kidnappers.

When Ilosti is discharged from the Asylum, the FBI will place her in Witness Protection if we have further reason to believe that authority suspicions are correct.

Florida State Insane Asylum
Record of Patients, 2017-2018, 2018
2017 (Pages 1-50) -- Transcription

Page 4.
Type of Insanity - Depression, Suicidal
Date of Examination - September 9th, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 23. Bones no longer visible. Healthy weight. Strength returning; able to walk. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Ilosti Tithiros - F - W - Italian - 37. The death of the patients' sister Aerallis was confirmed by the KPD on the 5th. Sareena Tithiros, the Aunt, visited her niece on the 6th. Sareena was pulled aside before checking out to ask if she was okay with Ilosti being discharged. The reported mania from the KIA is undeniably grief-based, not true insanity. However, Sareena replied, "No. Keep an eye on her." She insisted that her niece remain in our care to the point of begging.
Since Sareena left, Ilosti has started to come out of her shell. She keeps repeating the name "Camille" and refers to Camille as Aerallis's "person". According to the KPD, Camille Tithiros has been contacted once after the incident but has not answered further calls after giving a grief-stricken statement. Ilosti believes that she needs to be with Camille. Unfortunately, we are unable to release her without the permission of a family member. When staff left her room, she started to mumble in Italian, and I understood why her Aunt was so adamant about her staying. She was saying, "I want to be with Aera."

Page 1. Type of Insanity - Depression, Suicidal
Date of Examination - September 11th, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 87. Healthy Weight; able to walk. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Ilosti Tithiros - F - W - Italian - 37.
This morning, Ilosti was found with a rope around her neck in her room, standing on a chair. We were able to catch her, remove the rope, and put her back into bed. Nurses never left her side. I've issued Ilosti to take Zoloft.

Page 6. Type of Insanity - Depression
Date of Examination - September 14th, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 13. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Ilosti Tithiros - F - W - Italian - 37.
Ilosti's behavior hasn't changed. I've upped the dosage.

Page 13. Type of Insanity - Depression
Date of Examination - September 15th, 2017
Physical Condition - P. 9. Pupils normal.
Patient Information: Ilosti Tithiros - F - W - Italian - 37.
Ilosti's behavior has improved dramatically. She is no longer having suicidal thoughts. Camille and Sareena Tithiros have been contacted for permission to discharge this patient.

Attention Kiri and Surrounding Areas
A patient has escaped from the Florida State Insane Asylum. Call the police if Ilosti Tithiros is sighted. She is a danger to herself and to others!! *************************************

  • 2017 -

I'm not the only kid who grew up this way. Surrounded by people who used to say that rhyme... About sticks and stones. As if broken bones hurt more than the names we were called and we got called them all. So we grew up believing no one would ever fall in love with us. That we'd be alone forever, that we'd never meet someone that would make us feel like the sun was something they made for us in their toolshed. So broken heartstrings bled the blues as we tried to empty ourselves until we felt nothing.

Don't tell me that hurts less than a broken bone. That an ingrown life is something surgeons can cut away, that there's no way for it to metastasize but it does. And it has.

As if depression was something that could be remedied by any of the contents found in a first aid kit. My depression was tolerable because of my partners, Aerallis and Alena. But Aera... I've always loved her, even when I was younger. She was my role model, my secret crush, my solace. I wasn't the only one fighting my own demons. Aera, my Aera, was no different.

Something terrible happened to her and her sister. She doesn't talk about it, but it makes her wake up screaming every night when those memories come back to haunt her. In the waking world, the trauma was so severe that her brain repressed whatever hardships or tragedy that she faced. To this day, she is a stick of TNT lit from both ends, could describe to you in detail the way the sky bends in the moments before it's about to fall. And despite an army of friends who all called her an inspiration... She remains a conversation piece among people who can't understand that sometimes being drug free has less to do with addiction and more to do with sanity. She was my best friend... My 3rd best friend, who came to me in my time of need when the other two had passed. I should have spent more time with her. I should have gone with her on tour. I should have loved her harder, held her closer... And now…

I am no different. What had receded has come crashing back over me, knocking me off of my feet and the air from my lungs, pulling me beneath the waves. This world has no color again. And this time, I don't think it will come back. A world without Aerallis is not a place that I want to be part of. I know that I'm stronger, my scars remind me that I'm a survivor, but this life is a tough game and I'm done playing it. I tried, Nana. I tried so hard to be successful, to do something to make you proud, and I failed. I fell so hard and now I can't pick myself up. In a year I know that you'll forget I'm gone because I'm not something to be dwelled on. I don't belong in this world. I'm just a waste of space.

Just remember that you, Alena and Ilosti were my very best friends, and I thank you for making my life a little brighter. And to my heart, you're the only ones that held the key. It's time to go now, I'm running out of space to write. I'll be watching over you, and I'll send down the purest and whitest dove. I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry Alena but I promise that I tried. If anything, I hope this makes you stronger. I love you. Goodbye.
Love, Camille

"Camille..." Shaking hands held the note and set it on the ground beside her as the tears rolled down her face. She was too late. The little girl she knew was just hanging there, body pale and her face violently bare. With much effort, Ilosti rose and collected a knife. With it, she freed Camille's body from the nose and sobbed, dropping to her knees and holding her cold body closer. "I should have been there for you. I'm so sorry... I'm so, so sorry..."

She didn't know how long she stayed like that. Numb and vision blurry, she called 911 and begged them to help her, saying where but not who. When the police arrived, they recognized her from the wanted posters and drew guns. The mage closed her eyes, ready for a bullet to enter her brain, to bring it all to an end. Electric volts blossomed through her body instead, her arms flailing with a sound of distress, forcing the body she'd been holding to drop with a loud thud. Her last view of her home as she was dragged away by officers was of Camille's corpse in the living room, as a white sheet fell over her.

Ilosti was given a pass from Sareena to be with family. She remained with the the girls' family. The Leon's were devastated. But the most devastated member of the family was her nana, Menolly, who cried for hours and hours until sleep claimed her. Days before Camille's funeral, Menolly started acting strange. She had a hard time keeping up with her husband when they went shopping. She'd fall out of her office chair when she tried to get up to do something else, and despite being told by loved ones to see a doctor, she refused. In her despair, she blamed the Tithiros sisters for the death of her granddaughter. The night before the funeral, Menolly awoke with a terrible gurgling sound. She was admitted into the hospital.

Three days later, she was gone, and the Leon's grieved now for two family members instead of one. As they came together, Ilosti... Faded out.

It was all a chain reaction started by Akasha. How long would it be until Ilosti ended up like Aera? In her grief, Ilosti sold her sisters' car, and while waiting for their home that someone had committed suicide in, she created a beautiful, handcrafted coffin fit for a queen. Aerallis deserved to be put to rest in something that she would like, and she couldn't stay in the ground; she was claustrophobic, she would never rest there! Digging up Aera's grave was just like going through the motions. As she placed the corpse in the coffin she made for it, she sobbed. This wasn't... How it was supposed to be. If anyone deserved to be dead, it was her. It would always be her - not Aera, the world loved Aera. And certainly not Camille or Menolly, who had only ever been amazing.

As she loaded the coffin onto their boat and went out into the sea they loved to skii in, she realized that she was alone. She had no one left. Sark and Kaelene were gone, killed in their first outside battle with Akasha - an ambush. And Aera... Ilosti locked the coffin and pushed it overboard, feeling her heart sink to the pit of her stomach as it vanished into the darkness of the water's depths, where she'd have plenty of space to rest, while she sang RICORDANO IL PASSATO. Aera was gone too. Now Camille and Menolly.

When she made it back on land, and loaded up her cobra and left with a heavy heart. They had all died in Kiri. Kiri... Was no longer a place she could stay. She drove listlessly until finally making it to Snow Haven on New Years day, where she has remained.

The remainder of 2017 is a blur, spent in a two bedroom apartment mourning and going through the motions. She was plagued with writer's block while starting to compose new songs for Hydra’s next album in addition to dealing with personal problems, leading her to take time away from the band and compose herself. She began a solo project called My Indigo to publish those songs and have an outlet for her grief.

Working on the project reignited her muse for the band, with new material planned for 2018 and 2019.


2018 was possibly the worst year for Ilosti mentally. Dealing with PTSD and depression led to several… Bad episodes, both alone at home and out in public. Family and friends constantly reached out, and while at first, she attempted to be social, she didn’t have much energy to be social and started to isolate herself. While working on her band’s new material, she sought out the assistance of Nightfall to crack an encrypted USB left by Camille.

Hydra performed two large concerts in 2018, a year before their next tour.

Meanwhile, cracking the USB encryption proved a difficult task. It wasn’t Nightfall software at all like originally thought, and while it took longer than a week, it was eventually cracked. The USB contained one folder, which was filled with several files written in rot13 as well as two MP4 videos, and a few files outside of that folder. The files outside of the folder took a little time to translate - written with a mix of rot13 and binary code. The files outside, when cracked, were insider facts about the murder investigation of Sark, Kaelene Serafino and Aerallis Tithiros - particularly stating that while Aera had been murdered, it had not been done by the same people as the first two. Other files dig into information found on the Deep Web pertaining to the Reine and Ma’luum. One file, written in German, is a scan of test results for a drug called Elendran - written by a member of the Bloodmare family.

One of them was a letter from Camille, stating that she’d found too much information and was in fear of her life. The files in the folder were all corrupted and could not be recovered.

Back in town, Ilosti made her first two friends in Snow Haven at Tamana Tavern - a shifter named Jeremy and a human named Ava. Jeremy and Ilosti became very close, but he had his own demons and eventually lost his fight to them - committing suicide in April 2018. Her friendship with Ava, a fan of her work, was beautiful and was exactly what she needed… Until she left town without a trace and no way of contacting her.

After losing these two friends, Ilosti withdrew further into herself and picked up smoking weed to get away from depressive episodes and… Hallucinations of her sister. Her highs made her hallucinate happier times. It became her escape until later in the year.

In June 2018, she reconnected with Carina Amari - a relationship that she’s retained since. While not being quiet as attached at the hip as they were, they were able to resume their close relationship. And for a time, things were fine.

In October of 2018, Ilosti had a “bad trip”. The hallucination of her sister turned into an aggressive one, seeming to attempt to convey information that her mind could not accept: That she had killed Aerallis, not Akasha Bloodmare. Even after she stopped smoking and taking edibles, the hallucinations continued… And have progressively gotten worse, taking a terrible toll on her mental health with the only thing keeping her afloat being her relationship with Carina.


Work in progress.

The year that she and Carina are under a love potion, which could result in them starting a romantic relationship.
Reconnecting with Trinity, which should do some good for her mental health
Both her and Carina discovering that the other is in the mafia
Reconnecting with Faina, should become better friends

device_hub Family
Family Overview

Mother - Allimarina Tithiros
Father - Levi Tithiros
Older sister - Cathetal/Aerallis Tithiros

Her older sister was born as Cathetal Tithiros, but due to an... Unfortunate string of events, became Aerallis Tithiros. As of mid-2017, Aerallis has joined the countless number of deceased loved ones. Her Aunt Sarena Tithiros and H'tes Tithiros, their cousin, were the only family members that she really cares about. But after her sisters' death, she has fallen out of touch with them. Both of their parents were killed by Akasha and Luvia Bloodmare during the sisters' kidnapping several years ago.

Pets - What pets does Ilosti Tithiros have?

A Siberian husky named Nymeria. Nymeria is her emotional support animal, and will react when her master is having an episode - usually by forcing her weight on Ilosti to get her down, and laying on her chest. However, the dog cannot resolve or end all of Ilosti's episodes.

Fun Family Facts

Ilosti was always her sister's biggest fan, but her relationship with her older sister was healthy until Ma'luum.

See Notes for more details.

shopping_basket Inventory
folder_open Supernatural Information

Ilosti is a born Mage.

Awareness Overview

As a born Mage, Ilosti was always aware of the supernatural. But as a child, she didn't know what all that encompassed until later. She knew of mages, espers and shifters but not much else - though her mother always promised that there was more.

The Tithiros family has several tomes that range from a collection of magical knowledge to historical records of the Supernatural Underground. Her mother, Allimarina, held two of such tomes. Aerallis was supposed to inherit them when she came of age but unfortunately she was more focused on her music career, then Alli was murdered and both sisters were kidnapped.

In Ma'luum, she was exposed to the rest of the supernatural underground. Through Cibella, the Cefalu twins and Akasha, she learned about each species.

When she and her sister escaped Ma'luum, their cousin H'tes visited them in 2008 - bringing Alli's family tomes with her. Since reading the tomes, the sisters had a more solid and refined understanding and knowledge of the supernatural underground, its species and so on.


The Arcane – Ilosti's knowledge of magic is incredibly intensive. She can replicate any use of magic by seeing it in action once. She is able to read magic tomes (and books in general) in seconds flat and absorb the knowledge stored within it. Thus there is rarely a spell, hex, charm or potion recipe that she doesn't know.

Ilosti is nefarious on the black market for her mastery of ice, and is referred to as the Dragon or the Hydra interchangeably. Her elemental and black magic mastery is far beyond that of even the most seasoned mage, so far as to reach arcane levels. She is also known to be capable of telekinesis that has a max of up to 1,800 pounds of force.

As such, she has an arsenal of enchanted rings, necklaces, earrings, entire outfits and garments that meet a specific purpose. That purpose could be blocking all magical assault, alerting her to hidden supes, warding off physical attacks, turning into weapons of choice and so on. There are too many to name, but she has something for every occasion.

Personal Abilities

Scent – A modification special to Ilosti that enhances her sense of smell by tenfold. This feature allows her to smell several different things at once and be able to process each one individually, putting a name to the odor. It goes as far as to smell blood – even when blood has not been spilled, but rather, as it runs through the veins.

Fangs & Life Drain – A modification special to Ilosti. Ilosti's vampire-like fangs were modded to drain life. Draining too much can be fatal, but will allow Ilosti to make the body into a thrall that she can augment through the raw energy gained by the corruption of others. Continuous feeding from one individual may cause Ilosti to have minimal thrall-like control over them.

After using life drain, she will appear more youthful. It's possible that the ability has made her immortal to a fault, but this has yet to be tested.

Mage Max – A modification special to Ilosti. Her physical body is always at peak performance, making her capable of extreme physical feats and a high endurance that may seem to be unending. In addition, her magical prowess is also always at their peak.

edit Notes

Aera and Ilosti were kidnapped in 2000 and returned in 2003. They've been hunted and haunted by the Bloodmare's since - 16yrs to date for Ilosti and 13yrs for Aerallis (not since 2017).

Ilosti is the one that killed her older sister, Aerallis, and reanimated her into a Ghoul.

Fun Facts

Maybe it formed as a defense mechanism or a method for coping... She doesn't remember when it started exactly, but during their time in Ma'luum, Ilosti developed an... Unhealthy obsession for Aerallis and was extremely jealous of whoever earned her affection. Because of her obsession, she murdered Lestari Blaire, killed and ate one or two other women that her sister fancied and perhaps the most reckless of all...

After becoming Lillian's assistant, she noticed that Akasha had also developed an obsession with Aera. Sheerly out of spite, Ilosti broke the magic spell over Akasha's son, Leotova, and wounded him - sending both Akasha and Luvia in a blind rage. If it weren't for Lillian protecting her, she would have died that day. With Lillian's help, she was able to repair the damage she'd done to him and preserve his body once more, but noted that if Akasha continued to pursue her sister, she would kill him. That was when she learned that Akasha's retaliation, even under Lillian's protection, was still something to be feared... And also the event that caused Luvia to grow suspicious of her wife's relationship with Aera.

The obsession continued after their escape in 2007 and for a time, seemed to get worse to the point that Aerallis not only noticed but couldn't ignore it. It led to a difficult confrontation where the siblings talked it out and both felt as if it had been ironed out after Ilosti had some time to herself. Both sisters thought the issue was resolved but unfortunately, it wasn't.

It started to surface when Ellen Bailey came into the picture. Although Ilosti liked Ellen and considered her a friend, she did unconsciously use a potion on her sister in an attempt to end whatever romantic feelings Aera had for the human.

It completely reappeared when Aerallis told her, after months of ghosting Ellen, that she was going to go back and find her best friend and tell her everything. And it, likely combined with her grief over Kaelene and Sark, caused Ilosti to lash out - resulting in Aerallis's death in 2017.

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