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Name - What is this universe's name?

Heart of the Wild

Description - How would you describe Heart of the Wild?

A universe about large wolves at war.

Genre - What genre best describes Heart of the Wild?

Dunno. Kind of political-Ish. Fantasy. I guess it depends on the reader.

date_range History
History - What is Heart of the Wild’s history?

The history of Taigen is one of hardship and difficulty. For a long time, the Conclave oversaw all of Taigen and it's seven countries, enforcing a strict caste system and were extremely corrupted. This eventually caused a revolution which is what the story is about.

gavel Rules
Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in Heart of the Wild?

Same as ours

Magic System - What is the magic system like in Heart of the Wild?

There is magic in WotW, but it will be seen MUCH later on since it's such an ancient and forgotten art. Most magic is in items that are enchanted called Wraithens, though it's so minor most don't notice it.
Magic won't ever be fully explained because it's very bizarre and the limits are unknown.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in Heart of the Wild?

There isn't exactly technology, but the wolves do have ways of doing things.

edit Notes
This universe contains...
1 location reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Ailvaeran Capital of Yaltenea

9 conditions reorder
bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Dioldamonnous Based on Henbane poisoning
bubble_chart Zeles' Bite Belladonna poisoning
bubble_chart Madan's Fever Based on -
bubble_chart Bog Affliction Based on -
bubble_chart Pig Spasms Based on -
bubble_chart Zadral Disease Based on -
bubble_chart Hegugieq's Flu Based on -
bubble_chart Iron Mouth Based on - Original
bubble_chart Commourn Based on -

7 deities reorder
ac_unit Deities close
ac_unit Tiasis - Cana of Summer The moose of summer
ac_unit Tiasis - Argen of Truth Siren of the Truth.
ac_unit Tiasis - Kulan of the Stars Kulan is an artist, one who makes the dark sky beautiful.
ac_unit Tiasis - Mathos of Winter When bears begin hibernation, all of their souls come together to help bring Mathos into the physical world. When his form is made, winter comes. He brings the land into hibernation for three mon...
ac_unit Tiasis - Amena of the Sky The deer that carries the night
ac_unit Tiasis - Ezaris of Love The horse of love.
ac_unit Tiasis - Rhaysus The Dealer

7 floras reorder
eco Floras close
eco Hissodar A plant with properties that can help the ear.
eco Raven Moss Moss that can make you sleep
eco Zeles
eco Scaly Fingers Makes your paws flakey
eco Scarlet Earth Tongue Anti-inflammatory producing mushroom
eco Snowy Death Cap The death mushroom
eco Dioldamonn based on Henbane

1 government reorder
account_balance Governments close
account_balance Tebreros [WIP] A faction forged from rebellion

4 jobs reorder
work Jobs close
work Mortician Prepares bodies for funerals
work Singer Oral Entertainment
work Scenter Make you smell nice
work Herder Carer for farmed herds

6 lores reorder
book Lores close
book The Story of Luvil Basically the Grudge A bitch called Luvil had a mate and three pups. She fell in love with another wolf and in a fit of rage, her mate murdered her and their pups before committing suicide. Th...
book The Nolcaestus' Curse
book Rhaysus' Song Song about Rhaysus
book Rhaysus the Dealer
book Chadramiol the Hunger How Chadramiol the Hunger was created
book Creation of Cana How Cana, the Tiasis God of Summer, was created.

3 religions reorder
brightness_7 Religions close
brightness_7 Vrirvum Work In Progress, cat religion
brightness_7 Saradull New religion meant to overtake Tiasis
brightness_7 Tiasis This is the religion of old, known by many of the creatures in Bermuda, particularly the lions and shire wolves. One of the greatest parts about this religion is its idea on good and bad. In a wa...

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