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Description - How would you describe Salvabenn?

Home to the Blue Lightning River.

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Currency - What currency is used in Salvabenn?

Syqipia. It's wood carved into a coin shape with a stone pressed into it that gives it value. It doesn't have much value outside of Salvabenn.

Laws - What are the major laws in Salvabenn?

Depends on the tribe.

Sports - What sports are popular in Salvabenn?


Social hierarchy - How is the population separated into hierarchical classes?

The shire wolves that have the best-kept teeth are seen as above the others.
Den chewers are also seen as incredibly special beings due to having the ability to carve intricate homes with nothing but their jaws.

Pop culture - What is the pop culture scene like in Salvabenn?


Music - What kinds of music are popular in Salvabenn?

Music is formed by scratching on logs, stamping on the ground, chattering (snapping buck fangs together), howling, hooting and slamming branches against tree trunks.

Education - How important is education in Salvabenn?

Architecture is the primary education in Salvabenn. They teach mathematics as it is important to carve wood into what you wish it to be.

Architecture - What kind of architecture is popular in Salvabenn?

They can build their dens inside of trees. They even know how to shape tree roots into bridges, something that has been passed down for generations.

They know when a tree is dead, know how best to remove them and even intentionally set fires so the very old trees near death can make way for the newer ones.

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Area - How big is Salvabenn?

1,267 km²

Crops - What crops does Salvabenn import or export?

Black Bramble Berries. Priccarola [Pineapple tasting flower fruit].

Climate - What is the climate like in Salvabenn?

Tropical rainforest and tropical seasonal forest.

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