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Name - What is the name of Singer?


Description - How would you describe Singer?

Oral Entertainment

Type of job - What kind of job is Singer?


storage Requirements
Education - What kind of education is necessary to work for Singer?

Education is given to those who show talent.

Experience - What experience is necessary to work for Singer?

The more experience the wolf has, the better they become

Training - What training is necessary to work for Singer?

Singers are taught many different songs to learn their limitations

Work hours - How long are shifts at Singer? When do people work?

As entertainers, a Singer doesn't technically get time off

hdr_weak Risks
Occupational hazards - What are the most common risks and hazards associated with the Singer job?

Obsessive fans as the biggest problem for Singers. An overblown ego can also hurt a wolf.

Long-term risks - What are the long-term risks of the Singer job?

Damage to your vocal cords

hdr_strong Rewards
Pay rate - How much does Singer pay?

If you enjoy admiration, you'll be paid well

grain Specialization
Specializations - How can someone working at Singer specialize?

Some specialise in different genres

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