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Name - What is Shire Wolf - Nesrine named?

Shire Wolf - Nesrine

Description - How would you describe Shire Wolf - Nesrine's people?

Nesrine are from the small country of Nesri.

Other names - What other names do Shire Wolf - Nesrine have?

Nutters. Nut Eaters.

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General height - How tall is the average Shire Wolf - Nesrine?


General weight - How heavy is the average Shire Wolf - Nesrine?

They're usually around 80 pounds.

Notable features - What physical features on a Shire Wolf - Nesrine are most noticeable?

They have very sharp teeth and hard jaws to bite through nuts, so their bites are warned about.

Physical variance - How much variance is there between individuals of the Shire Wolf - Nesrine race?

Most are small and have oily fur. Their teeth are human-like due to their appetite to eat nuts and hard fruit, even a few odd coconuts.

Typical clothing - What kind of clothing is common with Shire Wolf - Nesrine individuals?

They only wear clothing during celebrations.

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Strengths - What are the strengths of Shire Wolf - Nesrine?

One of their greatest strengths is their bite due to biting through nuts.

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Traditions - What traditions are common with Shire Wolf - Nesrine's individuals?

One tradition is called Fivagen, it's when a wolf turns 5 winters, which is when they are fully an adult. It's a celebration of coming of age and is extremely important. The Fiva is to stand in the middle of a dancing circle along with their parents to signify that they have come of age and are 'leaving the nest'. They also get one gift from each member of their tribe.

Their tradition for funerals is called Leviuq. When a wolf has died, they bury them under a tree so then the tree will be infused with their lifeforce and can watch over the other Nesrines.

Favorite foods - What are the most common favorite foods of the Shire Wolf - Nesrine?

The favourite food of Nesrines is Jackfruit Seeds.

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