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Name - What's the name of Tebreros [WIP]?

Tebreros [WIP]

Description - How would you describe Tebreros [WIP]?

A faction forged from rebellion

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Type Of Government - What type of government is Tebreros [WIP]?

Benevolent Dictatorship

Power Structure - How is Tebreros [WIP]'s power structured? How is it organized? Who has what powers?

Lord Moro has the highest authority in the faction. He has the final word on any situation and is seen as the highest moral being.

Power Source - Where does Tebreros [WIP]'s source of power come from?

The belief in change and a better future

Checks And Balances - What checks and balances does Tebreros [WIP] have in place?


Jobs - What jobs does Tebreros [WIP] provide? What jobs are necessary to run it?

Moro has chosen wolves to oversee certain sections in the government until the war is over

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