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Name - What's the name of this flora?

Raven Moss

Description - How would you describe Raven Moss?

Moss that can make you sleep

Other names - What other names is Raven Moss known by?

Shaius' Moss. Shadow Whisker.

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Colorings - What kinds of colorings are found on each part of Raven Moss?

Raven Moss is usually blood and blue when mature. They're red when immature.

Size - How big does Raven Moss grow?

Raven Moss doesn't stop growing throughout its lifetime and can be found in Salvabenn

Smell - What does Raven Moss smell like?

Raven Moss would smell like BBQ sauce

Taste - What does Raven Moss taste like?


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Fruits - What fruits does Raven Moss produce?


Seeds - What kinds of seeds does Raven Moss produce?


Nuts - What kinds of nuts does Raven Moss produce?


Berries - What kinds of berries does Raven Moss produce?


Medicinal purposes - Does Raven Moss have any medicinal use?

The moss, when chewed, can put an adult wolf down for six hours. Healers specially prepare the moss to ensure it's mature, otherwise, it'll be very poisonous. The moss isn't given to pups unless absolutely necessary

Material uses - How is Raven Moss used in producing other materials?

Raven Moss is sometimes used to strength rope or as a dye

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Reproduction - How does Raven Moss reproduce and spread?

It relies on insects and birds much like pollination to find a new spot. Other than that, mitosis

Seasonality - What seasons or climates is Raven Moss most often found in?

Raven Moss is most active during summer and spring

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