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Name - What is Madan's Fever's name?

Madan's Fever

Description - Describe Madan's Fever.
Type of condition - What kind of condition is Madan's Fever?


Alternate names - What other names is Madan's Fever known by?

Autumn Nose

bubble_chart Causes
Genetic factors - What genetic factors affect how contractable or effective Madan's Fever is?


Environmental factors - What environmental factors affect how contractable or effective Madan's Fever is?


Lifestyle factors - What lifestyle factors affect how contractable or effective Madan's Fever is?


Transmission - How does Madan's Fever spread?

It is passed through fresh urine and saliva.

Epidemiology - How is Madan's Fever controlled or quarantined? How does it first occur?

Little contact is to be made with the infected to prevent spreading.

local_hospital Effects
Visual effects - How does Madan's Fever manifest visually?

Vision may be blurry from mucous

Mental effects - How does Madan's Fever affect the mind?

Fear can negatively affect the infected.

Symptoms - What are the symptoms of Madan's Fever?

Basic -
Mucousy eye and nose discharge
Lack of appetite

Secondary -
Thickened paw pads

Tertiary -
Seizures (ranging from tremors of the jaw to full-body convulsions)
Limb weakness
Muscle stiffness

Duration - How long does Madan's Fever last?

Depends on whether the patient can fight it off. If they can, possibly three months.

Prognosis - How deadly is Madan's Fever? What is the most likely outcome for those who contract it?

Madan's Fever is 90% fatal.

Variations - What other forms of Madan's Fever are out there?

So far, no

healing Treatment
Prevention - How do people keep from contracting Madan's Fever?

If someone shows the symptoms, do not have physical contact or share water or food.

Diagnostic method - How do doctors determine whether someone has Madan's Fever?

Well trained Moon Blessed use a plant that will cause bloodshot eyes if the virus is inside of the body.

Treatment - What is the treatment for Madan's Fever?

The only treatment available is to keep them comfortable as it's very likely that they'll die. If requested, they can be kindly killed.

Medication - What medicines help treat Madan's Fever?

Some plants and insects provide some relief.

Immunization - What immunizations are available for Madan's Fever?


bar_chart Analysis


Rarity - How rare is Madan's Fever?

It's most likely to be contracted in Fassitgias

Symbolism - What does Madan's Fever represent in your world?


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Origin - Where did Madan's Fever originate?


Evolution - How has Madan's Fever changed over time?



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