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Rhaysus the Dealer

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There was once a horrid wolf who terrorised his dear village. He would snap and snarl at any who looked at him, spreading his ire and hatred. He knew no love, no care, only viciousness.

The beast would bully and torment the village, pushing the elders until their hearts ceased. He would frighten pups into enslavement, their mothers nothing more than puppy makers. Others wouldn’t fight him in fear of dying.

He soon eliminated the males, keeping his harem of females, not caring the relation between him and his pups and grandpups. He would use them and kill them when he was done with them.

One daughter decided to go against him. She ran away, heading for the Howling Apex and the beast said to live there. She ran until he pads on her paws melted away, leaving nothing but fur and bone.

The daughter howled for the monster to come outside. And with a grin, it did so.
The beast was enormous and stood on its hind legs, using his tail was balance. It was an orange-like dark brown with a head that floated in fire above its body. It had six eyes with lava dripping out of them. His skull-like nose puffed smog and fire. Crowning the head were four intimidating horns of obsidian.

It had no teeth, just an endless maw of fire, much like the Eye of Omenar. A tongue made of magma licks its non-existent teeth, pleased by the wolf’s approach.

It had four arms, all of which with monkey-like hands that ended in piranha sharp claws. It’s arrow tipped tail waved happily and it took a step closer with its strange feet. There were three toes, one at the heel and two at the front, forming a crescent.

“Who is it who has requested for me – I am so interested to find out what they need.”

The voice was distorted slightly, smoke puffing from its orifices. It spoke in rhyme, something the young wolf did not expect of the creature. She called for his help in defeating her monstrous father.

“I've been here for years, biding my time – Waiting and primed until I could find one like you, how utterly sublime!” It cackled, lowering itself to all fours and grinning in the wolf’s face. “Sorry, I don't mean to alarm you – If you want my aid, I would be charmed to…”

She yipped, her tail wagging from the prospect of freeing her and her family of the tyrannical beast. The monster snapped its claws, something appearing in front of her. Its grin became a deep smile from horn to horn, crinkling its many eyes.

“Just sign on a line and I’ll help you – I'll be here for you and your father I will pursue.” It brought the parchment closer to the wolf, the female looking at it with perplexing. “Enjoy all the toys that I will supply – With me, you can kiss that horrid beast goodbye! The day you die, I'll have my payment – What do you think about our arrangement?”

Hesitantly, the female stuck a bony paw into the sooty ground and pressed it onto the paper. She could not write; it was the best that she could do. She looked up to the creature, worried that it was all a joke.

“No regret for who you're hurting - That’s the kind that I’ve been searching. The dark desires you've been broiling – the noose around his neck shall be coiling. Oh, that sweet hatred he’s been serving – I can tell that he’d deserving.”

The wolf nodded violently, growling in enthusiasm as she felt fire coarse through her veins. She barked for the beast to follow as she ran back home. The monster casually kept pace with her, using extraordinarily little effort while she was racing her muscles raw.

When they reached the tribe, the wolf howled for her father’s attention. He saw her and the monster, barking and snarling at her foolishness. The younger ignored him and engaged in battle, her new flaming powers proving equal to his raw strength.

The monster watched her, his smile never faltering.

The female spilt the rotten bile that flooded her father’s blackened veins. She barked happily, finally free of his tyranny and evil.

“Now that your starvation has been abated – how about the deal that’s waited?” The female looked back to the monster. “I can see how you are so very proud – but now I’m looking for my pay-out,” the beast chuckled, summoning the contract again. “You really have made me amused – it’s time to collect the debt you’ve accrued. Your eternal soul's enslavement – You should’ve read that I’m no haven. Always read before you sign – now you’re forever mine!”

The wolf yowled in anger and tried to attack it. The monster moved out of the way, its voice crackling from laughter.

“Don’t bite the hand that fed you – if you have a complaint then join a queue. A pleasure to play, how I’ve enjoyed you – I don’t know what you thought I meant to construe. You were lovely entertainment – now join me in my depravement!”

The young wolf had made two choices, one right and one wrong. The wolf had run for help as she should have, but she did not heed to tales told to her. She did not listen to the stories of Rhaysus the Dealer, a monster that sleeps within the Howling Apex.

None should accept the deal of the beast, but as she did not heed the warning, she failed and succeeded simultaneously.

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Dark and threatening

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To be very wary of deals

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While it's very hard to believe Rhaysus really existed, his story is a good one for pups

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Rhaysus teaches young and old to be wary of being given a deal by a stranger or friend, especially if it's too good to be true

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Many have pretended to be Rhaysus to trick people out of their possessions

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"Looks like one of Rhaysus' disciples has come to town"
"What are you, a Rhaysus?"
"A tongue that Rhaysus would be envious of"

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