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Name - What is Iron Mouth's name?

Iron Mouth

Description - Describe Iron Mouth.

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Type of condition - What kind of condition is Iron Mouth?


Alternate names - What other names is Iron Mouth known by?

Copper Tongue. Paw Shakers.

bubble_chart Causes
Genetic factors - What genetic factors affect how contractable or effective Iron Mouth is?


Environmental factors - What environmental factors affect how contractable or effective Iron Mouth is?


Lifestyle factors - What lifestyle factors affect how contractable or effective Iron Mouth is?


Transmission - How does Iron Mouth spread?

Iron Mouth can be transmitted through saliva and infected fish

Epidemiology - How is Iron Mouth controlled or quarantined? How does it first occur?


local_hospital Effects
Visual effects - How does Iron Mouth manifest visually?

Shaking paws is a very obvious sign

Mental effects - How does Iron Mouth affect the mind?


Symptoms - What are the symptoms of Iron Mouth?

Metallic taste in the mouth. Shaking paws. Ankle pain. Runny nose. Poor coat.

Duration - How long does Iron Mouth last?

It usually lasts for two weeks

Prognosis - How deadly is Iron Mouth? What is the most likely outcome for those who contract it?

Iron Mouth isn't lethal

Variations - What other forms of Iron Mouth are out there?


healing Treatment
Prevention - How do people keep from contracting Iron Mouth?

Fish with shaking fins should be cooked just in case

Diagnostic method - How do doctors determine whether someone has Iron Mouth?

The metallic taste and shaking paws

Treatment - What is the treatment for Iron Mouth?

Usually, rest and a proper diet are enough. Some cases require medication.

Medication - What medicines help treat Iron Mouth?

Odafonn Titan Orchid Leaves

Immunization - What immunizations are available for Iron Mouth?


bar_chart Analysis


Rarity - How rare is Iron Mouth?

1 in 32 adults have Iron Mouth

Symbolism - What does Iron Mouth represent in your world?


date_range History
Origin - Where did Iron Mouth originate?


Evolution - How has Iron Mouth changed over time?



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