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Name - What is Midawas named?


Description - How would you describe Midawas?

Endurance Racing

input Setup
Play area - Where is Midawas played? What surfaces or environments are needed?

In a specific racing arena called a Rabraenn

Equipment - What equipment do players need to play Midawas?

Armour is permitted, but most don't wear it

Number of players - How many people can play Midawas in a game? How many on each team? How many teams?

Up to 16

Scoring - How do players score points in Midawas?

The first to cross the line three times wins. However, points are given to those who use intellect and strategy to sabotage their competitors during the race. Being able to endure the obstacles and get past those attempts at sabotage are also awarded points.

Penalties - How can players be penalized in Midawas?

As it's supposed to be a dangerous sport, there are few penalties. Taking performance-enhancing drugs, bringing weapons and killing will get you disqualified. The game is about endurance, not death

How to win - How does a player or team win in Midawas?

In some games, it isn't about who crosses first, but how many points one can gather before crossing the line for the third time with the most points

directions_run Playing
Rules - What are the rules to play Midawas?

Do Not Kill
Do Not Take Performance Enhancing Drugs
Do Not Enter If Unprepared
Do Not Enter Before Knowing The Sport
Do Not Bring Weapons Outside Of The Rabraenn

Game time - How long does a game of Midawas take?

Four Hours is the limited time

Positions - What positions do players of Midawas play?


Strategies - What are the most common strategies players of Midawas apply?


Common injuries - How are players of Midawas most commonly injured? What risks are there?

Gashes, broken legs, bites, fur burn and so on

Most important muscles - What muscles are most important to play Midawas well?

The leg muscles are incredibly important to not only run fast, but be thick enough to handle whatever comes at them

group Culture
Uniforms - What do the uniforms of Midawas look like?

Competitors will take a colour and something that separates them from the rest, occasionally painting it onto their side.

Merchandise - What merchandise is popular with Midawas's teams?


Players - Who plays Midawas?

Wolves who play the game is called a Rabrat or Rabrae for plural

Countries - Which countries play Midawas?


Teams - What teams play Midawas?


Traditions - What traditions are common in Midawas?

Those who lose are encouraged to train to be better. While it is very competitive, good sportsmanship can determine whether you're popular or not. Popularity can help you get into special races, such as the Tomoro.

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