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Name - What is the name of Mortician?


Description - How would you describe Mortician?

Prepares bodies for funerals

Alternate names - What other names is Mortician referred to as?

Undertaker. Dead Dresser.

storage Requirements
Education - What kind of education is necessary to work for Mortician?

Five years studying alongside a senior Mortician. Learning to manage stress.

Experience - What experience is necessary to work for Mortician?

Experience is extremely important. Funerals are very dear to family members so messing them up is extremely frowned on.

Training - What training is necessary to work for Mortician?

Five years under a senior. Temping in a General Ring or a Morgue can help.

Work hours - How long are shifts at Mortician? When do people work?

The typical work hour for a mortician is 8 hours.

hdr_weak Risks
Occupational hazards - What are the most common risks and hazards associated with the Mortician job?

Diseases, parasites and attacks from upset packs

Long-term risks - What are the long-term risks of the Mortician job?

Long-term it can negatively affect your mental health and cause you to be numb or pessimistic. This is not all cases, just some. It depends on the individual.

hdr_strong Rewards
Pay rate - How much does Mortician pay?

Depends on area

Time off - How much time off do workers of Mortician get?

16 Hours

grain Specialization
Promotions - How are promotions handled at Mortician?

Reviews of how the wolf handled the wake and so forth can be a large determining factor. How you have treated the deceased and the family. Juniors can become a Senior after five years, but the ranks afterwards must be earned by hard work

Ranks - What's the hierarchy at Mortician? What ranks are available?

There is Archelder, Elder, Senior and Junior

Similar jobs - What other jobs are similar to Mortician?


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Notable figures - What notable figures are related to Mortician?

Sumaen & Rawis

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