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New religion meant to overtake Tiasis

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New Religion, False Faith

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Commandments of Religion

1 - You shall believe in no other gods.
2 - You shall not question God or God's word.
3 - You shall see justice is done according to god's will.
4 - You shall give testimony of crimes you witnessed unless the crimes were committed by your children.
5 - You shall follow only the light.
6 - You shall not betray your God.
7 - You shall look only to God for what may come in the future.
8 - You shall not give in to lust.
9 - You shall not worship false idols.
10 - You shall not forge the word of god.
11 - You shall not act upon your darkest desires, but instead cleanse them from your being.
12 - You shall not spread lies or rumours.
13 - You shall detach yourself from worldly possessions.
14 - You shall cast out murderers and rapists, so they may find god and ask for forgiveness.
15 - You shall ask God for forgiveness for your sins.
16 - You shall not seek to be superior over another, for all are equal below God.
17 - You shall encourage others who follow the path of god.
18 - You shall reach for perfection even knowing you cannot reach it, for perfection is God.
19 - You shall not stray from the true path.
20 - You shall seek knowledge, for knowledge brings you closer to god.

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