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Name - What is Commourn's name?


Type of condition - What kind of condition is Commourn?


Alternate names - What other names is Commourn known by?


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Genetic factors - What genetic factors affect how contractable or effective Commourn is?


Environmental factors - What environmental factors affect how contractable or effective Commourn is?


Lifestyle factors - What lifestyle factors affect how contractable or effective Commourn is?


Transmission - How does Commourn spread?

Commourn is a highly infectious viral disease of dogs which can cause mild signs in some individuals, but fatal in others.

Epidemiology - How is Commourn controlled or quarantined? How does it first occur?

Wolves less than one year of age are most commonly affected

local_hospital Effects
Visual effects - How does Commourn manifest visually?

Blue eye, coughing, and abdominal tenderness

Mental effects - How does Commourn affect the mind?


Symptoms - What are the symptoms of Commourn?

Early cases are often characterised by a marked lethargy. On examination, wolves have a high temperature, inflammation of the tonsils and enlarged lymph glands below the jaw. As acute tonsillitis is not common in wolves, its presence may be suggestive of infection. Vomiting and/or diarrhoea with inappetence usually then develops. Bright light may be painful for some dogs.

The liver becomes painful and enlarged on palpation. Jaundice and bleeding from the gums may develop as the liver fails. At this stage, the mucous membranes become pale or jaundiced. A tucked up appearance due to the pain is common. About 70% of cases die and although those that survive the acute stage recover, it may take many weeks to regain condition.

Duration - How long does Commourn last?

Until death or recovery

Prognosis - How deadly is Commourn? What is the most likely outcome for those who contract it?

Young wolves or wolves with poor immune systems

Variations - What other forms of Commourn are out there?

There is Shommourn that is far milder and less lethal

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Prevention - How do people keep from contracting Commourn?

Avoidance of wolves when one has been identified with Commourn

Diagnostic method - How do doctors determine whether someone has Commourn?

The Healers may be able to make a presumptive diagnosis based on signs in some cases. However, this is more difficult in the mild form as the symptoms are so vague.

Treatment - What is the treatment for Commourn?

Special diet to support liver function. Implementation of an exercise plan as severe setbacks may occur after excessive exercise even after apparent recovery.

Medication - What medicines help treat Commourn?

Scarlet Earth Tongue produces an anti-inflammatory response

Immunization - What immunizations are available for Commourn?


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