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Nesri is the third smallest country.

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Currency - What currency is used in Nesri?

Before the war, Nesri traded with each other using various fruits and nuts.

Laws - What are the major laws in Nesri?

It depends on each tribe.

Sports - What sports are popular in Nesri?

The Nesri have something akin to soccer called Agann.

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Music - What kinds of music are popular in Nesri?

Nesrine Wolves are lovers of dance and they make sounds to form music. They whistle, bark, howl and sing. They love it.

Education - How important is education in Nesri?

Nesri teaches what fruit and nuts are safe, what to avoid and so forth.

Architecture - What kind of architecture is popular in Nesri?

Nesrine Wolves are small so they've been able to make dens under trees. Dens are usually just dirt, but some have walls with clay and wood and other assortments. Some even place the skulls of those who've committed crimes on the walls as a final humiliation and to stop them from crossing over.

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Area - How big is Nesri?

516 km²

Crops - What crops does Nesri import or export?

Nesri has the most mangoes on the entire island.

Climate - What is the climate like in Nesri?

Temperate Rainforest & Temperate Deciduous Forest.

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