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Bird - Gleed Crow

Description - How would you describe a Bird - Gleed Crow?

A crow with a red shine to its feathers

Type of creature - What type of animal is Bird - Gleed Crow?


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Color - What colors does a Bird - Gleed Crow come in?

Mostly black with red 'stripes'

Shape - How would you describe the shape of a Bird - Gleed Crow?


Size - How big (or small) is the usual Bird - Gleed Crow?

Size of a raven

Notable features - What physical features are most notable for Bird - Gleed Crow?

It has naturally red eyes

Materials - What materials (feathers, scales, etc) is Bird - Gleed Crow made of?


Height - How tall is the usual Bird - Gleed Crow?


Weight - How much does the usual Bird - Gleed Crow weigh?


Vestigial features - What vestigial features does Bird - Gleed Crow have?


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Aggressiveness - How aggressive is the average Bird - Gleed Crow?

Gleed Crows are extremely aggressive birds, especially when nesting

Method of attack - What methods does a Bird - Gleed Crow use to attack?

Gleeds will swipe down, aiming to impale their beak or to scratch an enemy away. Their feathers, when in light, can confuse or mesmerise prey

Methods of defense - How does a Bird - Gleed Crow defend itself from attackers?

The shine of their feathers can be confusing, allowing them to escape.

Maximum speed - How fast can a Bird - Gleed Crow move?

57 mph

Strengths - What are the notable strengths of Bird - Gleed Crow?


Weaknesses - What are the notable weaknesses of Bird - Gleed Crow?


Sounds - What sounds does Bird - Gleed Crow make?


Spoils - When hunted, what spoils does a Bird - Gleed Crow leave behind?




Strongest sense - What is Bird - Gleed Crow's strongest sense?


Weakest sense - What is Bird - Gleed Crow's weakest sense?


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