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Description - How is Tiasis usually described?

This is the religion of old, known by many of the creatures in Bermuda, particularly the lions and shire wolves.
One of the greatest parts about this religion is its idea on good and bad. In a way, it never specifies what is good and what is bad, as each deity as their own idea of what these things are. But they all agree on karma.

Other names - What other names is Tiasis known by?

Religion of Old.

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Origin story - How did Tiasis first come into existence?

The true origin of Tiasis is unknown as it is part of prehistory.

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Teachings - What values does Tiasis teach?

Tiasis is mostly about appreciation, acceptance, beauty and knowing that while you are a cog in the machine, it wouldn't run as smoothly without you. There isn't a clear definition of good or bad, but that there is a consequence to every action you take.

Places of worship - Where does Tiasis worship happen?

There are numerous little shrines and a single temple dedicated to Tiasis. There is also one small "shrine" for each deity, a place for them to sleep when they aren't working.

Vision of paradise - What does the Tiasis vision of paradise look like?

Paradise is whatever you want it to be, but you must pass the judgement of Tora to be able to get there. Or you'll be taken to the core of Omenar (Hell).

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Initiation process - What does the Tiasis initiation process entail?

There isn't an initiation process, really. You either believe or you don't, it doesn't really matter to the deities on the surface. Those who do, do it because they appreciate what the deities do and the unthanked job they do.

Holidays - What are the Tiasis holidays?

Kukaldin - Festival of The Lunar Eclipse: It's exactly as it sounds. Whenever there's a lunar eclipse, it's celebrated because it means that Zyara and Omenar were able to embrace after so long apart.

Zonsyn - Feast of The Winter Solstice: Every Winter Solstice, everyone can celebrate the combined work of Cana, Mathos, Radona and Lunros' work.

Zirasil - Fest of Ancestors: The celebration of your ancestors, good and bad. It is very much like Day of the Dead, keeping your loved ones alive so long as you remember one. A day when they can come from the core of Zyara to be with you once a year.

Nyaris - Day of Nightfall: The longest day of the year is celebrated.

Oaris - Children's Festival: All young no matter the age are celebrated because they are the future and are very precious.

Reara - Fest of Petals: Every year for three days, a certain tree blooms bright blue leaves. For these three days, the trees are celebrated and the fruits growing from these trees are consumed.

Zohion - Fest of Parents: Every year, you celebrate the parents you love. Parents in the Tiasis religion are not determined by blood, but by who raises you through blood, sweat, tears and love. This hard work is to be celebrated.

Commandments of Religion

1 - You shall seek knowledge, for knowledge brings you closer to fulfilment.
2 - You shall love your children unconditionally, for they did not ask for you to bring them into this world.
3 - You shall offer a meal to hungry strangers.
4 - You shall live fully in the here and now.
5 - You shall not use or think of lives as property.
6 - You shall not take life for granted.
7 - You shall seek to improve life.
8 - You shall not take vengeance unless absolutely necessary.
9 - You shall take responsibility for your mistakes.
10 - You shall care for children orphaned by misfortune.
11 - You shall try to leave the world a better place you found it, for others come after you.
12 - You shall remain determined through times of struggle.
13 - You shall never harm a child.
14 - You shall teach your children to question the world, so they too may explore god's creation.
15 - You shall not act cruelly toward any life.
16 - You shall seek out diversity in all aspects of life.
17 - You shall not inflict pain or terror in the name of god.
18 - You shall not condemn people for the way they were born, for they too are god's creation.
19 - You shall take from nature no more than you need.
20 - You shall seek to understand that which you do not.
21 - You shall repay kindness with kindness.
22 - You shall honour your elders.
23 - You shall discard ignorance, but seek to understand where it came from so as to prevent future ignorance.
24 - You shall stimulate creativity and curiosity.
25 - You shall not desert those who count on you.
26 - You shall not give advice unless asked or when teaching.
27 - You shall not make sexual advances if rejected.
28 - You shall not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
29 - You shall not harm animals unless for defence or for food.
30 - You shall not abuse your partner for any reason.

Sins of Religion

Stupidity -

Virtues of Religion


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