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Name - What is Bog Affliction's name?

Bog Affliction

Description - Describe Bog Affliction.
Type of condition - What kind of condition is Bog Affliction?


Alternate names - What other names is Bog Affliction known by?

Taros' Ire

bubble_chart Causes
Genetic factors - What genetic factors affect how contractable or effective Bog Affliction is?

Poor/Immature immune system

Environmental factors - What environmental factors affect how contractable or effective Bog Affliction is?

Near wolves with the virus

Lifestyle factors - What lifestyle factors affect how contractable or effective Bog Affliction is?


Transmission - How does Bog Affliction spread?

Bog Affliction is spread from direct and indirect contact with an infected wolf. The wolf can contract the virus by ingesting the faeces of an infected wolf.

Epidemiology - How is Bog Affliction controlled or quarantined? How does it first occur?


local_hospital Effects
Visual effects - How does Bog Affliction manifest visually?

When a puppy or dog is suffering from Bog Affliction, they will just seem very tired at first and not want to eat or drink

Mental effects - How does Bog Affliction affect the mind?

A common effect of the mind is exhaustion.

Symptoms - What are the symptoms of Bog Affliction?

Lethargy. Losing weight. Abdominal pain. Profuse vomiting. Bloody diarrhoea. Dehydration. Fever. Hypothermia. Death.

Duration - How long does Bog Affliction last?

Depends on the wolf and the healer

Prognosis - How deadly is Bog Affliction? What is the most likely outcome for those who contract it?

It can be very deadly if not caught soon. Pups are often the victims of the virus

Variations - What other forms of Bog Affliction are out there?


healing Treatment
Prevention - How do people keep from contracting Bog Affliction?

When a wolf with Bog Affliction has been found, keep your distance. If you are pregnant, be very wary of any sick wolves.

Diagnostic method - How do doctors determine whether someone has Bog Affliction?

The blood in the diarrhoea has a scent to it.

Treatment - What is the treatment for Bog Affliction?

Continual monitoring; intravenous fluid and nutritional therapy will be given to help the wolf not become severely dehydrated.

Medication - What medicines help treat Bog Affliction?

Raven Moss can make it easier for the afflicted

Immunization - What immunizations are available for Bog Affliction?


bar_chart Analysis


Rarity - How rare is Bog Affliction?

In modern times, it is not as common as it used to be. However, it is treated very seriously

Symbolism - What does Bog Affliction represent in your world?


date_range History
Origin - Where did Bog Affliction originate?


Evolution - How has Bog Affliction changed over time?



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