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Name - What is Hegugieq's Flu's name?

Hegugieq's Flu

Description - Describe Hegugieq's Flu.
Type of condition - What kind of condition is Hegugieq's Flu?

Viral disease

Alternate names - What other names is Hegugieq's Flu known by?

Wolven Influenza

bubble_chart Causes
Genetic factors - What genetic factors affect how contractable or effective Hegugieq's Flu is?


Environmental factors - What environmental factors affect how contractable or effective Hegugieq's Flu is?


Lifestyle factors - What lifestyle factors affect how contractable or effective Hegugieq's Flu is?


Transmission - How does Hegugieq's Flu spread?

It was originally transmitted from horses.
The flu is airborne. Respiratory secretions escape into the environment in the form of coughing, barking, and sneezing, where they are then inhaled by a new canine host

Epidemiology - How is Hegugieq's Flu controlled or quarantined? How does it first occur?


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Visual effects - How does Hegugieq's Flu manifest visually?


Mental effects - How does Hegugieq's Flu affect the mind?


Symptoms - What are the symptoms of Hegugieq's Flu?

Coughing (both moist and dry). Sneezing. Nasal discharge. Purulent nasal discharge. Runny eyes. Fever. Lethargy. Difficulty breathing.

Duration - How long does Hegugieq's Flu last?

The incubation period of canine influenza is approximately 2-to-4 days from initial exposure to the dog flu virus.
Viral shedding starts to decrease after the fourth day, but wolves with this disease remain contagious for up to 16 days after exposure.

Prognosis - How deadly is Hegugieq's Flu? What is the most likely outcome for those who contract it?

The flu isn't

Variations - What other forms of Hegugieq's Flu are out there?


healing Treatment
Prevention - How do people keep from contracting Hegugieq's Flu?

The best way to prevent contracting Hegugieq's Flu is to keep away from public places with recently reported cases

Diagnostic method - How do doctors determine whether someone has Hegugieq's Flu?


Treatment - What is the treatment for Hegugieq's Flu?

Healers isolate wolves with Hegugieq's Flu for at least 21 days to reduce the risk of transmission. There is no cure, all you can do is make the wolf comfortable as they naturally fight it off.

Medication - What medicines help treat Hegugieq's Flu?

Susoleq flowers help with the coughing

Immunization - What immunizations are available for Hegugieq's Flu?


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Rarity - How rare is Hegugieq's Flu?


Symbolism - What does Hegugieq's Flu represent in your world?


date_range History
Origin - Where did Hegugieq's Flu originate?


Evolution - How has Hegugieq's Flu changed over time?



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