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Why hello there little one
What service is it of me that you require?
Whatever it is, it’s sure to be fun
I’m looking forward to your heed

I’ll give you the deck to play this little game
Do you want a life of riches, power and fame?
Do you want vengeance, self service and to indulge in sin?
The seven most deadly my power they are within!

With a snap of my claws, it can all be before you
You’ll see sights you never knew
Your appetites can be served on plates of gold
The world will be within your very hold

With a blink of my seven eyes, I’ll fill you with passion
With a swing of my tail, you’ll drown in confidence
With a tap of my toes, freedom will be in your grasp
I’ll guide you to stability
It’s all within my ability
There’s oh so much that I can do for you
I’ll make it so you’re no longer blue

I can make your desired’s hearts bleed
I can fulfil your every depraved need
No obstacle for you will impede
I surely do home that you do agree

With a wave of my claws, riches will be yours
With a breath, you’ll cry with joy
With a flick of my wrist, you will be fulfilled
It all sounds too good to be, true
But these are no lies that to you I spew
I will be your sweet dear demon
Deal with me and you will be a free man

All you need to do is sign the dotted line
It’s truly that simple, really!
I'll be here for you until your world ends
The choice has been given clearly
Sign the line and we’ll be dear friends
Fate can be yours freely…

Ah, the catch, of course there is
Nothing fun is for free
Why not take this bunce?
You only live once
The day you die, I’ll have my payment
That sounds like a good arrangement

I cannot hide my smile when you sign
I cannot cease my glee when the parchment is scarred
You cannot hide your thirst
If only you had read the fine print,
Then you’d know that you were cursed!

When you gamble with souls,
the house always wins
If you play your cards wrong, then soon I’ll see you
With what I’ve supplied, I know you’ll make many sins

Greed, gluttony, envy, apathy
wrath, sloth, pride and lust
There’re just so many to choose from
I’m so ecstatic that I may combust

I’ll wait for when your hunger is abated
You’ll have to face the friend who waited
I will enjoy when you look deflated
How you should have read the agreement
You’d know of my depravement,
You’d know your soul’s enslavement
If only you’d checked the arraignment

With a click of my tongue, your best cards will be played
With sway of my hips, it all starts to fall
With a flick of my ears, all you gained will drain
Only now you know you were never happy
Being given turns out to be quite crappy

It’s only worth it when it’s earned
To fail repeatedly, then to finally succeed
The joy in your stomach would’ve churned
But you cheated
You made a deal without reading
With each inked stroke, you freedom was receding

It was a pleasure to play, I enjoyed you
It’s greater to watch them climb only to tumble down
The higher they go the greater they fall
How I love to watch all your gains fall into a blackhole
You were great amusement
But please don’t think this is traducement

I’m just the deal maker,

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