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Name - What is Agann named?


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Play area - Where is Agann played? What surfaces or environments are needed?

It's a little difficult as it requires a flat surface but it is very fun for those to play.

Equipment - What equipment do players need to play Agann?

A net made from weaved reeds and vines. A ball made from mud, vines, leaves and clay. Clayed sticks to mark the playing field.

Number of players - How many people can play Agann in a game? How many on each team? How many teams?

There is usually 6 on each team with a 7th at the goal to keep the weaveball out.

Scoring - How do players score points in Agann?

Every time the ball goes into the crossing/net, a point is scored. If the game does not have a time limit, it'll usually end after 7 points.

Penalties - How can players be penalized in Agann?

Attacking other players can cause the game to end.

How to win - How does a player or team win in Agann?

You get 10 points or your team has the most points after the time limit is up.

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Game time - How long does a game of Agann take?

The game can last as much as an entire day depending on the occasion.

Positions - What positions do players of Agann play?

There isn't really any place you need to be.

Common injuries - How are players of Agann most commonly injured? What risks are there?

Broken paws, dislocated paws, scabbed noses and bitten tongues are most common.

Most important muscles - What muscles are most important to play Agann well?

The spine, legs and neck are important to hit the ball.

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Uniforms - What do the uniforms of Agann look like?

Each team will wear a kind of shirt or cape, all of which have feathers from a colourful bird so everyone knows who is on whose team.

Popularity - How popular is Agann?

It is the main sport of Nesri and is popular in other countries.

Teams - What teams play Agann?

The Flying Hippos (Grey). The Stark Bats (Black). The Mysterious Stags (Brown). The Thunder Comets (Orange).

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