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Name - What's the name of this flora?


Description - How would you describe Hissodar?

A plant with properties that can help the ear.

Other names - What other names is Hissodar known by?

Quiet Holly

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Colorings - What kinds of colorings are found on each part of Hissodar?

Square green leaves. Red berries.

Size - How big does Hissodar grow?

A metre wide and half a metre tall.

Smell - What does Hissodar smell like?

It smells like coffee

Taste - What does Hissodar taste like?

The leaves are very bitter but the berries are sweet.

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Fruits - What fruits does Hissodar produce?


Seeds - What kinds of seeds does Hissodar produce?

The seeds are small, tan and if placed in hot water call make a drink that can be comparable to tea.

Nuts - What kinds of nuts does Hissodar produce?


Berries - What kinds of berries does Hissodar produce?

The berries are called Hossberries

Medicinal purposes - Does Hissodar have any medicinal use?

hossberries and when eaten, they can assist with eat infections. If mashed and rubbed in the ears, they can help with infections and sores.

Material uses - How is Hissodar used in producing other materials?

When ground, they can be used as a red dye

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Reproduction - How does Hissodar reproduce and spread?

The berries will drop or be eaten by birds.

Seasonality - What seasons or climates is Hissodar most often found in?

It is usually seen bearing fruit in the summer.

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