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Name - What is Andrew Graves’s full name?

Andrew Graves

Description - Describe Andrew Graves.

Andrew Graves, alias the Reaper, is the deuteragonist of DOLLCORE. He is a Doll, the younger twin brother of Canarie Graves, and the current vessel of the Death Doll. Two years before the main story, he was mysteriously killed and suddenly brought back from the dead.


The Reaper
The Death Doll
Andy (by Canarie Graves)
Zom-Boy (by Rin Redlock)

Age - How old is Andrew Graves?

12 (at time of death, true age)
14 (chronologically, "physically")

Gender - What is Andrew Graves’s gender?



Canarie Graves (older twin sister)
Alma Graves (mother; deceased)
Yolotli Graves (father; deceased)
Rin Redlock (love interest)
Death Doll (current vessel-incarnation)

Occupation - What is Andrew Graves’s occupation?

Harvester (through Lady Death)


Fivefold Suns Cavalry
Lady Death




Deceased (as a human)
Active (as a Doll)

Cause of Death

Sacrificed to become the Death Doll

Voice Actor(s)

Nobuhiko Okamoto (JP)
Micah Solusod (ENG)



Name Meaning

Andrew: play on the word “undead” (Ahn-ded)
Graves: literally meaning “grave”


“Do what you want. My only role in this is to protect your life. I’ve got reason to interfere in it.”
“I don’t wanna die as a Doll. I wanna die as a human. I’ve been followin’ Canarie on whatever plan she has to bring me back to life, but to be honest with you, I know I ain’t ever, ever gonna become a human again. There’s just no way. That’s why I want to go and bury myself a grave, I dunno.”
“Humans can do anything they want and go anywhere they want. They can be whoever they wanna be. Canarie’s a human, but she does none of those things. And it’s all ’cause of me.”
"What you should really be scared of are the regrets you leave behind.”
"You can't always rely on stupid wish-making and stuff like that. They just don't come true randomly." -- to Rin Redlock

face Looks
Weight - How much does Andrew Graves weigh?


Height - How tall is Andrew Graves?

176 cm (5'9¼")

Race - What is Andrew Graves’s race?



Andrew is a tall and thin adolescent, usually having a weary, droopy, and disinterested expression on his face. He has unruly dark brown hair that fades to a grayish white tint, brown skin, and square-shaped dark blue eyes with eyebags underneath them. He wears a headband from time to time, and is described to be somewhat attractive.

His most distinguishing traits are surgical stitch patterns across his left eye, neck, wrists, and feet, as well as razor sharp teeth.

His attire consists of a black turtleneck shirt underneath a blue jumpsuit with a white hoodie, which is highlighted with orange and white and is fastened with a belt with a gold skull buckle. He has chain cuffs on his hands and ankles, as well as black boots with white buckles.

Andrew was initially 165 cm (the same height as present Canarie) before he had the arms and legs of full-grown adults connected to his torso. Somehow, the limbs changed from their original skin color to match Andrew's.

fingerprint Nature

Andrew is a crude and ill-tempered individual with an unenthusiastic and nonchalant demeanor. Though mostly reserved, he speaks out of irritation sometimes. The best word used to describe Andrew is “unpredictable”; he is shameless, having no issue being arrogant and rude towards anyone, including those in a higher position than him. Andrew is known to be the polar opposite of his sister, Canarie; he’s impatient, rude and acts mostly out self-interest. He usually comes out of his coffin and wanders around aimlessly, sometimes looking for a Doll to eat. He is also very apathetic, often neglecting to do anything he deems annoying or pointless. The only manifestations of this behavior come from the fact that he is a rather impatient person. Because of his impatience, very few activities hold his attention for long, and he soon moves on to something else. He is also a glutton for the cores of Dolls and occasionally drools when he senses a good prey.

Andrew has a certain degree of tolerance for the people he considers close friends. People who earn his trust are handled with more casual amiability and less hostility. He has a dark and sarcastic sense of humor as he likes to toy with people’s emotions by picking on them, as evidenced by his interactions with Rin Redlock, because he finds her reactions to his banter amusing. Another victim of his “bullying” is Benny Tonner, whom he treats more harshly and expresses no remorse for it. Andrew is also aware of human customs and societal norms, but he only interacts with humans when it benefits him.

Despite his overall anti-social behavior, Andrew isn’t without heart and is capable of small acts of kindness. He doesn’t express his care for people directly since he doesn’t want to get attached. While he is (sometimes by force) willing to assist others, he never expects to be thanked for his efforts. This, however, invariably backfires on him, as he attracts unwanted attention from others. Furthermore, he has a hard time rejecting kindness, which is why he can't refuse Rin.

Additionally, Andrew can be wary of some humans, most likely referring to the Enforcers, due to the fact he occasionally has flashbacks of his time with Crow, a former Enforcer, who performed experiments on him. His hatred of Crow extends to other Enforcers, seen when he immediately becomes contemptible and dismissive of Benny Tonner when he learns the latter is an Enforcer. Andrew also holds contempt and disgust towards the Followers of the Forgotten God (the Death Doll) because of their brutal practices and is very uncomfortable when they refer to him as a god. He is even more repulsed when he learns they have been the ones responsible for the deaths of many to express their worship.

Though he may not express it directly, Andrew is afraid about the possibility of his friends dying. He is also saddened upon seeing human suffering, and tries to protect humans as much as he can, showing that while he may dislike interacting with them, he takes the time to protect them at the cost of his own being. He acknowledges the fact he might not be able to save everyone, but he still tries do so anyway. He often quickly denies that he is an extremely kind person (in his own way), giving the excuse that he only saves lives as to not let their deaths weigh on his conscience. It is noted that Andrew doesn’t say this out of a sense of pride, but because he feels ashamed of himself for being a doll pretending to be human.

One of Andrew's more human traits is his tendency to overexert himself to the point of exhaustion- which stayed with him beyond the grave- and his perceptiveness, as he is one of the few people if not the first to recognize Canarie’s mental instability and harmful codependency. Andrew's ability to feel emotions is a hint at him being the Death Doll, who was described as being the only doll capable of feeling human emotions.

As a human, Andrew was a very emotional person like his mother and had a sharp tongue like his father. He was stubborn and had a volatile and firm temperament, but that was his way to show concern. He, like his mother, had a strong habit of letting his emotions guide him. When his father and sister suddenly disappeared, Andrew took care and comforted his grief-stricken mother, secretly worrying about his family's well-being and begging them to return.

He disliked it when his family members were insulted and reacted in very aggressive ways, such as when he punched some boys who mocked Canarie for her mental illness.

Following the death of their mother, Andrew became more strict and harsh, often reprimanding Canarie into taking care of herself. Andrew thought of his actions as positive in order to make Canarie emotionally stronger, not knowing that it only led to Canarie doubting herself even more and developing a need to not be perceived as a burden in his eyes.

When he worked in the mines, he developed an extreme distaste for rich people because they boasted about their wealth to the workers, who were obviously low-class. As a doll, he shows the same annoyance and distaste for prideful people, though he can't remember the reason why he disliked them in the first place. Andrew was already infected by the Nothing when his mother died, but he had some level of resistance from it. Up until his death, he could feel the effects of the disease clouding his mind, but he desperately fought against it by keeping remnants of his identity alive.


Andrew is a unique case in that, despite being a doll, he has no urge to attack or devour humans, owing to his subconscious recollections of his human life (and the Death Doll's memories) rather than the experimenting and sealing of his abilities. However, during combat, he seems to be more “alive”,
becoming extremely sadistic and aggressive, hinting on his near constant need to satisfy his hunger. He unleashes his deranged and twisted side on other dolls, and he is often seen smiling and taunting his opponents before he finishes then off and eats their cores in an animalistic manner. He especially becomes more brutal during Black Moon, an event where Dolls get increasingly stronger and hungrier.

Andrew also doesn't have a sense of taste and cannot eat human foods, as they cause him to regurgitate. He is only able to taste the cores of Dolls, which he remarks that even though he’s gotten used to it, they taste horrible, and it is a possibility his foul mood stems from constantly having to eat them. He swore to never consume a human soul, although it’s not because he’s worried about what will happen to him but because he doesn’t want to lose his remaining humanity. After he acquires his “real” heart, the Death Doll's core, his hunger for human souls disappears completely.

Mental Health

As the story progresses, it becomes more evident that Andrew is a much more complex individual than he lets on, as he is someone who struggles with who he is. Beneath his indifferent and cold facade, Andrew shows his deeper nature to be that of someone who deeply cherishes his humanity to the point of fearing becoming desensitized and turning into another monster like the Dolls he kills, and as a result, he willingly starves himself by refusing to consume human souls and to kill another human no matter the circumstances.

he was able to recognize Canarie was because she shared the same blood as their father, who was a friend of the original Death Doll. Andrew also shows discomfort with his own body, as he feels that it doesn't belong to him, and tends to be self-destructive as a result. It is heavily implied that Andrew suffers from imposter syndrome, as he goes to many lengths to keep his status as a Doll a secret and simultaneously trying to convince himself he has remaining humanity within him.

His more positive attributes are his selflessness and drive to protect the people he cares about no matter the cost, even if it means having to alienate himself from them. Ultimately, Andrew’s true goal is to make Canarie move on and connect with other people, so he can finally rest in peace and die knowing his sister would be okay without him. Even though he thinks Canarie only wants to bring back who he was as a human and not who he currently is, he still considers Canarie his only connection to his humanity, and he wishes to keep her alive, and by extension his humanity, so he can die as a human and not as a Doll.

However, deep down in his heart, Andrew wishes to be human again, something that he actively despises himself for even thinking. He fears becoming attached to humans because he knows he desires he wants to become one again. This is also why he dislikes interacting with them, as he believes that the more he does so, the more the thought will affect his plans.



groups Social
group Relationships

Alma Graves
Andrew deeply respected and loved his mother. He thought of her as an amazing and inspiring person despite suffering from chronic illness, and so he wanted to help her in anything. Canarie even noted that he most likely got his emotional personality from her. He comforted her when his father and Canarie disappeared and refused to leave her side.

It is implied that Andrew knew about Alma's calming drug for Canarie, which was supposed to lessen her nightmares and sleepwalking, as he’s seen gathering materials for it. He promised his mother he would protect his family no matter what.

When Andrew started working in the mine, his relationship with his mother began to deteriorate. He was stressed from overworking in the mine, having to watch over Canarie when she was sleepwalking, and looking for good medicine for his mother's condition, causing Alma to be concerned for his health. Andrew brushed off her concerns and assured her he was fine. One day, Andrew and his mother had an argument, and it eventually culminated in Alma collapsing, later dying.

Andrew was devastated by her death and blamed himself for causing her to die. Upon his death, he lost his memories of his mother. However, the memory of his mother continues to influence him despite him being a Doll. She appears multiple times in his subconsciousness as a symbol of his humanity, encouraging him to keep his promise and protect Canarie, and other times when he is about to lose control over his instincts.

Canarie Graves
Canarie is Andrew's older twin sister. Despite losing all of his memories, Andrew was able to recognize Canarie's soul, though this more so because the original Death Doll’s consciousness recognized that she shared the same blood as Yolotli Graves. He tends to be rude and dismissive when Canarie reprimands him for his behavior, but nevertheless respects her and occasionally holds back his tongue when she is serious. He is also extremely protective of his sister, which is prevalent in instances such as when he carries her back home when she is sleepwalking, using himself as a literal meat shield (in case she cannot avoid incoming attacks) or even protecting her from Benny Tonner when he asks to fight her. He dislikes how airheaded she can be in social situations and finds it ironic how he, a Doll, has more focus and social intelligence compared to her.

Their complicated relationship is one of the main driving forces of the plot. Andrew believes that Canarie does not truly view him as human and only views him as a replacement for the original Andrew, and is fully aware that her mental health is dependent on him. Despite this, Andrew puts that thought aside protect her, as he is aware of how fragile Canarie truly is and firmly believes that she is the very last person that connects him to his own humanity. He is one of the few people to see glimpses of Canarie's mind (through her sleepwalking), and he often wishes he could help her, but he knows he cannot unless she is willing to open up. Another darker aspect of their relationship is how dependent Canarie's mental state is on Andrew. He is aware that he is the only reason why Canarie keeps on living because she desperately wants to turn him back into a human. Andrew, knowing that this will only worsen her general well-being, wants to keep her alive at all costs, and he does this by making her spend even more time with the rest of their friends and isolating her from him. Andrew's wish for Canarie to keep on living also contributes to his overprotectiveness. It is also noted by other people, especially Rin, that Andrew's selflessness jumps out when it comes to Canarie. His desire stems from the fact that Andrew wants Canarie to let him and her past go completely. Andrew's primary goal in the story is to keep Canarie happy and safe regardless of what happens to him.

Once he regained his memories, he felt immense guilt for being one of the main reasons why she never opened up. He saw himself as a heartless monster and opted to stay out of her life so that her emotional growth wouldn't be stunted by his presence.

When Andrew was a young human, he had a casual and loving sibling bond with Canarie. In their past, Canarie used to jokingly put frogs in front of his face, knowing well that he hated small animals. He was highly defensive of his sister when others spoke badly of her and sometimes reacted aggressively. He was deeply worried for her after her disappearance, praying every day for her safe return. Once she had returned, he noticed after a while that she was hiding something. He described her as looking detached from reality. He could also tell she got visibly nervous and stressed when he asked her where she had been, leading him to wonder what happened to her during the time she was gone. However, he hesitated in asking her, as he believed he was only causing more harm. He also became worried that her airheaded nature would cause others to take advantage of her, so he became more stubborn, reprimanding her into taking care of herself and becoming more independent. He thought that by letting her achieve independence by herself, she wouldn't need to depend on him. Unfortunately, Canarie misunderstood his intentions as him perceiving her to be a burden, causing her to reject help even though it was clear she was struggling.

Andrew was infected by the Nothing after their mother died, but he was affected gradually. As a result of the infection, he became more distant and cold towards Canarie, and sometimes outright rude to her. This only furthered Canarie's belief that Andrew thought of her as a burden, so she stayed out of his way as much as possible.


Rin Redlock
Andrew had a rocky start with Rin. Despite being allowed to live in her house, he treats her with very little respect. He is initially annoyed with her stubbornness and tendency to drag him into situations he dislikes, and he later decides to counter her by teasing her endlessly, giving her the nickname "Gizmo Girl." He is secretly amused by her reactions to his banter. Despite his apathetic personality and her optimistic outlook keeping them at odds, he grows to care for her in his own way. Andrew is willing, occasionally, to put aside his "pride" and talk honestly with her about his more personal feelings, such as his resentment and concern for Canarie, showcasing the degree of trust he has with her.

It later becomes clear that Rin’s kindness and open-minded attitude started He develops a soft spot for her; he makes sure she is not harmed at any cost, and in cases where she is severely hurt, he becomes agitated and angry. Despite attempting to avoid her, he always ends up beside her. He secretly shows worry and anxiety over whether Rin will continue to act as kindly as she does if she discovers he's a Doll, though he later remarks that "she's the type of girl who would make friends with ghosts if she could see them." Nevertheless, he still refused to reveal his secret as he didn't want to damage the relationship he had with her, to the point where he threatens anyone if they tell Rin that he is a Doll. He confesses that he wants to be the only one to tell her and felt horrible that Rin found out the hard way after he was dismembered in front of her. After discovering that she had been put in harm's way because of him, he distanced himself from her. Later, Rin, despite feeling upset at being lied to, sought him out and told him that she would still treat him as a friend despite what he was, Andrew felt great relief that she didn't view him as a monster. Regardless, he warned her that if she stuck by him, she would be in greater danger. Additionally, he offered to be her "test dummy", signifying that he would let her vent out her emotions and feelings on him without judgement. However, Rin misunderstood him as saying that he would let her experiment her gadgets on him.

Andrew was the one who found Leo injured and brought him over to Rin's home. Initially, he was indifferent about him and too frustrated to deal with his silent and slow personality, describing him as a "weak little mouse". Despite showing annoyance, Andrew doesn't treat Leo badly and often tries to make an effort to understand him as Rin had requested him to do so. Andrew also seems to relate to Leo's inability to handle large groups of people and is a little impressed to see how powerful he is. He eventually grows to care for him in own way once Leo gains enough confidence to earn his respect. Their relationship is best described as a young pup and old street dog. They are also known as a powerful duo when they fight alongside each other, as they create massive explosions with Andrew's smoke and Leo's fire.

Iris Ziege
Andrew and Iris have a less than friendly bond. Andrew dislikes Iris's excessively violent personality; he thinks of her as an egotistical maniac and even nicknamed her "Devil Brat". He occasionally teams up with Jackie to discipline her. Though they are generally antagonistic towards each other, their interactions are more comedic in nature. One time, Iris stabbed him in the head as she thought it would properly put him to rest, which greatly angered Andrew and almost threw her out a window. As time progresses, he grows tolerant of her presence, but still thinks of her rebellious nature is a bad influence.

Jóse Victoria
Andrew doesn't trust Jóse at all and avoids her as much as he can. He often calls her a "corrupt woman" and wonders how she managed to gain the position of Captain given she seems unable to take anything seriously and her mysterious personality. He also calls her a “hag” because he is aware that her soul is old. Despite his lack of respect for her, he knows she is incredibly dangerous and is aware of her plans to use him and Canarie. He also hates it when she blackmails him with his status as a Doll. He is aware of her true nature because he can see her soul, and uses that fact to urge Canarie to stay away from her.

Jackie D. Bones
Despite having very differing personalities, Andrew seems to have a good friendship with Jackie. He was initially wary of him at first because of his affiliation to Jóse. Later, Jackie gains Andrew's trust and respect, the latter regarding him as an ally. Their dislike for Iris's out-of-line behavior is one of the things they have common, and they often team up together to reprimand her.

device_hub Family
date_range History
Birthday - When is Andrew Graves’s birthday?

November 2

Background - What is Andrew Graves’s background?


Andrew was born in a rural bough village, the sole son of farmers Alma and Yolotli Graves, and the younger twin brother of Canarie. His early years were generally content and ordinary.

Yolotli and Canarie's disappearance

Canarie went out to gather herbs one day and didn't return. Andrew wanted to look for her, but his father stopped him, telling him that walking at night was dangerous. That would be the last time he saw his father, as he never returned. Andrew waited with his heartbroken mother for his father and Canarie's return as the days passed. Fortunately, three days later, Canarie was finally found, but their father was nowhere to be seen. Canarie was eventually found three days later, but their father was nowhere to be found. Though relieved to see his sister again, he realized that Canarie was extremely distressed and panicked when someone questioned about her disappearance. He was aware that Canarie had changed, but he didn't want to upset her by questioning her about it. Canarie never revealed that she had been trapped in the Void for three weeks.

Following her return, Canarie would suddenly start to sleepwalk, leaving their home and going to the spot by the river where she had vanished. This would keep Andrew awake at night.
Despite being tired and exhausted, Andrew always guided her back home and put her to bed. He assumed that whatever had happened to her had triggered her sleepwalking.

Years before his death

Andrew felt it was his obligation to provide for his family in whatever way he could. In order to provide for his family, he became a roustabout/miner and mastered prospecting skills. He was noted for his eagerness to learn and work harder than other miners, which gained him the respect of experienced miners. He was also mindful of the risks of working in a mine, since a miner would often die in the middle of his shift.

He had an argument with his mother one day when she was increasingly worried about his stay in the mine outside work hours, until she collapsed from pressure. Andrew rushed out of the house and ran to locate a doctor, but he was too late; he found Canarie with their mother's lifeless body. It was eventually confirmed that their mother died of heart issues triggered by a high level of stress as well as an illness. Andrew was devastated and blamed himself for his mother's death.

One night, Canarie, who was sleepwalking, attempted to strangle Andrew, who managed to get her off of him. The next day, when he tried to question Canarie, she was unable to remember the previous night. Andrew grew frustrated by his sister's concerning behavior. During this time, he discovered that he was coughing up blood, a sign of heart disease. Because he knew he was going to die young, he worked even harder in order to earn money and leave it to his sister. At the same time, his soul was fighting against the Nothing's influence, resulting in him becoming desperate for money and shifting moods constantly as he was trying to keep remnants of his identity alive in his subconscious. As a result, he became more estranged and distant from his sister.


After a final heated argument with Canarie, Andrew headed to the mine and found out it was being bought by Enforcer diplomats and closed down. Though frustrated and angry at his boss's decision, he went down in order to retrieve things of value. He was unaware that he was being followed by four other miners who were under the Puppeteer's control and didn't discover it until it was too late. While he was examining important minerals of value, he found that the canary he brought down to him was dead. Knowing what it meant, he hurriedly gathered his belongings and headed towards the path to the exit. In a moment of distraction, Andrew was suddenly startled by the other miners, who were motionless. He tried to alert them that the mine was in a dangerous state to be in but they did not respond. Confused and uneasy over his coworkers' behavior, he attempted to move past them, hoping that they would follow him. The miners quickly headed over to him and blocked his path. At this point, Andrew was both angry and afraid, becoming even more desperate to leave. He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his back, to which he turned and found that he had been stabbed. After succumbing to his wounds, his human heart was extracted, and a new one, the Death Doll's core, was put into place.

As the vessel of the Death Doll, the Puppeteer ordered the brainwashed miners to dismember Andrew. The miners cut off a limb from their own bodies and put them next to Andrew's corpse. However, when Andrew/the Death Doll didn't reawaken as soon as he had hoped, the Puppeteer confirmed the ritual as a failure. The core was removed from Andrew and taken away by tying it with one of the Puppeteer's strings, teleporting it away. The brainwashed miners were controlled to destroy Andrew's original body parts, sew their mouths shut, and hang themselves.


Andrew's corpse was so badly desecrated that he was only able to be identified because of the canary cage he was still grasping in his severed hand. The only pieces of his body that were found were his torso, which was discovered stitched together with the severed limbs of the hanged men. His other body parts were never found.

Andrew was laid to rest by Canarie herself near the willow tree where the other Graves family members were buried. As Canarie was burying the coffin, Andrew's corpse was in the process of merging itself completely with the limbs of the miners. Eventually, Andrew, possessed by the Death Doll's consciousness, managed to break himself out of his coffin and his grave, taking Canarie by surprise. He mistook Canarie for his attackers and attempted to attack, to which a terrified Canarie responded by grabbing his pickaxe and striking him until he went into a comatose state.

During the time he was unconscious, Canarie was approached by a stranger, who introduced herself as Lady Death, the Curator of Souls. She then offered to help them in exchange for their aiding her in finding a way to stop the Nothing disease, as she claimed she saw "something special" in them. She told them to find a doctor known as Crow, a recently retired Enforcer who could help Andrew seal away his abilities and give him a new core as a replacement. Andrew was locked away inside Crow's laboratory, where he was experimented on for the purpose of research and to try to seal his abilities away. In the meantime, Canarie was practicing her newfound powers.


Two years later, Andrew got out of the laboratory and met again with Lady Death. Andrew said that though he had no memory of his death, he was still able to recognize Canarie and that he was ready for their "contract." He, along with Canarie, became Lady Death's Reaper and Harvester, hunting down Dolls and ate their hearts, as well as taking their body parts for himself. He became known among people as an urban legend, a Doll who eats other Dolls.

- Canaries were used in mines to detect dangerous and toxic gases.
- Because of the Death Doll's core being inside of him Andrew could feel everything happen to him even after he was dead, which meant that Andrew could feel his own body be mutilated.
- The plan was to reawaken the Death Doll by taking his body apart and putting new limbs together, which would cause the core to try to reassemble itself, a sign of the Death Doll awakening.
- Unbeknownst to the Puppeteer, the "consciousness" of the Death Doll had already merged with Andrew's corpse, which merged his memories with Andrew's own memories.
- The brutal murder-suicide shook the village, and the townspeople were outraged at the mine's owners for allowing such a thing to happen as well as at the perpetrators for hanging themselves after they committed the murder, labeling them as cowards. The mine was closed down as soon as most of Andrew's corpse was recovered.
- According to Lady Death, "a human who was exposed to the blot diseases during their lifetime was forever bound to become a doll upon their deaths." She then comments that Andrew isn't the same person as when he was a human, and the only true release he could have was death.

gamepad Abilities

Like most Dolls, Andrew lacks the average functions of a human being, such as breathing or having a heartbeat. He is also functionally blind, but he can detect and converse with others through the ability to see the shape of souls. More significantly, he has a special talent in which eating the hearts/cores of Dolls enhances his fighting prowess. Due to being undead, he cannot feel pain; he displays this by acting indifferent even after being dealt with life-threating injuries which could kill a human easily. However, he is prone to overexerting himself to the point his limbs will fall off and become unable to be reattached. As a result, Andrew remains inside a coffin where his extremities can gain more resistance. His skills increase tremendously during a Black Night.

Enhanced Strength
Andrew possesses great physical strength, capable of overpowering strong dolls only via his own strength. Because of his toughness and agility, he is able to avoid and dodge opposing assaults with ease.

Andrew has a talent for picking up new skills and is quick to incorporate new techniques into his fighting style if he sees his opponent using them.

Core/Soul Sight
Most Dolls have the ability to see souls, as they are the only thing they can see. Andrew, however, has the ability to see both Cores and the shape of souls. He uses his sight to determine evil beings and humans.

Fighting Style
Andrew's unorthodox fighting methodology is built on breakdancing, making him very unpredictable and difficult to counter. His ability to adapt also plays a part in his fighting style.

Using Rin Redlock's personalized gadgets, Andrew can add any sort of attachment to his hands and arms, most notably his usage of the Grapple-hook and Morph Gloves. This ability also extends to Andrew dismantling Dolls and using their body parts in order to enhance his physical prowess.

Doll Physiology
Andrew is prone to getting his limbs severed and his head chopped off, like most Dolls. He is incapable of experiencing any pain as well as regenerating new body parts, but he can instantly reconnect his severed limbs. In his awakened state, Andrew's reconnecting ability evolved to the point of using his smoke to instantly reattach his body parts.


Obsidian Dagger
A dagger made of obsidian which Andrew takes out of his mouth by ripping out his tongue. It’s extremely sharp and can cut through any material regardless of rigidity.


Andrew doesn't have a lot of weaknesses due to him being a Doll, but what could be considered a main weakness is his ragdoll physiology. When he over-exerts himself, his limbs fall apart and are unable to reattached. After battle, he has to stay inside his coffin where the strings that attach his limbs to his torso are strengthened.

Doll Burst

Death Doll Burst: Smoke
As the Death Doll, Andrew's power emerges physically; he emits spurts of smoke from any part of his body that he can control at will.
His smoke may be used offensively in a multitude of ways, including hiding himself in it to attack his opponents without being noticed, driving it into people's bodies, causing them to suffocate internally and die, and solidifying it to create a smoke club resembling a macuahuitl. He may also use his smoke as a mode of transportation, hardening it to the point where it can be used as a platform.

He can also infuse his smoke within a human to pause their lifespan, similarly to cryonics. This ability is shown when he unconsciously made Canarie inhale smoke which put her body into a paused state in order to stop her wounds from becoming fatal.

Currently, his smoke is a weakened form of the Death Doll's original abilities, which were regarded as weapons of destruction that was difficult for the former to control. The original Death Doll himself weakened his own power in order to not cause harm to humans.

edit Notes

  • Andrew is inspired by the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca, whom he shares similarities with. According to myth, the god was said to be very conflictive and unpredictable in nature. In addition, both have smoke manipulation abilities (Tezcatlipoca being the god of smoke).

  • Andrew and Canarie's birthplace, Las Calaveras, is heavily inspired by Xochimilco. Since they're from the countryside, they're not completely used to highly populated areas, although Canarie is more surprised by the city life compared to Andrew, who has little to no memory of his birthplace and was able to adapt rather quickly to the city life.

  • He has an artificial "heart" lodged in where his real heart should be placed there by Crow, who claimed it was to restrain his powers for his own safety and of others and to act as a sugorrate for the real heart, the Death Doll's core. However, the artificial heart was never able to fully adapt to Andrew's body, leaving his body parts prone to falling off.

  • He is usually dragged into doing things he doesn't want to do by Canarie.

  • He has a bunch of pet axolotl-like Dolls he named Chompers, due to their large mouths and tendency to bite. He discovered them while on a mission, and they proceeded to follow him into Zenpatlan. Since they were relatively harmless and their bites didn't hurt a lot, Andrew, at the request of Josè, became their guardian reluctantly. Although Andrew is indifferent with their presence, the Chompers view him as their master. Sometimes, he orders them to attack people he dislikes, such as Benny Tonner.

  • His type of person is someone who can tell what he's feeling by looking at him.

  • It’s implied that eating Doll cores has helped him regain his five senses, albeit very slowly. At the start of the story, he already has his sense of hearing (obtained from eating over 50 Doll cores) and is slowly regaining his sight.

  • His (Doll) kill count is approximately 70 over the past two years, but the number could be higher.

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