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Canarie's Pickaxe

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Canarie uses this weapon to grind and hack at Dolls.

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The axe is made out of a special kind of iron specifically commissioned by Andrew when he enlisted himself as a miner. The small dents on the head of the pickaxe were also drawn by Andrew.

The handle is made out of hardwood and is covered in a silk as to prevent splinters getting on the user's hands.

date_range History

This pickaxe was formerly used Andrew Graves, who was a miner back when he was a human. It was originally going to be buried alongside after he died in an explosion, however, he came back as a Doll. When he lunged at his sister in a frenzy, the latter used the pickaxe and proceeded to strike him him until he was unconscious.

The pickaxe now belongs to Canarie Graves, who decided to wield it as her weapon as a way to atone for what she did to him. In a way, the pickaxe serves as a grim reminder for Canarie of that day and motivates her to turn her brother back into a human.

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The pickaxe is infused with Canarie's Soul Art, which makes it resilient despite being an ordinary tool.

For more information, go to Abilities in Canarie Graves's profile.

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