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Name - What is Iris Ziege’s full name?

Iris Ziege

Description - Describe Iris Ziege.

Iris Ziege is a recurring character in DOLLCORE. She is a consultant for Moribundo Funeral Parlor working under Jackie D. Bones as his assistant.


Kid (by Jackie D. Bones)

Age - How old is Iris Ziege?


Gender - What is Iris Ziege’s gender?



Mari Ziege (mother; deceased)
Unnamed father (deceased
Jackie D. Bones (guardian, older brother figure)
Mercy (younger sister)

Occupation - What is Iris Ziege’s occupation?

Doll Hunter


Moribundo Funeral Parlor


Herself (self-proclaimed)


Alive (resurrected through blood absorption)

Cause of Death

Disemboweled in explosion caused by cult member


Arikui Waltz

Voice Actor(s)

Rio Suzuki (JP)
Cassandra Lee Morris (ENG)



Name Meaning

Iris: named after Saint Rais
Ziege: meaning “sheep” in German


"The smell of blood is amazing."
"I'm gonna do what I always do. Slash and hack them 'til they want to kill themselves, and send them right back to hell."
"I hate vegetables!"

face Looks
Height - How tall is Iris Ziege?

150 cm (4'11")

Race - What is Iris Ziege’s race?



Iris is a small girl of short stature with a light complexion and light brown hair. She has segmental heterochromia, with dark magenta eyes that gradually fade to yellow and vertically slit pupils, giving her the appearance of a devil's eyes. Her long, waist-length hair is always pulled up in pigtails, and her face is framed by split ear-length bangs with two thinner chin-length strands underneath them and a distinct upwards facing cowlick above her head.

She wears a plain white dress shirt under a dark purple sweater, with a magenta tie and a magenta knee-length skirt. She is dressed in black stockings with dark purple highlights and dark pink boots with black straps fastened with white buckles in the shape of crosses. She is always seen carrying her sword, Temptation, in a black sleeve with a cross-body black strap, decorated with a cross charm.

When she was a child, her eye pupils were rectangular shaped, resembling one of a sheep or goat. Upon unlocking her Soul Art, they transformed into demon-like slit pupils. Her hair was tied into two braids, which symbolized her innocence.

fingerprint Nature

Iris' general behavior appears to be that of a cheeky and mischievous child with a tendency to lie, primarily hunting down Dolls out of self-motivation. She is a shameless and narcisstic individual who has no qualms about playing dirty or cheating in fights. She can be wild and impulsive, enjoying the thrill of violence. Iris's homicidal tendencies and delusions of grandeur are often played as a joke, with her preferring to torture her prey in whatever way she can come up with.

Iris is well-known for her trigger-happy heretical views. Despite having grown up in a church, Iris admits to having no loyalty or respect for them or towards any form of authority, which stems from her being regarded and treated as a spawn of the devil, something that she fully embraces in the present. Jackie D. Bones, her superior, frequently treats her like a child because of her immature temperament. She is, however, capable of committing acts of violence with little to no shame or guilt, showing a deranged and callous side to herself. Amidst her deviant behaviour, Iris is still a child at heart, displaying typical child-like behaviors such as expressing random thoughts out loud and non-chalantly playing around. She admires people whom she views as infinitely stronger than her, such as Birdy Rose and frequently tries to appear cool in front of her.

Her outbursts can be rude, foul-mouthed, and violent. She will not hesitate to try to intimidate others, friend or foe, with her blade. She is shown to be unconcerned about the chaos she creates. As a result, the Fivefold Suns Cavalry dispatches her on missions to avoid destruction of the surrounding neighborhood, acting as Jackie's assistant and junior. They have an older brother-younger sister connection, with Jackie being one of the few people Iris (secretly) deeply respects because he is the only person who accepted her despite her flaws and impurities. Iris takes pride in being called a shameless murderer. She accepts who she is and was firmly adamant that she would never bow down to anyone and change herself to fit what they liked.

Despite her sadistic misanthropy, she does have some degree of compassion for others, especially those who earn her respect. She also seems to show a more vengeful side when the people she cares about are severely injured by Doll or human alike. In such cases of the former, she refuses to help them and would outright leave them to die. Most notably is when she massacred the entire cult who murdered her mother without remorse and encouraged the Ressurrection Doll, Mercy, to avenge her stolen childhood by killing them. Although she describes herself as a merciless killer, she does have some morals and even states that she only kills people who trample on innocent lives. She refers to deceitful and abusive people as “wolves” and has very little trust in people, which was taught to her by her mother so she would be able to get by. Those who gain her trust are treated with much more care.

In her youth, Iris was not that much different to her current self, as she was rebellious and went against the indoctrination of an extremely controlling cult who worshipped "perfection" and "purity". However, she was also very innocent and naive due to being protected by her mother. After witnessing her mother being sacrificed by the cult, Iris became vengeful and set fire to the cult's manor before running away. Upon being found, she was extremely distrustful of anyone and her mental state deteriorated even more when she was put in a orphanage whose religion reminded her of her past in the cult. During her time in the church, she was described as neurotic and aggressive towards anyone who touched her, even if they didn't have malicious intent. She also had outbursts and psychotic episodes that became so bad that she had to physically be restrained so that she wouldn't harm anyone. Despite their efforts to "change" Iris's behavior, she became to much of a problem and she was eventually transferred to Zenpatlan.



groups Social
group Relationships

About her mother
Mother? Someone who's s'posed to protect you, right? I... Forget it.


About Jackie D. Bones
Too uptight!! Who does he think he is, dragging me around in and out of the city, doing this and that, and nagging me about church choir and work... Raaagh!! So annoying! Annoying, but... I can't find it in me to hate him.

About Leo
Leo's a weird guy. In the likable sense, anyway. He goes along with whatever I say, and agrees to spars with me whenever I find the time. He's my buddy and partner in crime, hahaha!

About Canarie Graves
She's a little gullible, like a doormat. Ugh.. for some reason, I get real giddy when she praises my fighting skills.

About Andrew Graves
I hate his "I'm not like you guys" attitude. I mean, sure, he's right, he's a Doll and all... but that's so uncool and it pisses me off!! Plus, he smells like rusty metal!!!

About Birdy Rose
Aw man... she seems like a cool person. Yeah, she's strong, a lot more than me. Oh, and I heard she's part of the Church, but she sneaks away from choir and prayer meetings to do some vigilante work. How cool is that!? I wanted to ask her on advice on getting away from the Sisters, but she's never in one place.

About Crow

device_hub Family
date_range History
Birthday - When is Iris Ziege’s birthday?

April 4

Background - What is Iris Ziege’s background?

Iris was conceived after her mother, Mari, was sexually assaulted by an older man. From what Iris could remember, her father was an extremely abusive alcoholic who frequently had outbursts of anger that he took out on both of them, however mother always shielded her from his attacks to prevent Iris from being harmed. Because of her ability to see ghosts, Iris was prone to crying in fear every night, which only fueled her father's rage. Iris only remembers her father as a wild animal akin to a hungry wolf like the stories her mother told her before going to bed.

One of Iris’s earliest memories was her mother using a kitchen knife to savagely stab her husband to death. However, it was later revealed that Iris was the one who murdered her father out of self-defense when he attempted to strangle her in a drunken rage while her mother was out. Her mother, in order to protect her innocence and so she wouldn’t feel guilty, instilled the thought that it was in fact her who had done the killing.

The two ran away and became homeless wanderers. Mari often told Iris not to trust anyone easily, using the word "wolf" to describe evil and deceptive people and "sheep" to describe good and innocent people. When Iris asked her mother if she was a "sheep", Mari did not answer, likely feeling guilt over murdering her husband. Iris did not understand why her mother felt bad over her father’s death as she believed that her father, a wolf, deserved to be punished.

Despite having little to themselves, Iris felt that as long as she had her mother around, she was happy. Mari and Iris eventually stumbled upon the Eternal Paradise cult, and decided to stay with them. Iris was immediately brought over for religious worshipping events which spoke of the meaning of true purity, something that Iris felt extremely uncomfortable over. While her mother adopted the cults’ views and religion, Iris would encounter and speak to the ghosts of mutilated women within the manor. The women told Iris not to believe what the cult said or else she would die. Iris began to not trust her mother, who would talk less and less with her own daughter because she was busy with “praying”.

Six years later, Mari revealed to Iris that she was pregnant with the savior of the cult, and she was due to give birth at any time. She then told her daughter not to attend the birth as it would be “too scary” for her to watch, and under no circumstances she should let anyone in their room. Iris sensed that her mother was feeling fear rather than happiness, but nevertheless obeyed her mother. Three days passed without a word from Mari. Iris felt uneasy and anxious, so she took the same knife that her mother used to kill her father, and left the room in order to search for her. She discovered a secret passage in the library, and went down to it. The ghosts of the mutilated women begged her to not look for her and run away, but Iris ignored them.

Iris then found the barely-alive Mari on the floor, her stomach cut open and her clothes having been torn apart. Iris begged for her mother to stay alive. The other cultists entered the ritual room and surrounded Iris. Iris angrily questioned about what they had done but the cultists said that her mother’s sacrifice was not enough, and that she was the one that carried all the sins and impurities of their Paradise. It was there where she unlocked her Soul Art, using her mother’s blood to slash everyone around her. When she was sure she had killed them all, Iris ran away from the manor.

Iris, finding herself in a familiar world once again, honed her survival skills in the city. She relied on petty theft to survive, but she was eventually found by an orphanage worker while she was sleeping on the streets. Unfortunately, the religious orphanage, though not similar to the Eternal Paradise cult, made Iris remember her past and she began acting out as a result. She would frequently run away and steal kitchen knives that she would use to threaten adults who got close contact with her, leading the orphanage workers to fear her violent temper and they locked her up somewhere so she wouldn't escape or potentially harm anyone.

Iris managed to escape the orphanage, reverting back to a life of violence and crime. One night, she encountered a drunken man attacking a woman at a bar. She hallucinated the people as her father beating up her mother, causing her to shake in rage. She manifested her Soul Art once again, and created a handgun made out of the iron of her blood and transforming her fingernails as the bullets. She killed everyone in the bar, stabbing them repeatedly and shooting them in the head after.

gamepad Abilities

Enhanced Speed
Iris possesses superhuman speed and reflexes enabling her to effortlessly evade and out-pace enemies. Her small body gives her an advantage, as she is able to dodge and evade attacks. Iris is so fast that she often disappears without others noticing her.

Spectral Awareness
Iris is defected with a great sixth sense, and is able to see lowly forms of spirits and ghosts. Iris also possesses capabilities, attributes and aspects drastically beyond what is naturally possible.

Iris has incredible swordsmanship, allowing her to slice and cut up enemies with little effort, even going against the powerful Spider Doll, further showcasing her brilliant sword wielding skill. However, she instead using piercing and thrusting techniques, sadistically claiming to love seeing Dolls suffer and beg for their lives.

Iris is able to let souls enter her body, allowing the soul to communicate. She is able to regain control and expel the possessor whenever she wants.

Soul Art

Lamb’s Blood Clot
Iris’ Soul Art ability. She is able to convert her Soul energy into blood, allowing her to freely manipulate others’ blood. Iris has shown to be quite proficient in using her Soul Art, as she poured blood over Temptation in order to strengthen her attacks. She is also able to take control of people's bodies when she drinks their blood.

Iris’s Soul Art stems from her desire to overpower others by being herself, hence being “the hard hearted goat” who protects the “sheep” (Mori, her mother) and devouring the “wolves” (the cult members).

Devil Incarnate Mode
When Iris's sword as accumulated enough blood, she puts it her mouth, which allows her to be in Devil Incarnate Mode. In this state, Iris's physical prowess enhances greatly and her appearance become visibly more demonic and beastlike. Her teeth and nails grow sharper, her hat transforms itself to resemble devil horns, and her eyes are rolled back, only showing only her sclera. She also she begins walking on all fours and she can be seen drooling like a hungry animal. In terms of abilities, Iris uses her nails to easily slash through her opponents. She can also summon blood, hardening and using it as projectile bullets.

edit Notes

  • Iris has a sweet tooth and hates vegetables. She only tolerates Canarie's vegetable soup.

  • Her favorite animal is a goat and her second favorite is a sheep. She is also an avid hater of wolves and isn't tolerant of canines.

  • Her favorite hobbies are annoying Jackie, mountain climbing and conversing with the ghosts in the morgue.

  • Iris originally had pupils shaped like a goat or a sheep, symbolizing her innocence. However, when her father attempted to assault her as a toddler, they transformed into slit pupils. They changed back to the goat-like pupils when she was with her mother, but when she witnessed her mother's death, they permanently became slit.

  • Despite being named after a religious figure in history, Iris' name is also a reference to the Greek goddess Iris, who is known to be the messenger of the gods.

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