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The mad scientist of Zenpatlan. A surpassingly learned man, Crow acts as the resident doctor and right hand man of the Captain. Rumoured to hail from Kreigspfad, Crow claims to only lead a life that will atone for his sins.


The Plague Doctor (Enforcer title)

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Enforcer (formerly)


Fivefold Suns Cavalry
Enforcers (defected)





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Kenjiro Tsuda (JP)
Keith Silverstein (ENG)



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Crow: literally meaning “crow”

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76 kg

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185 cm (6'1'')

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Crow is a tall, handsome man with a pale, sickly and ghostly complexion. He has mildly wavy, dark blue hair accompanied by a long lock of hair that rests over his shoulder, and narrow dark blue eyes. His bangs are trimmed in a wavy, puffy fringe that almost completely covers his right eye. He typically wears a black and white mask with a crow design covering the upper part of his face’s area. According to Crow himself, the mask is a kind of glasses that help him see better, suggesting that he has some degree of blindness.

His attire consists of a white laboratory jacket with military-style gold buttons and black lapels; the sleeves of the jacket have a darker shade and black linings, and the cuffs are covered by black leather gloves. Under the jacket, he wears a black double breasted shirt with its lapels sticking out from his neck. Golden brooches with chains attached can be seen on the ends of his coat and his shirt.

Crow's outfit has a lot of minor details, such as the bandages covering the part of his neck, a yellow necklace with a ring attached hanging from his neck, and a golden chain hanging from his waist.

fingerprint Nature

Crow is a rather serious and gloomy person, shown to want nothing more than to get the job done, and often having to stop Jóse Victoria from poking fun at others. Because he is too indulged in his work, Crow is short-tempered and rather blunt, getting straight to the point without unnecessary distractions. He is also very enigmatic and secretive, never sharing about his past.

Despite his cold and apathetic exterior, Crow is quite sociable and doesn't mind intelligent conversations. He's practical and overly serious to almost comedic points on occasion as well. Because he lacks a sense of humor, he acts as the punchline deliverer whenever he is spending time with Jòse.

Additionally, Crow is very avid and quick to express his irritation and impatience, either on his face or verbally with his words. He seems to dislike optimism, describing it as “thick, overly sweet honey that makes (him) want to hurl”. Crow is a very big contrast to Jóse, who is far more outspoken and easy-going.

Occasionally, Crow exhibits a more sadistic and intimidating personality when he is working as a scientist, such as his insatiable curiosity. He views Dolls as nothing more than dissecting pawns, detaching himself from any form of morality once he has begun dissecting something. In the case of Andrew, he developed a more humane side regarding experimenting on him, going as far as to promise that he'd make him as “human as possible”, suggesting that he had a more compassionate side to him. This is later revealed to be him trying to know just how can a Doll can truly be "human".

Easily as arrogant as his co-worker Jóse, Crow is one to act in an ostentatious manner and appears to act mostly out of self-interest. His ruthless side is most often seen during battle, but he can remain levelheaded and improvise in tense situations. Moreover, he has an interest in the morbid and the gruesome, most notably when he is casually dissecting apart Dolls and holding their insides. He considers himself to be a doctor first and scientist second, claiming that while he highly values human life and is significantly averse to meaningless deaths and killings, he also prioritizes satisfying his curiosity.

Crow also appears to be apathetic towards mankind, believing that it is to blame for its own troubles and that blaming it all on non-existent gods reveals humanity's cowardice and reliance on the unearthly. He, like Jòse, has a deep-rooted loathing of war leaders who would sacrifice their own for a better outcome, stating that once exposed and belittled by the "weak," they succumb to cowardice and hide away from the public to avoid dishonor. As a result, he thinks that because the "weak" are easily overlooked, only a "strong" person can be the voice of the "weak." His apathy towards humanity stems from being a high-ranking Enforcer, which he later realized his errors and faked his death.

Despite his cruel and twisted personality as a scientist, Crow's personality as a doctor changes to a slightly more compassionate side. Although he claims that he dislikes and avoids children for their noisiness, he holds some degree of care for his younger subordinates. He tries to be somewhat of a mentor-like guidance for the twins, especially Andrew, whom he feels some sort of guilt for experimenting on him and wishes to make amends, even though the latter utterly despises him and avoids him. Crow has some degree of suspicion that Andrew might potentially go berserk, a statement that he frequently reminds him of. He claims that he wants to atone for the sins he committed by saving lives. However, he believes that no amount of people he saves can truly fix the damage he had inflicted upon innocent people.

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January 14

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Not much is known about Crow's early life. He regards himself as self-taught since birth, implying that he was born an orphan and had to learn how to take care of himself. According to him, he had several close encounters with death. His Soul Art, Jigsaw, was granted to him after he murdered a drunkard in self-defense and tore him apart, leading Crow to develop a morbid interest in medical subjects. Thanks to his advanced intelligence, he was allowed to skip his way into a good university, where he was eventually sought out by Enforcer higher-ups and recruited. He became a known researcher and scientist who specialized in many subjects.

Crow managed to climb up to high ranks, eventually becoming the lead researcher in conducting a project that helped young recruits in achieving peak human condition as well as their Soul Art. When results were starting to falter, Crow decided to use more extreme methods by using rigorous training and drugs injected on the recruits. These experiments eventually resulted in many recruits losing their lives. Crow left the project soon after, leaving it to equally experienced scientists. As a high-ranking Enforcer, he was known as the Plague Doctor.

During the war, Crow used prisoners as his test subjects. He was feared and hated by his victims, stating that he showed no remorse when performing his experiments. However, because he was quite young, older Enforcers such as the Cannon Enforcer encouraged the torture and experimentation on death-row prisoners. Crow would later become interested in the disease known as the Nothing, which caused an individual's soul to be slowly eaten until they were nothing but a hollow shell, to the point he opened a hospital for sufferers of the disease. However, his curiosity to see how the disease worked overtook him, causing him to dissect his patients even after they died. He became known as a mad doctor to his patients, fearing him for his inhumane methods of "curing" them. He also researched how humans became Dolls after death. His true goal was to find a way to "cheat" death through the Nothing disease.

At some point, Crow's facility was attacked by some angry protesters. The facility was destroyed, however Crow was out at the time, so he escaped their wrath. Later, Crow took some part in the Uproot Project, a project consisting in bringing out Soul Art in young orphans, but quit after some time because he was disinterested.

After he was almost killed by the Ghost (Jóse Victoria), Crow felt fear for the first time in his life. He felt genuine guilt for the crimes he had committed, but felt it was too late to redeem himself. Crow also realized how corrupt and cruel he had become at the hands of the Enforcers, but he did not dissolve himself from any guilt. He later faked his death and defected himself from the Enforcers, and became a local doctor near Zenpatlan. Crow continues to try and redeem himself by helping illness-suffering patients while conducting research of his own, specializing in the Nothing disease.

gamepad Abilities

Enhanced Strength
Despite being remarked to have less than stellar physical prowess, Crow has shown to have enough strength to take down Dolls. He instead uses his creativity, ingenuity and other physical abilities to make up for it. Crow instead displays powerful thrusting and stabbing strength, as proven when he pierced a Doll in half in the blink of an eye.

Enhanced Endurance and Stamina
Crow is incredibly durable for a human. Despite his sickly state, Crow nonetheless has displayed massive amounts of stamina and agility. According to Iris, even if she managed to land a hit on him, it felt as if she kicked a wall of stone.

Genius Intellect
Crow is an extremely technical fighter who plans on using his every move to exploit an opening in his opponent. His aim is always extremely precise, as he never misses his target's weak point when it's exposed by his Soul Art. His medical expertise also plays a part in his fighting style, allowing him to disarm human opponents and immobilize them by pressing on their weak points.

Medical Expertise
Crow is an extremely intelligent individual, being resourceful in the medical field and is considered one of the greatest doctors of his time. He displays immense skill and mastery in medical and pharmaceutical fields, and according to Jòse, he has saved the lives of more than 200 people in Zenpatlan with his surgical knowledge. Though unlicensed as well as various rumors surrounding him modifying his own body and performing experiments on Dolls, Crow plays an important role in keeping the peace in Zenpatlan.


Surgeon's suitcase
Crow's suitcase contains different types of tools, including saws, scalpels, scissors, retractors, clamps, knives and needles. It also contains analgesics, anxiolytics, and healing medicine.

Soul Art

With his scalpels, Crow's Soul Art to dismember his targets without worrying about them bleeding out and dying from organ failure, although their flesh will still rot. Crow mostly uses his ability for dissection purposes.

edit Notes

  • Crow worked in a department that didn't include experimentation. He was far more intsre erested in researching Dolls as he didn't feel any guilt from it. However, he was unaware that the Dolls were actually the deformed bodies of children.

  • Crow's backstory has some association with Leo, but the latter never knew who he was. Crow almost immediately recognized him, and was bombarded with guilt for taking away his childhood. As a result, Crow has somewhat of a soft spot for the boy. He also remains hopeful now that living proof of the experiments had survived.

  • His true name is unknown.


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