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Name - What is Canarie Graves’s full name?

Canarie Graves

Description - Describe Canarie Graves.

Canarie Graves, alias the Harvester, is the main protagonist of DOLLCORE. She is a young human girl who, under a contract with the Curator Lady Death, searches for a way to turn her brother back into a human and to erase the Nothing.


The Harvester
The Fateless One
Daughter of Death
Girl (by Lady Death)

Age - How old is Canarie Graves?


Gender - What is Canarie Graves’s gender?



Andrew Graves (younger twin brother)
Alma Graves (mother; deceased)
Yolotli Graves (father; deceased)
Lady Death (boss by contract)

Occupation - What is Canarie Graves’s occupation?

Doll hunter


Fivefold Suns Cavalry
Lady Death





Cause of Death


Voice Actor(s)

Haruka Tomatsu (JP)
Christine Marie Cabanos (ENG)



Name Meaning

Canarie: named after a canary, a bird typically used in mines to detect danger
Graves: literally meaning "grave"


“I don’t want to live on by myself.”
”We… are ill omens. It’s obvious for Andrew, but I don’t fit in the mold of a normal human being is supposed to be either. And that will always lead to normal, innocent people getting hurt.”
”I’m an exterminator taking care of a pest infestation. It’s best to think of a Doll as a pest. Pests harm humans and any form of life. They bring pain, death and rot. They trample and consume life based on their instinct and fear of disappearing from existence. My job is to blot them all out. Nothing more, and nothing less.”
**"Turning someone back into a human doesn't sound like an easy task, I know. But it sounds a lot easier than trying to resurrect someone from the dead."
- to Lady Death
"I don't have anything or anyone else apart from you. I have nothing. This is could be your very last chance.. no, OUR last chance to get back what was ours. What do I do if that chance is taken away?" - to Andrew Graves
"I'm still not sure what I want to do or want to be. Everytime I think about what I want, only one thing pops up in my head. I'm going to sound really weird here but... I think I want to study agriculture."
"I thought that if I just locked it away in a place where I couldn't reach, it wouldn't be able to haunt anymore. I was wrong. It still haunts me. To the point my mind is on the verge of ruins."

face Looks
Height - How tall is Canarie Graves?

165 cm (5'5'')

Race - What is Canarie Graves’s race?



Canarie is a brown-skinned young girl of average height with a thin yet athletic build. Her hair is short, curly brown with thin fringes and bangs, and her eyes are dark green and square-shaped, the most signifying trait of the people of Tlentonatlan. When angered, her eyes revert to slit pupils akin to a snake's. On her neck, she wears a distinctive black choker with a gold pendant in the shape of a circle.
Over a white shirt and red pants with a stitch pattern, she wears a long-sleeved green jacket with red-colored folds and cuffs with golden buttons. She wears dark green boots with two gold buttons on either side and a tiny gold skull in the center.

fingerprint Nature

Canarie is best described by having a strong sense of composure. She is kind by nature and is described by others as being extremely calm and friendly. She is noted for her disdain of vulgarity and cowardice, although she herself is also fairly blunt and sees no point in being anything other than completely honest with her opinions. Canarie is extremely respectful towards those with higher authority in contrast to her brother; she refers to Jóse Victoria as "Doña" and Lady Death with the very royal title "Her Highness". She is also described to be very absentminded, having a very deadpan sense of humor.

She upholds nonconformist ideals, and while not hesitant to speak her thoughts, she avoids involving herself into her companions' childish arguments. Canarie is a pacifist who despises violence and conflict, yet she will fight to protect herself and her companions if they are in danger. Furthermore, unlike her brother who is more straightforward with his anger and irritation, Canarie barely gets angry, but displays her rage through her silence, to the point that the normally fearless Iris Ziege became terrified of, who claims that her an angry Canarie is like "a wind so cold and quiet that the only thing you can hear is your own blood running through your veins". According to Iris, being stared down by an angry Canarie is like being stared down by a snake who views you as prey.

Despite her mature demeanor, she has a youthful obliviousness to some aspects of the social world due to having spent most of her time hunting Dolls, meaning she was mostly away from human contact. Her top priority, which is finding a way to save her brother and erase the Nothing disease, often makes her act dismissive of issues that do not interest her. As a result, she can be unintentionally ignorant of political problems. Because she gives blunt answers, most people misunderstand her behavior as being rude.

After she accepts her past and moves on, Canarie starts to exhibit more emotions than just politeness. She very clearly expresses herself and shows little no hesitation to harm attackers if she perceives them as a threat, regardless if they're not a Doll. If someone is dangerous to themselves and others, she will stop at nothing to take them down.


When she was younger, Canarie was described as being much more expressive. She inherited her mother's gentle and kind nature, and her father's quiet and blunt mannerisms. She was a bit of a straightforward jokester, often bringing animals she captured like frogs and lizards to her brother and presenting them right in his face, knowing full well he hated "gross" things.

She had an air of innocent cheerfulness to her, but it was snuffed out after she fell into the Void along with her father. In the void, Canarie's father disappeared in front of her eyes and she was then subjected to loops of physical and psychological torture. Upon returning, she suffered from frequent seizures caused by traumatic flashbacks and had to be sedated with a drug her mother made. The drug is implied to have caused intense memory loss and erased most of her former personality and was replaced with an absentminded demeanor she exhibits in the present. Nevertheless, she is still haunted by her past in the form of sleepwalking, in which she is implied to be reliving her memories.


In combat, Canarie is extremely resilient, and even in life-threatening situations, she maintains a remarkable level of composure and decisiveness. She also dislikes the prospect of taking a person's life and tries avoiding the possibility of doing so unless as a last resort to protect herself or her friends. When she disassociates, she becomes completely silent, focused and cold, not caring about any injuries she acquires. Andrew Graves calls this state "Hunting Mode", where she is like "a snake silently prowling for (her) next prey". It is also implied to be the persona she developed when she was in the Void in order to not experience or feel the torture. This "persona" can best be characterized by her eyes changing into light green eyes with snake pupils.

Mental Health

In terms of her mental health, Canarie seems to harbor intense childhood trauma which has led her to have trouble with her self-esteem. Having lost her parents at a young age, Canarie taught herself to be independent and not rely too much on others as to not be a burden, however, this eventually develops into an obsessive desire to become fully independent without anyone's help. This often leads her to neglect her mental and physical well-being and do things on her own accord without the consultation of others. She avoids talking about herself. Even when she gets confronted over her personal feelings or forced to admit things she avoid telling, she becomes slightly defensive and anxious, sometimes avoiding questions and other times becoming extremely self-sabotaging. Over time, she learns to depend more on her friends and share her emotional burdens with them, and at some point, finds the resolve to overcome her past.

Her experience within the Void morphed Canarie’s gentle personality into a subdued one. Canarie is psychologically damaged and traumatized, though she hides her mental instability very well. When she gets a heavy reminder of her own past, her mood almost instantly becomes apathetic and quiet. Canarie is constantly haunted by her “non-existent” memories of the torture she experienced in the Void, and suffers from survivor's guilt which stemmed from her family dying one by one, resulting in her extreme self-loathing and suicidal tendencies. She uses her goal of finding a way of turning Andrew back into a human as a coping mechanism. She believes that once she achieves this goal, she can restore peace to her own mind and her guilt, but as stated by Andrew himself, her obsession with it will only sink her deeper into her own insanity. In fact, her emotional state relies heavily on her brother so much that Canarie would either potentially go haywire or suicidal if Andrew was to disappear, which also suggests she has a fear of abandonment. Canarie thinks of herself as someone who is trapped in her own past and “no different from a Doll”.

Before she started taking the sedative drug, Canarie suffered from anxiousness and panic attacks. She was terrified of going to sleep and had frequent nightmares because of it. Her mother was the only one who could calm her down; she did this by telling her to cook something in her mind step by step until she finally fell asleep. In the present, Canarie still does this, which might explain her love for cooking.



groups Social
group Relationships

Andrew Graves
Canarie's younger twin brother who was turned into a Doll, and her motivation to fix the Everything Machine. She has a great deal of familial love for her brother, but she can sometimes be annoyed by his rude comments. Because he is the only family she has left, Canarie tends to be protective of him despite knowing he is unable to die. Despite Andrew losing his memories, they still managed to hold a natural sibling bond, in which they have a great level of trust with one another and rely on each other to have their backs. They also travel together across the world, with Andrew being inside a coffin carried by Canarie.

When she fell into the Void and returned, she was traumatized enough to repress her memories, causing her to become detached and disconnected with the people around her, especially Andrew. Because of her disassociative memory, she only remembers the instances of when Andrew acted rude and dismissive towars her. She thought that he perceived her as a burden, when in fact he was trying to make her more independent so she would not be taken advantage by others. As a result of her misunderstanding, she repressed her emotions and hardly complained. She also thought that she wouldn't mind becoming a mindless robot if it meant not being a burden to her remaining family member.

Her relationship with Andrew is complex. Her mental state is extremely dependent on him, as she latches on to Andrew because he is the only thing she has left. This codependency stems from her fear of abandonment and the guilt of being the only member of her family who’s still alive. Her feelings of guilt and her being utterly terrified of being alone are so strong that she believes that the only way she can achieve peace within herself is by turning Andrew back into a human, because she knows that they won’t be able to be together if he remains a Doll.


Rin Redlock
Rin is the closest person to Canarie and one of the people she cares the most next to Andrew. It can be noted that Canarie can immediately relax when she's around Rin, describing her presence as a calming anesthetic. She relaxes to the point where she accidentally leaks out some of her thoughts that she wouldn't say to anyone else. In Canarie's internal dialogue, she admits that she looked for a sister figure in Rin. When Canarie eventually gets a trauma-induced panic attack in front of Rin, she breaks down in her arms.

Jackie D. Bones
From what is seen in their interactions, Jackie and Canarie get along quite well. Canarie respects his line of work and is one of the few people who isn't weirded out about him working with corpses, something that Jackie was surprised by. They work quite together especially in combat.

Iris Ziege
Initially, Iris was annoyed by Canarie's blunt honesty and naivety. Upon seeing her strength and efficiency at killing Dolls, Iris began to admire her little by little. However, she is also terrified of Canarie's rage, describing it as a wind so cold and quiet that the only thing she could hear is her own blood running through her veins. Canarie is extremely patient with Iris, but sometimes her actions make her see Iris as a weirdo. She eventually grows unaffected and unbothered by Iris's behavior. Iris also loves Canarie's cooking to the point she is only willing to eat vegetables if Canarie cooks them.

device_hub Family
date_range History
Birthday - When is Canarie Graves’s birthday?

November 2

Background - What is Canarie Graves’s background?

Canarie was born in a rural bough village called La Soledad, the sole daughter of farmers Alma and Yolotli Graves, and the older twin sister of Andrew. Her early years were generally content and ordinary, and she was very close to her father. She used to play lighthearted pranks on her such as chasing him with frogs and lizards, which he greatly disliked. In a flashback, she once witnessed her father taking down a group of Dolls that were stalking her family while they slept. Her father told her that he was just getting rid of a pest problem that was putting their family in danger. Canarie thought her father’s abilities were amazing, but later chalked up the event to simply being a dream.

One day, when Canarie was 7 years old, she went out to get some herbs but ended up lost. Her father went out to look for her, and while they were on the way back home, they suddenly fell into in the Void, a location completely separated from their world. Canarie and her father were separated within ththe Void. She remained alone and stuck for approximately three weeks. Within the Void was pitch black, so she couldn’t see anything or even her own body. Before she and her father were forcefully separated, he told her that she should “ never become one with the darkness or she would never be able to back home”. While it is not shown outright, it is implied that Canarie was subjected to loops of torture, both physical and mental, until she was seemingly devoid of all her senses. In order to withstand the torture, Canarie’s mind disassociated, creating an impenetrable “wall” or persona, of which she was empty, hollow and unfeeling, so she could shield her sanity. After three weeks, Canarie somehow returned to her original world, without her father. Her father's soul was absorbed in the pendant she wears.

Upon returning to her world, Canarie was diagnosed with dissociative amnesia. She also began sleepwalking and wandered outside the house, and her brother had to lead her back home to put her to bed. During certain nights, she was prone to having attacks similar to seizures but the morning after, she remembered nothing about them. Because of this, her mother secretly made a sedative drug that kept her in a calm, mindless state.

Five years later
Canarie and Andrew’s mother’s health continued to deteriorate because she spent most of her time making of Canarie’s medicine and never had the time to take care of herself. One day, she suddenly suffered a heart attack and was left bedridden. Before her death, she made Canarie and Andrew promise to take care of each other and apologized for leaving them so soon. She passed away soon afterwards.

Since there was no one who could recreate the drug that Canarie was taking, her sleepwalking became more frequent. Despite Canarie and Andrew only had each other to rely on, they had become alienated due to Canarie's mental illness and Andrew's frustration at his inability to help his sister. Canarie was also unaware that Andrew was being slowly affected by the Nothing, which caused him to behave more rudely to her. This eventually culminated in argument where Andrew blamed her for their mother’s death, revealing that she had overworked herself to death because she was busy making Canarie’s medicine. Canarie, feeling immense guilt, began to believe that she had killed her own mother, and treat she was only a burden to him and she opted to stay out of his way as much as possible. During this time, she also became a pest exterminator.

When they were around 12 years old, on a hot summer day, Canarie and Andrew had a major argument which ended up with Andrew leaving their home and headed to the mine where he worked at in a fit of anger. Canarie was left alone, and rather than wanting to be alone with her thoughts, she went to the paddy fields to look for pests. A while later, an old woman approached her in a panic and informed her that her brother had been in an incident, making Canarie drop everything and run towards the mine. Upon arriving, she saw four other corpses being carried out by other miners, but she saw her brother was nowhere to be found. The head of the mine told her that her brother was still inside the cave but she wasn't allowed to go in. Despite her protests, Canarie managed to run past and entered the cave. There, she found a body being covered with a blanket, and upon lifting it, she saw the dismembered body of Andrew. A horrified Canarie was then suddenly grabbed by other miners and taken out of the cave.

A while later, as she silently sat in her home with her brother's pickaxe which was given to her by the mine's director all the while waiting for her brother to arrive in her home, she decided to go and prepare the grave. Upon finishing digging a hole, Canarie was approached by an embalmer and a mortician who were there to deliver Andrew's body. Canarie requested a private funeral and that she didn't anyone else to help her bury her brother. Though the embalmer and mortician were concerned for the girl, she told them it wasn't the first time she had buried someone, implying her mother. They reluctantly left after.

As she started the grave with dirt, Canarie heard bumping sounds coming form the coffin, but passed it off as her hallucinating from the heat. The bumping sounds escalated to full on thrashing and pounding on the casket door, causing Canarie to back away in fear, until it went silent. Canarie slowly approached the coffin again and the casket door was suddenly broken in by a hand from the inside, making Canarie stumble and fall back. The corpse of her brother emerged from the coffin and he appeared to be in a zombie-like state. Canarie was frozen in fear and terror. Andrew noticed her presence and attempted to attack her just in time for Canarie to snap out of her fear-induced paralysis and desperately fought back against her brother. She grabbed the pickaxe that she planned to bury with her brother and repeatedly struck him with it, begging him to return to the dead. She succesfully managed to beat Andrew into unconsciousness, but she was horrified over what she had done. Before she could have a full-blown breakdown, she noticed a mysterious stranger beside her.

The stranger, later revealed to be Lady Death, offered that she could help Andrew if they helped her. Canarie, desperate to save her brother, agreed without hesitation.

gamepad Abilities

Enhanced Strength
Canarie has attained incredible physical strength through trial and error and rigorous training she set herself up on. She can run and jump extremely high distances and heights, showing her incredible leg strength. Regarding arm strength, she can swing her pickaxe, which has been said to weigh at least 3 pounds, at subsonic speeds incessantly. Canarie’s superhuman arm and leg strength has demonstrated great use of it, jumping over huge Dolls, and leaping over trees and buildings effortlessly. Additionally, she had once flung her pickaxe at a fleeing Doll with incredible precision over a long distance until it pierced its body. Her strength is sometimes used as comedic relief, as she once stopped a wooden wagon from running over someone by kicking it.

When angered, Canarie’s strength is said to be similar to that of a bull, as she could break Benny’s ribs with a few punches. Another proof of her great strength is her being able to casually carry the coffin Andrew stays in without showing any exhaustion. She can also swiftly put human opponents in a chokehold, rendering them unconscious or possibly killing them if desired.

Due to killing small pests when she was younger, Canarie developed a superhuman sense that could perceive things outside the normal range of perception like the feelings and intentions of other creatures. This allows her to sense Dolls from a long range.

Canarie is shown to have a great intellect, remaining composed in perilous situations and quickly thinking on her feet. Despite having spent only two years hunting dolls, Canarie uses her pest-exterminating knowledge and techniques which makes her have experience equal to a professional's. She figures out many ways to trap her targets and outsmart them.

Doll Knowledge
Canarie has devoted herself to all matters related to Dolls, such as their habits, preferred territories and mindsets. She is quickly able to identity their weak points and accurately strike them in their core.

Through her experience as an exterminator in her past job, Canarie possesses stealth intuition, surveillance intuition, alertness, opportunity sense. She is also extremely patient and focused, never leaving anything to chance, as she remarks that any opportunity shouldn't be wasted. She is regarded as a being akin to a snake, a predator of stealth and silence.

Canarie's immunity to fate is a result after she almost died in a lake and fell into the Void. She is able to chose her own destiny and it is unable to be altered in any way by the Puppeteer, who is the embodiment of fate's absolute control. Lady Death remarks that even she doesn't know how Canarie will die. (Humans who suffer NDEs or fall into the Void become fateless).

Hunting Mode
Happens only when Canarie disassociates. In this state, she also completely erases her presence and emotions of hatred and malice, which allows her to strike down her enemies without detection.


Andrew's Coffin
A coffin in which Andrew resides in and Canarie carries on her back. Canarie occasionally uses it as a weapon by hurling it at her opponents as a distraction or for Andrew to jump out and strike.

Soul Art

With her pickaxe, Canarie can manipulate magnetism in all of its forms, natural, organic, and manufactured. A link will be triggered after she hits her opponent, creating positive and negative polarity.

Repulsion is activated if she shares the same polarity as her opponent. Attraction is sparked when she and the opponent have opposite polarities, drawing them closer together. When her opponent gets close enough, she instantly flips the polarity of the pickaxe and strikes them with a powerful Repulsion.

Canarie’s true ability. With both polarities combined, she summons a swirling destructive force that picks up the surrounding elements around her to completely cleanse areas of Nothing. It manifests itself into the form of a feathered serpent resembling the late World Beast Ehekoa.

edit Notes

  • Canarie is inspired by the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl and shares similarities with him, such as having wind abilities and a snake motif. In mythology, the gods Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca were brothers.

  • She once attempted to bind her chest in order to present more gender-neutral and avoid potential perverts, but she found it too uncomfortable and painful to move around in.

  • She has gotten arrested because of the coffin she carries. She didn't understand what she did wrong until someone told her it wasn't normal to casually carry a coffin like it was nothing.

  • The choker she wears belonged to her father. Her father's soul ended up inside the pendant after he separated his soul from his deteriorating physical body inside the Void.

  • Her favorite food is roasted corn and she tries her best to not salivate at the mere thought of it. She doesn't mind spicy foods or sweet foods, she eats anything as long as it's good.

  • She's also talented at cooking, having learned from her mother; it is also a method for her to calm down. People like Rin Redlock and Leo adore her cooking, to the point that even Iris Ziege only eats vegetables if Canarie cooks them.

  • She holds some degree of dislike for rich and wealthy people, but not as high as Andrew's. Having grown up in the countryside, Canarie has no experience of life in city areas and is not very knowledgeable about technology in general, such as when she naively wondered if a radio was the work of magic.

  • She is ambidextrous.

  • Canarie prefers summer and doesn't like winter because it makes her lose stimulation.

  • Fashion is not that important to her as she is one of those people who prefer comfortable clothes to work in.

  • She doesn't have a preferred type of person.

  • In her past, she stopped a massive rat infestation in the village simply by observing and smelling small trails of rat droppings. How exactly she got rid of the rats was unknown to everyone, and when asked, Canarie simply replied with "I led them by leaving trails of cheese." She said this jokingly.

  • According to Andrew, Canarie can be extremely nosy and meddlesome sometimes, and her jokes can be corny.

  • Canarie's hobbies are gardening, cooking, painting rocks and collecting conches. If she weren't a Harvester, her love for agriculture would've made her a successful farmer.

  • Canarie suffers from dissociative memory problems, which stems from her traumatizing experience of having fell into the Void along with her father. Because of this, Canarie remembers very little of her childhood and even claims she hardly remembers her father's face and voice. It is also because of her amnesia that she constantly seems calm and detached, even when facing Dolls.

  • She deeply respects Lady Death for "saving" her. She also remarks that although the extent of their relationship is purely professional, she feels a sort of familiarity.

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