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Benny Tonner

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Benny Tonner is a main supporting character in DOLLCORE. He is a young rookie Enforcer hailing from Kriegspfad who was accidentally (?) left stranded in Zenpatlan.


Thunder Idiot (by Andrew Graves)

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Unnamed parents

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Enforcer (defected)


Kreigspfad Enforcer (formerly)





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Natsuki Hanae (JP)
Justin Briner (ENG)



Name Meaning

Benny: shortened from Bennett, meaning "blessed"
Tonner: meaning "thunder" in French

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174 cm (5'9'')

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Benny is a tall, slender teenage boy with a muscular physique. His spiky and unruly blonde hair is pulled back into a low ponytail, framing his face with center-split, ear-length, disheveled bangs. He has light peach skin and dark purple eyes. Although he is attractive, his delinquent personality makes him unpopular.

He's dressed in a green scarf over his standard Enforcer uniform, a purple-tinted military blazer, black pants, and green shoes.

fingerprint Nature

Benny is a reckless and impulsive individual who leaps into conflict without planning ahead of time. He has a childlike excitement for battles. He appears to be a little rambunctious and sloppy, yet he is also kind and courteous. He tries hard to appear tough and threatening to his opponents, but he fails miserably. Benny is known for being a bitter loser who refuses to acknowledge defeat and demands rematches if he feels humiliated. As a result, he is easily triggered, and he dislikes it when people doubt his reasons. He has a tendency to exaggerate his combat abilities in comparison to tougher opponents, particularly Andrew or Jackie, who despise his insistence.

Benny, although loud and outspoken, is compassionate and emotional; he is a good and kind-hearted person at heart, despite having been trained to be serious and cold as an Enforcer. He eventually feels truly remorseful for attempting to exterminate Andrew, and even though he was told not to let his thoughts and feelings guide him, he becomes more influenced by the twins' ways, — especially Canarie, with whom he forms a close bond, particularly because her character impresses him. He can be a bit naive and dumb, is quickly impressed by strong individuals, and he gets flustered when he makes a mistake. He regularly follows the path of people he admires. Benny is also a huge fan of the Enforcers, regarding them as his role models.

Benny aspires to be a hero that is respected and admired, remarking that he joined the Enforcers to achieve his goal. As a result of being treated as weak and inferior, he is constantly seeking approval from his subordinates and companions. Eventually, he became extremely brainwashed and reliant on his higher ups' approval. Wanting recognition and praise for his skills and regardless of the unnecessary danger he was putting himself in, Benny's obsession with obtaining strength would ultimately lead to his defeat against Canarie Graves. It is later revealed that Benny's desire to become an Enforcer was initially because he wanted to protect weak people like himself, but after an incident which permanently damaged his brain, his objective changed. In fact, prior to his incident, he was a meek and nervous person with bad self-esteem as a result of his neglectful and emotionally abusive parents.

With his pride wounded, Benny starts to relieve his mind from the mindset he was indoctrinated from a young age. As he becomes more comfortable with the twins and their group, he begins to wonder about the Enforcers' underlying motives and slowly drifts away from their ideologies. He is horrified and disgusted when he learns that the very people he was faithfully loyal were monsters after he discovered that the Captain's murder was orchestrated by Enforcers, who used a Doll attack as a cover. He was also infuriated when he caught an assassin about to kill an comatose Canarie and even more so when he recognized the assassin as one of his former classmates. This betrayal sends him into a downward spiral and changes his personality into a more mature version of himself.

groups Social
group Relationships

Unnamed parents
Benny has a less than positive relationship with his parents. Despite their borderline abusive behavior, Benny doesn't seem to resent his parents but appears to be uncomfortable when speaking about them. Initially, he says that he wants their approval and to tell him that they're proud of his achievements. Upon reuniting with his parents, he finally expresses much he resents them for their neglect and claims that he will never forgive them.

After Benny cuts them off completely, it is revealed that his parents tried to contact him numerous times, begging for forgiveness.


Canarie Graves
At first, Benny acted rude and condescending towards Canarie, but immediately developed a crush when he saw her full appearance, becoming respectful and gentleman-like. However, he also saw Canarie as a weird person because of the coffin she carried, and grew curious about what exactly was inside.

After Canarie beats him in a fight when he attempted to kill Andrew, Benny was fascinated by her strength and asked her to duel him again, which she rejected. It later becomes a running joke for Benny to consistently ask Canarie for a rematch, but is intercepted mostly by Andrew. In fact, it is one of the reasons why Andrew treats him with contempt and disgust. Canarie, on the other hand, isn't really annoyed by Benny's insistence and instead thinks of him as someone who really admires her.

Benny's admiration for Canarie later becomes a pillar for their relationship and one of the first steps for him to develop. Because she is one of the few people who genuinely praised his abilities, he becomes very loyal and, to some degree, clings on to her. However, while he may like her praise, her influence encourages him to have some self-confidence and to stop seeking approval from others. He becomes one of Canarie's closest allies and even makes a sworn vow, which is deemed to be the highest form of respect in his homeland, to provide his help whenever she needs it. He also gets angry when someone insults or tries to do serious harm to her, showcasing how much she means to him.

Andrew Graves
Unlike his budding friendship with Canarie, Benny isn't liked by Andrew and is often a victim of his taunts and torment, mostly because he chases after Canarie. While Benny doesn't appear to be completely affected by Andrew's bullying, he is confused as to why the latter detests him. He assumes that the reason Andrew hates him is because of his attempt to kill him; as a result, Benny repents for his actions by excusing Andrew's torment of him.

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August 6

Background - What is Benny Tonner’s background?

Benny was born in Kreigspfad to a rich parents. From a young age, Benny's parents were extremely neglectful and emotionally abusive to him, especially his father, who berated him for his lack of skill and frequently called him useless. He was also a victim of bullying in his school. One day, while visiting a museum, his class met the Shotgun Enforcer, who gave an inspirational speech to them about being a brave soldier. Benny was so inspired and aspired to become an Enforcer, as he thought that he would finally receive respect and admiration and at the same time, inspire people like him.

When he was 10, he convinced his parents to let him enroll in the academy for future Enforcers. He was put in the beginner class and had the Shotgun Enforcer as his teacher. However, he was very mediocre in his classes and struggled everyday to get stronger. Some of his classmates shunned him for his weakness (being weak was heavily looked down upon and indoctrinated in the rookies' ideals). Benny was desperate to gain approval, and thought he gained an opportunity when he volunteered as a subject in a new project where Soul Art was forcefully brought out in an individual. After various failed tests, Benny became desperate to become stronger to the point he intentionally increased the electro-shock of one of the machines that was testing his brain, causing it malfunction and electrocuted. Benny survived, but his brain was damaged, causing him to change from a mild-mannered and unconfident boy to an extremely energetic and battle-hungry person.

Sometime later, Benny gained his Enforcer Restriction, Thunder Energy, giving the ability to control and manifest electricity. He was put into a squadron which were going to be stationed in
, but while there, he was left by his group, who had gone back to Kreigspfad, and ended up stranded. He is currently in the city of Zenpatlan and lives somewhere on the rooftops of buildings.

gamepad Abilities

Enhanced Strength
Benny was stated to have tremendous muscular strength and endurance at a young age, even without the use of Enforce magic, as he demonstrated when applying for Kreigspfad's Enforcer Institute, effortlessly leaping over buildings and trees. He can also lift and throw objects that are twice his weight.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes
Benny is incredibly quick, moving faster than what the human eye can see. He was said to be the fastest runner in the institute, having run a 100-meter dash in 5 seconds. When he uses his Enforcer power, his speed increases to the point where he can travel at the speed of sound.

Hand to Hand Combat
Benny is a master of hand-to-hand combat despite his lack of weapon training. His fighting prowess is said to be able to go toe-to-toe with an Enforcer or Type 2 Doll (Mechanical) of higher rank, making him one of the greatest, if not the greatest, at hand-to-hand combat. Benny merged his Enforcer skills with his martial arts to the point where his fighting style was impossible to comprehend due to his tremendous speed and reflexes.

Enforce Restriction

Thunder Energy

Benny has the ability to manipulate and enhance electric energy in order to increase damage. This ability was derived from an electroshock incident that caused his brain to become infused with electricity. Benny's survival instinct, combined with his Enforcer Energy, allowed him to withstand the high voltage, moving the energy up to his weakest points and strengthening them. His Thunder Energy, on the other hand, put a lot of strain on his body, but Benny eventually learned to control it. Because of his recklessness, he constantly overuses his ability, and as a result, he is electrocuted every time because his body is incapable of handling large amounts of power.

This ability has three forms in total:

  • First Flash: Storm Hurl
    Benny’s basic attack, which he uses constantly as it doesn't electrocute his body much. Although technically the weakest, it can still damage enemies to a high degree. Benny has Storm Hurl activated constantly, to the point where electricity can be felt near him.

  • Second Flash: Twin Jolt Launch
    Benny’s charged attack. A violent and concentrated surprise offensive in which Benny releases double ranged strikes towards a target, leaving them vulnerable and allowing Benny to shoot a direct attack on them. Since it is highly offensive and damages Benny’s body, Benny only uses it when the opponent is weakened enough.

  • Third Flash: Thundering Punishment
    A burst attack that is only used as a last resort. Benny merges all of his previous attacks and fully manifests any electricity surrounding him, even if it’s minimal. He can damage anything around that he views as an enemy, at the cost of his body being burned as well.

edit Notes

  • Benny's name is inspired by Benjamin Franklin. His name also means "favorite son", and ironically, Benny's parents disliked him.

  • Benny is written to be a symbol of children who were brainwashed by military propaganda and nationalism, in the form of a basic shonen protagonist.

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