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Rin Redlock

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Rin is the tritagonist of DOLLCORE. She is a young toymaker and current owner of Redlock Toyshop, a magical toyshop where toys are able to come to life, as well as the granddaughter of one of the Four Captains of the Fivefold Suns Cavalry. She later becomes the central protagonist during the Kreigspfad arc.


Big Sis (by local children)
Gizmo-Girl (by Andrew Graves)

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Maza Redlock (grandfather; deceased)
Unnamed grandmother (deceased)
Unnamed parents (deceased)
Leo (adoptive brother)
Andrew Graves (love interest)

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Fivefold Suns Cavalry
Redlock Toyshop





Cause of Death


Voice Actor(s)

Kana Hanazawa (JP)
Cherami Leigh (ENG)



Name Meaning

Rin: The name has no specific meaning, but she was named after the sound of a bell. In Japanese, the name Rin (凛) means “dignified and cold".
Redlock: literally meaning "red lock", and it is implied that it is a blend of her grandmother and grandfather’s surnames. The “red” part comes from her grandmother’s alias as the Red Witch.


“If I was in your position, maybe I’d understand you better. But I know that you wouldn’t wish that upon anyone, not even the people who you hate.”
“Who cares if someone can’t change or do something after they’re dead?! It’s up to living people like us to change this world, so they can move on from this world! So their efforts and wishes… don’t go to waste!”
"You don't have to forgive some people, and that doesn't make you a bad person. Sometimes it's better to leave things as they are in order to move on.”

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156 cm (5'1½")

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Rin is a young girl with round reddish-brown eyes and straight, mid-back length dark brown hair that, flows down her back, her right fringe adorned with a crimson hair clip. She occasionally wears other hairstyles, such as ponytails or braids. Under a yellow dress with a red string tied around her waist reaching down to her knees, she wears a red 3/4-sleeved blouse, short black leggings, and white sandals with straps.

As she grows older, the tips of her hair gains a reddish color and reaches waist-length and gains more prominent bangs that frame her face and slightly cover her ears.

fingerprint Nature

Rin is an energetic and lively girl who is enthusiastic and passionate with her interests. She is adventurous and is extremely curious of the world around her. She shares many traits of a confident person such as assertiveness, perseverance and self-motivation, and doesn't seem to mind when others criticize her. She is also seen as a friend to all children; she makes toys and games for the children of Zenpatlan as she believes that they shouldn't have to face the harsh realities of the world around them yet, to the point where she refers to her shop/residence as a space where they can go in case if they don't feel safe anywhere else. She can be a bit of a motor mouth, especially when she goes on long tangents on explaining how her inventions work.

Plucky, witty, and otherwise childish, she is an optimistic person, but despite her wild antics, Rin's deeper nature is that of an extremely emotional maturity with a perceptive and compassionate disposition. She is also noted to be understanding and empathetic towards others in bad situations, and is more than willing to put herself in danger in order to save others. Despite this, she is very aware of her own weaknesses but knows her strengths of which she uses to her advantage when it comes to defending herself and the people around her. She treats her previous experiences as sources of inspiration in order to upgrade her inventions and crafts. Despite her energetic and childish demeanor, she can be serious when the situation calls for it.

Rin is very protective of people she cares about, and is not above using violence to defend herself or her friends. She can have a sharp tongue and doesn't hold back on using extremely blunt and harsh criticism to call out others for their wrongful actions, showcasing her strong morality. However, when one of her creations is accidentally destroyed, she is prone to lashing out violently, using anything in her range as a weapon (including said destroyed object). In fact, the only times she truly gets angry when something or someone precious to her is severely harmed. Otherwise, she prefers to solve and soothe conflicts between people by encouraging them to talk with one another. She seems to share this trait with her grandfather.

Rin's talent and obsession with her inventions is one of her defining qualities and what she takes pride in the most. Rin's intelligence excels through her work; she is inherently curious as well as skilled, with a knack for constructing gadgets and experimenting. Most of her inventions are significantly inspired by common toys, such as her hacky sack bombs. Her dedication and love towards her inventions earned her the nickname "Gizmo-Girl", mostly used by Andrew Graves. She also enjoys anything related to craft, such as scrapbooking, wood-carving, toy-making, beadwork, embroidery, etc. She often goes outside in search of inspiration and collects anything she deems useful.

When she was younger, she was renowned for being a reckless troublemaker. As she grew older, she was said to have calmed down and developed a strong interest in little toys and handmade dolls. To Rin, the things she creates represent comfort and childhood reminiscence, and she only feels safe when she is surrounded by them. When she discovers a broken toy or things people consider worthless, she immediately seeks to restore it and add it to her collection in her own way. Furthermore, she also deeply cherishes her more personal creations, referring to them as extremely important memories of her life, such as the first toy she ever made, a wooden horse she carved.

Rin also expresses a dislike overly-critical adults, describing them as dull and having no imagination. The only adults Rin seems to harbor some respect to are her own family members, such as her grandmother, whom she was very close to. Rin values family to a high degree, mostly due to the fact that her grandmother was the only one who actively encouraged her dreams and told her not to be influenced by anyone. Her respect and love for her grandmother is so great that, through her influence, Rin was inspired to make toys that would provide the same comfort and stability to a child in need. She desires to “heal people’s hearts” through the toys she creates. She adores and respects her grandfather; though she resented him for leaving her on an expedition, she patiently awaits for his return, unaware that he secretly drops by to see how she's doing.

Rin has some personal beliefs of her own; she proclaims that because she is only a human, her life could very well be shortlived, but it doesn't mean she is afraid of death whatsoever and instead she lives everyday to the fullest. She is described by others as a person who goes through life by enjoying the little pleasures in life and everything new she encounters. She is also not someone who dwells on the past for too long and is always present-focused.



groups Social
group Relationships

Maza Redlock
Maza is Rin's grandfather.

Rin and her grandmother had a very deep connection. Her grandmother frequently doted on her and encouraged her curious and creative mind even when it brought destructive results. Rin's grandmother taught her that no creation is without flaw, but nevertheless should be loved all the same. Rin often watched her grandmother make toys and gadgets in her workshop.

Rin turned out to be empathetic and attuned to others' emotions because of her grandmother's upbringing. Rin respected and deeply loved her grandmother, and after she passed away, she decided to honor her legacy by becoming the sole owner of Redlock Toyshop and completing a certain machine that her grandmother had been working on her entire life.


Andrew Graves
Upon her first meetings, Rin disliked his rude and sarcastic attitude. She was also curious of him, which deeply annoyed Andrew as he disliked unwarranted attention. Despite his unfriendly behavior towards her, Rin did want to become his friend and became visibly sad when he rejected her attempts. She is also annoyed when Andrew acts very ignorant with her. She is often the victim of his teasing, and because of their different personalities, she frequently quarrels with him.

When Rin discovers that he’s a Doll, she understood how difficult it must've been for him to hide it from her, but she was also upset because she felt she was betrayed and lied to. She tells him that he is able to feel emotions as any human being and is just missing a heart. After this incident, she manages to become the only person Andrew is willing to open up to. Andrew tells her that if it makes her feel happy, he’ll never lie to her again. Though whether her feelings aren’t explicitly stated as romantic in nature, they are hinted to be several times, as she uncharacteristically gets highly defensive when someone makes antagonistic comments about him, like Jóse and Krow.

As the story progresses, Andrew becomes Rin's confidant and viceversa; they tell each other things that they wouldn’t tell anyone else. She mentions to him doesn’t have to listen to her complaints and and that she does not want to use him as a way to vent her frustrations, however, Andrew retorted her by saying that she’s the only who could be that way with him, and jokingly said that he could be her "test dummy". Rin joked back that she could test her inventions on him. At some point, she starts to notice how Andrew deflects talking about his true feelings with his apathy and self-deprecating behavior. She is the only person Andrew admits his true feelings and desires, including his plans to die once his and Canarie’s goals are finished, and his subconscious wish to be a human again. She asks him about what he would do if she had the ability to grant his wish, to which Andrew responded that he would never give her the answer she wants to hear, but hints that he would ask to remain by her side.

Rin and Andrew, in a way, are two sides of the same coin when it comes to death. Rin sees death as the final destination of the path of life, which makes her want to live her life to the fullest, while Andrew views death as a release due to the fact he is unable to die. After his and disappearance, Rin took it upon herself to find him no matter the cost, despite knowing that other dangerous individuals would also be after him. Her feelings for Andrew are confirmed as romantic when Rin states that she thinks of Andrew as “the only person who can make her embarrassingly selfish”.

Canarie Graves
Rin is quite close to Canarie and thinks of her as the sister she always wanted. The two have a very positive friendship, supporting each other in every way. In their free time, Rin shows Canarie her crafting hobbies and in turn, Canarie helps Rin how to cook better. Despite knowing her for a short amount of time, Rin cares a lot for Canarie and her wellbeing. Rin even let her grow a garden outside her house (and times even helping her), showing how close their relationship has gotten. When she learned of Canarie's sleepwalking, she made her a music box in order to help her sleep better. Rin is also willing to comfort her and listen to any of her worries, and she constantly encourages Canarie to not take much more baggage than what she can endure.

Upon first meeting, Rin took Leo to her home after she noticed he seemed sick and malnourished. She fed and bathed him by herself and even gave him his name after seeing the number "130" on the back of his neck. She also noticed his mentality is much likely of a young child due to his amnesia. Rin greatly cares for Leo and thinks of him as a younger brother. As such, she dotes on him but not too much as to not make him uncomfortable. She carved a small wooden bird whistle and gifted it to him. Through her influence, Leo slowly becomes more expressive, although he becomes particularly protective of her. Rin also one of the few people whose name Leo is able to remember. She is also the only one who can comfort Leo when he's having a panic attack, an instance being when he was shaking and hyperventilating in fear of a thunderstorm and hiding under his bed covers, only calming down when he heard Rin's voice.

Iris Ziege
Rin acts like an older sister to Iris, who calls her "Sis". She shares her mischievous traits with Iris, which allows her to play along with her antics or even outplay her completely. However, there are instances where Rin can be taken aback by Iris, especially when she shares her "hobbies". When asked about why she isn't all that weirded out about Iris's morbid interests, she responded by saying that what other people consider "abnormal" might be "normal" to Iris. She also seems aware of Iris's ability to see ghosts, a fact that not a lot of people know about.

device_hub Family
date_range History
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April 17

Background - What is Rin Redlock’s background?

Despite being one of the main characters of the story, there's not much detail about Rin's early life. Her parents died shortly after she was born, but according to her, she had a fairly normal and happy childhood being raised by her grandparents. Her grandfather, Maza, was a Captain of the Fivefold Suns, and her grandmother, whom Rin was extremely close to, was an eccentric inventor and artisan who was the owner of Redlock Toyshop. Even from a young age, Rin was perceptive of people's emotions, but despite this, she maintained her own values through the influence of her grandmother, who told her not to conform to what others expected of her and to not let them take advantage of her kindness. As a result, Rin turned out to be carefree and enthusiastic about the world around her, as well as having a great dislike for overcritical people. She was renowned for being a troublemaker in her youth because of her explosive creations, which her grandmother actively encouraged as she claimed it was a form of artistic expression.

Rin's grandmother often took her to the Fallen Birds Ward, a rehabilitation center for victims of the Void and people who fell ill to the Nothing disease, where she worked as a volunteer taking care of the patients and researching the Nothing disease. Rin felt angry for the patients over having their wills taken away and being left as hollow shells. She gained an idea of how cruel and dangerous the world could be, so she declared that she would help others as best she could while also promising to value her own life.

At some point, Rin's grandmother fell ill and was left bedridden until the end of her life. Rin sat by her bedside in her last moments, where her grandmother told her to use her kindness as a strength to help others but never allow herself to be swayed easily, as well as asking her to fulfill her wish of fixing "the old crooked thing in the warehouse." After the funeral, Rin spent most of her days inside her home and took to carving small wooden toys, which was something her grandmother did as a hobby, as a way to cope with her loss. However, she remembered her grandmother's words to help others and gained a newfound desire to uphold her legacy in her own way. At only 10 years old, Rin became the owner of Redlock Toyshop, referring to her shop as a place where her toys can bring the same comfort and warmth to a child in need.

Sometime later, Rin would meet Jóse Victoria, who was brought into the city under the disguise of being Maza's recruited student. She sensed Jóse's true nature right away and became wary of her, causing Jóse to begin teasing her. They had a strained relationship in which Rin disliked her presence because Jóse used to criticize her creations as a form of teasing her.

One year after meeting Jóse, Rin, who was 11 years old at the time, learned that her grandfather was planning an expedition to find a cure for the Nothing and investigate incidents of people falling into the Void. She insisted on going with him, but was swiftly rejected and told to stay behind with Jóse, who was going to take Maza's place as captain. Rin, angry over her grandfather's decision, stormed off and locked herself in her room. Jóse thought she was having a tantrum, but Rin was actually secretly packing up and preparing to join Maza. Rin snuck out late at night and exited the city, intending to catch up to her grandpa. She soon realized, however, that she had become disoriented and had no idea where Maza had gone. Before she could panic, she heard a child crying somewhere nearby. Curious, she went in search of whoever was making that noise and ran into a crying child who claimed that his siblings were in danger. Rin followed the child until they stopped at a cabin with the front door open. Rin advised the child to stay hidden and wait for her to come back with his siblings, to which the child agreed. When she stepped in, she noticed the smell of blood, so she quietly ventured in. Rin found two adults who appeared to be the parents of the children. Thinking that whatever killed their parents was bound to come back, Rin whispered loudly for the other children. She soon found two kids hiding in a closet and encouraged them to come out quickly. As the children regained the ability to stand again, Rin immediately heard a noise coming from another room. She took a peek and discovered a large doll feasting upon the leg of a human, and though horrified, Rin saw this as an opportunity to escape. Rin thought that if the three of them went together, the floorboards would create noise and alert the doll, so she took some sheets of fabric and tied the children to them so she could lower them down the window to the ground. Telling them that she would buy them time to reach their sibling, Rin acted as a distraction, and the doll set its sights on her, which it then proceeded to chase around the house.

Before it could maul her, the doll was suddenly affected by some kind of force, causing it to drop her and flail around as if it were trying to attack something. The doll was suddenly cut in half, revealing an assailant behind it. The person revealed themselves as Jóse, who managed to track her down just in time. Despite still reeling from the shock, Rin asked about the children's whereabouts, to which Jóse replied by calling her an idiot. Jóse dragged Rin away from the cabin, where Rin could see an entire search party surrounding it. She saw the three children huddled together in a blanket and waved at them before being dragged away by Jóse. At her home, Jóse scolded Rin for sneaking out and almost getting herself killed. Rin, with her confidence shattered, apologized for causing trouble to Jóse. Before she could say more, Jóse proposed that she would train her in case an event like that happened again, to which Rin was shocked to hear her say that but nevertheless happy.

In the present day, Rin is actively looking for parts to fix her grandmother's machine.

gamepad Abilities

Enhanced Physical Prowess
Rin has above-average physical strength. Despite her lack of combat experience, she is strong enough to carry large equipment. She once slapped Andrew with enough force to send him flying without breaking a sweat. Rin acknowledges that, despite her agility, she is no match for Canarie, Jackie, or Birdy, who are all highly trained.

Durability and Stamina
Rin's durability is exceptional, as she can leap from buildings and windows and land safely on the ground. She also has excellent reflexes and agility, allowing her to execute acrobatic feats and to throw her Hacky Bombs at her opponent while in mid-air.

Rin is known for being extremely skilled at crafting and inventing. She is able to make any sort of useful device out of anything using the simplest of materials. She also practices in wood-carving, needlework and even machinery, the latter to some degree. She mostly uses her machinery knowledge to work on complex gear systems or the machine that her grandmother asked her to complete. Additionally, she is good at drawing and carries around a journal to write down potential ideas and inspiration. In this journal, she illustrates her inventions.

Throughout the story, Rin has created various devices, such as the All-Seer, a telescope that has a microscopic vision and x-ray vision mode, her Shield, an umbrella that is capable of blocking any blasts from explosions, or a projector that displays the thoughts and dreams of others.

Affinity to Redlock Toyshop
Rin is able to completely change the inside of her house and switch it to something resembling a workshop simply by stepping outside and snapping her fingers.


A telescope designed to have any kind of vision, such as microscopic and X-ray. Rin mostly uses her telescope to view objects closer and to study them.

A device that projects the thoughts and dreams of a person.

Dollmaking kit
A bag that Rin carries around with her everywhere. The bag contains dollmaking materials and tools. A small section is dedicated to the objects Rin collects.

The red string Rin wears around her waist, gifted by her grandmother. She insists that it is a normal red string, but the feats she has accomplished with it say otherwise. The string has magical properties, when worn by the user (Rin), her gravity decreases bit so she can perform acrobatic and parkour-like maneuvers much more easily, such as jumping over buildings and landing without physical damage. Regarding its physical capability, it is made of extremely durable material, although it is unspecified what kind of material it is. Rin also sometimes uses the string as a lasso-like weapon.

Soul Art


Rin has the ability to create and sew life into her own creations. Her own Dolls are extremely loyal to Rin because of the profound love she has when creating them. She also able to turn any object into powerful weapons if she believes in their value, an example of which being an umbrella turning into a strong shield that was capable of blocking the War Doll's gunfire, a pen that brings drawings to life, and even her own house, which is said to be connected to Rin.

  • Pok and Éhe

Two small dolls, each measuring 10 cm, that resemble traditional sugar skulls. They are shown to be Rin's small companions. They are modeled after the Graves twins.
Pok is dressed in a black, baggy long-sleeved shirt underneath a blue poncho with an orange flower pattern. His skull is decorated with a cobweb motif on top of his head and around his eye sockets, as well as subtle purple and orange highlights. He is slightly taller than his ”sister”, Éhe.
Éhe is dressed in an orange outfit with a green capelet with yellow embroidery. Her skull is decorated with a flower design around her sockets and temples, as well as a Catholic cross above her eyes. Orange flowers adorn the hairline of her head.

  • Tomo

Tomo is a large teddy bear, measuring 6’5’’ in size. He has large, black button eyes, golden brown fur and razor sharp teeth and claws. He wears a red scarf around his neck, and a zipper protrudes from his back. He most likely symbolizes her grandfather.

edit Notes

  • She's very popular with children because of her warm and upbeat personality.

  • A group of triplets act as her informants. They were discovered and saved by her when their parents were killed by a Doll, and out of gratefulness, they became her helpers. The incident helped strengthen Rin's relationship with Jóse as she was initially wary of her.

  • Her eyes change into a red hue when she gets serious, is in the middle of creating something or discovering new inspiration.

  • She is a terrible cook. According to Andrew, even though he doesn’t have a sense of taste, her cooking tastes similarly to a Doll’s heart. It also caused Canarie, who has significant resistance to poisons, to vomit and faint.

  • Rin shares a familial bond with Leo, who she views as a little brother. She officially adopted him some time later.

  • The reason why the toys in her shop are able to come alive is because of her soul being connected to the house. As such, the house responds to whatever Rin’s current emotions are.

  • According to Maza, Rin greatly resembles her grandmother when she was younger. She also shares several traits such as her inability to cook and eccentric creative mind.

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