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Jóse Victoria

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Jóse Victoria is a main supporting character in DOLLCORE. She is a mysterious woman who is currently the Acting Fifth Captain of the Fivefold Suns Cavalry for Maza Redlock while he is away on a expedition.


Monarca (codename)
La Bruja Monarca [The Monarch Witch)
Hag (by Andrew Graves)

Age - How old is Jóse Victoria?

28 years old (current life)
500+ (mentally; through reincarnations)

Gender - What is Jóse Victoria’s gender?



Maza Redlock (mentor; deceased)

Occupation - What is Jóse Victoria’s occupation?

Fifth Sun Captain
Serial killer (formerly)
Fantasma Mercernary (formerly)


Fivefold Suns Cavalry
Los Fantasmas (formerly)





Cause of Death


Voice Actor(s)

Yoko Hikasa (JP)
Erika Harlacher (ENG)



Name Meaning

Jóse: shortened version of Joséfa
Victoria: means "victory"


  • "What you see may be an illusion. However, I can assure you that I am very real."

  • "There is no salvation for those who have run around in endless circles, searching for an illusion of a miracle, something so near but so out of reach, not even realizing that they're trapped."

face Looks
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179 cm (5'10")

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Jóse is a tall and attractive adult woman with a dark complexion, golden irises with black pupils, and curly, dark blue hair cut into an uneven bob adorned with zenpazuchil flowers on the right side of her head. Her hands are covered in burns, which she hides with black gloves.
Jóse's attire consists of a sleeveless cape-like black jacket with white and orange details that gradually fades to a sea green gradient and the Fivefold Suns Cavalry insignia attached at the upper lapel. She is dressed in a white shirt with a black ribbon tied around her neck and a brooch of an orange and blue butterfly. She wears a white belt with orange outlines over black pants. For footwear she has black boots with heels.

fingerprint Nature

Jóse displays a friendly and cheerful demeanor, always having an easygoing smile on her face regardless of the situation she is in. She is a laid-back and flippant woman who is insightful and gives wise advice. She likes to tease anyone and everyone to a sadistic degree, especially if it means that she can get a laugh out of it. She is a proficient person, having complete confidence no matter what type of situation she is dealing with. She is also a bit of an alcoholic, and enjoys alcohol drenched foods, despite the fact she is largely unaffected by it.

Jóse is often described as cocky and careless to an almost comedic degree. She enjoys playing pranks on her associate Crow, who she had once attempted to kill when he was an Enforcer. She admittedly enjoys mocking serious and overconfident people, as she finds their irritated reactions amusing.

While on the job, Jóse can be very professional and capable. However, she is normally seen to be nonchalant and playful towards close colleagues and friends. Despite her position as a Captain of the Fivefold Suns Cavalry, Jóse describes it as somewhat of a hobby, but nonetheless she takes it seriously. Jóse is confident in her abilities, as she can easily take down a Doll without effort, but she remains humble about it. Additionally, she is able to remain levelheaded, improvise in tense situations and is an adept persuader, able to negotiate with others and consequently acquire her desired outcomes. Occasionally, she is more than willing to show and put others in distressing situations as a way to further manipulate them.

Despite her relaxed exterior, Jóse, to others, is described as being a manipulative person who is unable to feel regret; she is extremely pragmatic and cunning to an almost manipulative degree, and never shows her true intentions. Jóse also likes pushing other people's buttons, not out of maliciousness, but because she is able to acquire useful information through people’s actions. She is also hyper-aware, knowing what more than she lets on behind her usual light-hearted facade. She doesn't think of herself as a good person, as she willing to do wrong things for the right reasons.

According to Maza, while Jóse may be selfish, she is someone who craves for a peaceful life without irritations. In order to achieve this, she has made countless decisions that proved to be beneficial for the city, even though she has only made those changes so she would have her peaceful life. In fact, public opinion of Jóse in Zenpatlan is generally positive because of her intelligence as well as kind nature, but behind closed doors, her subordinates and even her fellow Captains are wary of her. Because of her playful and lighthearted personality, others become fearful when she behaves unusually quiet, whether she does it intentionally or not. She is highly aware of much of an impact her presence does with the people surrounding her, which she uses to her advantage.

Despite being a Captain, Jóse is infamously known for not putting on a nice act for Enforcers, especially diplomats. Though she is generally polite and direct in terms of negotiating, she can be condescending in her manner of speech in order to manipulate other Enforcers into submitting through her will. She implies to be aware of the darker methods Enforcers use to recruit young and impressionable people, and indirectly criticizes them by saying that she believes anyone can fight or not out of their own will. In the end, Jóse's true goal is to live a peaceful life without having to do anything. This side of her motivations seems to stem from the fact that she has reincarnated several times to the point she has become too bored and tired to do anything. Despite this, she affirms that she is not bored with life itself but has just simply given up trying to find a way to stop from reincarnating. She also implies that she has witnessed the Great Calamity and was even killed and reincarnated in the midst of it. Because of her constant reincarnating, she has lost her loved ones to death countless times, leading her to stop forming bonds with others.

Prior to becoming a Captain, Jóse's personality was the same, however, she was extremely ruthless when dealing with her enemies, gaining the reputation as one of the most terrifying- and strongest- mercenaries within "Los Fantasmas". Though her violence mellowed down through the years, she is still as strong as she was before. It can also be seen that she retains some of her merciless nature.

groups Social
group Relationships

Crow is one of Jóse's associates. They have history together as Crow was almost killed by her years ago. Her attempt on his life became one of the reason why Crow quit the Enforcers and went into hiding. Through unknown means, Jóse found Crow again, but instead of killing him, she forced him to become her "assistant". They have a strictly professional and business-like relationship in which they mutually agree to use each other, however, they usually go out to drink together.

Rin Redlock
Jóse has a complicated relationship with Rin. She has a duty to protect Rin and make sure she is well as per the contract she has with Maza, whom she reports Rin's status in her letters once a week. Jóse doesn't seem to mind Rin's chaotic antics as long as she doesn't cause any unnecessary trouble. She knows very well Rin is fearful of her, so she doesn't worry about it much. She acts with Rin like she acts with anyone else, but occasionally acts strict and blunt. She doesn't like or dislike Rin and neither does she view her as a tool or a pawn. She does eventually grow to care for Rin in some way, even though she promised herself she would never form bonds with anyone else.

The extent of their relationship takes a darker turn after an event that happened a few years ago, shortly after Maza left. After Rin ran away to meet up with him but almost got herself killed by a Doll, Jóse brought Rin back to her house and told her to bring something precious to her, a toy horse, and used her ability to make it look like she was destroying it in front of her and told her that her life is precious and she should learn to value it no matter how bad her curiosity gets, all the while Rin was crying and begging her to stop. This shows that Jóse was more than willing to intentionally bring mental anguish to a child as a way to teach them but not to scar them for life. However, Jóse underestimated how traumatizing the event was for Rin, who, even years later, is still very afraid of what she could. Rin, on her part, vividly remembers the event and is conflicted on whether or not she should forgive Jóse for what she did. The incident was one of the only times Jóse feels genuine guilt and regret.

Andrew Graves
Jóse almost immediately deduced Andrew wasn't human because she did not sense any life from him. She often uses the fact that she knows he is a Doll to force him into doing work for her. She thinks of him as a tool and a pawn. He is also one of the people she likes to tease. When she investigated more about his past, she found out that his death seemed similar the "Patchwork Murders".

Canarie Graves
Jóse seems to have some degree of interest in Canarie and her abilities as a "harvester". She met her when she was learned of the rumor of a mysterious assailant who hunts Dolls and steals their Cores. Like Andrew, Jóse views Canarie as a tool as well. Jóse also unintentionally awakens Canarie's memories, making her even more interested in what she is hiding. She also suggested that Canarie investigates the "Patchwork Murders", which made Canarie discover the truth of her brother's death.

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date_range History
Birthday - When is Jóse Victoria’s birthday?

September 29

Background - What is Jóse Victoria’s background?

Jóse's past is entirely shrouded in mystery, signifying the air of enigma around her. Her true identity is unknown. No one knows where she came from, and one famous rumor about her is that she was a part of an infamous mercenary group known as "Fantasmas". Jóse was believed of the most powerful and terrifying members of the group, called "Monarca". Jóse neither confirmed nor denied this, but it can be assumed as being true because as Crow said that she seemed extremely similar to the person who had attempted to kill him.

At an unspecified point in time, "Monarca" went through an identity change and adopted the name "Jóse Victoria". She became affiliated with Maza Redlock and made a contract with him which consisted that she would become his substitute Captain in exchange for a peaceful life while he went on an expedition. Jóse took up Maza's duties and discovered corrupt authority within the city, causing her to personally wipe them.

It is later revealed that Jóse has lived more than a hundred lifetimes, reincarnating each time with her memories intact. She is implied to have died and reincarnated almost immediately in the midst of the Great Calamity. According to Jóse, in her 13th life onwards, she killed herself many times until the 55th life, where she gave up completely.

No matter what she did, she was never able to stop the cycle of reincarnation. Over time, she seems to have gotten used to it and accepts the fact that she is bound to reincarnate until the world ends.

gamepad Abilities

Immense Strength
Jóse possesses tremendous physical strength to fight against powerful Dolls without a problem, allowing her to fight effectively in hand-to-hand combat without relying on any of her subordinates. She has shown to have immense physical capabilities, making superhuman leaps and defeating Dolls with great force, even without her Soul Art, such as when she singlehandedly broke a sword with one hand. She mostly uses her agility and then her strength next.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes
Jóse is an extremely fast and graceful fighter, capable of moving faster than the eye could perceive. She is incredibly agile and swift, shown she can maneuver through forests and buildings effortlessly and evade Doll attacks with grace and finesse. She is also capable of sneaking up on people without any detection, and later disappear without a trace.

For some inexplicable reason, Jóse, upon death, immediately reincarnates into body of another whilst retaining her memories. This could be because her Soul energy is so powerful it forces itself to stay alive by inhabiting another body. As a result, regardless of how she dies, Jóse is always fated to be reincarnated. According to her, she has witnessed the Great Calamity, being killed and reborn in the midst of it.

Combat Mastery
Jóse has mastered the art of violence and bloodshed throughout her lifetime. Her high levels of quick-thinking allow to scan her surroundings and view anything as a weapon.

Tactical Intellect
Jóse is a skilled tactician who can deduce her opponent's strategy based on minor acts or behaviors. She has also proven to be very resilient to whatever foe she has fought thus far, knowing just what to do to counter their strategies and discover ways to kill them.

Soul Art

Her ability consists of generating realistic hallucinations which can become tangibly real on the basis of the targets thinking it is. Jóse has mastered and perfected her powers to the point that she can have any ability the target believes she has. She does this by giving them a prompt to believe in, which then causes the "power" to come into existence. The "ability" disappears once the target is neutralized/dead.

By taking off the gloves that cover her hands, Jóse can generate hallucinations, enabling her targets to see, hear, touch, smell, and/or taste or to perceive things that are not real. When the target believes the hallucinations are real, they become tangibly solid and can even physically harm them.

edit Notes

  • Jóse dislikes dogs.

  • She doesn't have a lot of hobbies due to being busy most of the time. When she does have free time, she either enjoys spending it with Rin or goes to bars whenever she has the chance.

  • Jóse uses her alcohol resistance to get information out of people.

  • Majority of her past lives ended with her dying in an accident. The ones that stood to her the most was the life when she was killed in the Great Calamity and the life she was reincarnated in after.

  • Butterflies, hey key motif, symbolize reincarnation and rebirth. In other cultures, butterflies symbolize the soul of a deceased person heading to the afterlife which is ironic considering that she is unable to pass on to the afterlife.

  • She is based on the concept of a nahual, a sorcerer who is able to shape-shift into an animal.

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