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Name - What is Andrew's Coffin’s full name?

Andrew's Coffin

Item Type - What type of item is Andrew's Coffin?

Funerary box/Travel compartment

Description - Describe Andrew's Coffin.

A large funerary casket in which Andrew resides in, carried by Canarie as they travel. Once a normal coffin, it was magically enhanced Lady Death in order to strengthen Andrew's body and to avoid being seen.

redeem Looks
Materials - What is Andrew's Coffin made out of?

It is made out of hardwood. A strap is attached to the back of the coffin.

Weight - How much does Andrew's Coffin weigh?

150 pounds

date_range History

The coffin was originally used to bury Andrew. After his subsequent transformation, he smashed himself out of the coffin in a fit of desperation.

Despite it being destroyed, Lady Death fixed it and used some of her powers to magically enhance it. She gave it to the siblings and told them that she upgraded it so Andrew could "heal" himself and stay hidden from others' sight. She also said that no one apart from Canarie and Andrew can open it.

flash_on Abilities
Magical effects - What kind of magic does Andrew's Coffin possess?

It was upgraded so it is capable of withstanding large amounts of damage. It was specifically designed for Andrew, where his body can be "healed" and get back his physical resistance when he is unable to put his limbs back together.

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