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The mysterious "leader" of the Garden of Providence Cult and owner of the Manor. Her loyal "followers" aid her in her pursuit of paradise through inhumane means.


Angel Doll
Eve (Garden alias, formerly)

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6 (physically, at time of death)
60+ (chronologically, Manor time)

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Garden of Providence (formerly)


Evil (formerly)
Good (currently)


Deceased (as a human)
Active (as a Doll)

Cause of Death


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120 cm

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fingerprint Nature

Initially, Mercy was a very polite and dismissive person, and was described to talk in a gentle and calm manner. In reality, Mercy is extremely apathetic and nonchalant to the point where she happily and ruthlessly murders humans for making whatever reason. She holds an authorative demeanor towards her followers and views them as toys in a dollhouse.

Mercy holds a twisted view on peace and happiness; she believes that "paradise" can be found in a world full of madness and cruelty by simply succumbing to it. She believes that all "sins" originated by sacrificing and devouring "purity".

In her human life, Mercy was easily-influenced and naive, granting those superior to her to take advantage of her. She was taught a twisted perception of kindness by granting her people's wishes. Due to being treated as a god-human, Mercy became unable to refuse her followers' wishes out of pity, making her a figure of "purity" in their eyes.

After she is sacrificed by the cult, Mercy becomes a Doll and is quickly driven insane by the flow of humanity's most wicked thoughts. As a result, her fear and uncertainty gave way to pure hatred and rage, unleashing her "Judgement" and placing a curse that put her followers into a braindead and mindless state.

Jackie D. Bones notes that she most likely was an easily influenced and impressionable person in her human life, causing her to easily take up the personality traits and words of those she trusts and admired to heart, making her a target of manipulation from the cult members.

After meeting Iris Ziege, Mercy learns of her past and expresses her bitterness of having her childhood and humanity taken away from her. Instead of choosing to move on to the afterlife, she transforms herself into a small ragdoll and remains in a dormant state. She only awakens when she senses Iris and Jackie in a dangerous situation and provides her power to protect them.

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December 24

gamepad Abilities

Enhanced Strength
Like any Doll, Mercy harbors immense amounts of strength, however, due to mostly using it in her Doll Burst, she is significantly weaker than an average Doll.

Doll Burst


Mori's ability allows her to create thorned bushes and freely manipulate them at will. Once tied around an opponent, the sharp thorns are capable of warping the perceptions of others and leave them in a state of a euphoric hysteria and catatonic insanity.

In terms of defense and offensive strength, the thorns are noted to be extremely prickly and stab through the thickest of hides, shown when Jackie's bone creatures were slightly slashed through. In combat, Mercy uses her thorn bushes as whips to unleash long-ranged attacks as well as wrapping herself as a shield, such as when she was laying dormant inside a shell of thorns.

edit Notes

  • Ironically, she is meant to represent "purity", despite the fact she is surrounded by evil thoughts and sins.

  • She has a sheep motif while Iris Ziege has one of a goat.

  • Her hobbies are blowing bubbles and origami folding.

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