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The main antagonists of DOLLCORE. They are monstrous creatures that are the physical and psychological remnants of the worst traits of a human’s identity. They were once human, but the Nothing curse had corroded them until they were nothing but a hollow shell incapable of feeling emotions.

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Dolls come in a variety of forms. Most are humanoid in appearance, only with slight alterations to their physiology. Dolls can still retain their normal appearance while others gain distorted features like multiple heads, mouths, or limbs. Their appearance is said to mutate due to the Nothing disease and through the consumption of souls, which symbolizes the loss of their humanity. It is said that the only Dolls capable of changing their appearance similar to that of a normal human are Puppets, although they have a few physical malformations that makes them uncanny and a bit unrecognizable as humans.

Because they don't have a soul to inhabit the body, their skin is described as a shell and even makes hollow sounds when knocked on. They display abnormal characteristics and behaviors, most likely due to having consumed large amounts of souls, such as, stitching on certain parts of body, dolichostenomelia, hyperdontia, macrodontia, gross mandibular prognathism, kyphosis, arachnodactyly and polydactyly.

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Dolls for the most part work in solitude almost in an animalistic way. They shown to be highly territorial and fight over both prey and potential hunting grounds. The only thing they have in common is their primary goal, which is to seek out and hunt human souls to satisfy their hunger. While typically mindless, a Doll’s behavior can be influenced by any strong negative desires they had as a human. Each Doll has a name that correlates with something that exists, or their human past. In some cases, a Doll can gain a conscious, but their personality consists of negative thoughts and emotions due to the Nothing's influence. The Nothing disease also influences a recently awakaned Doll into remembering their deaths, which drive them insane to the point they effectively abandon any trace of humanity.

Dolls are also known to mutate and grow stronger over time as they consume more human souls, allowing them to grow into more monstrous forms and improve their physical and magical abilities among other attributes. The more souls they consume, the more cruel and aggressive they become, making them have a low chance of ever regaining humanity. Though they are decribed as man-eating monsters, they aren't really interested in eating them, but in order to get stronger, they rip apart human bodies and take the best parts for themselves for assembly.

All Dolls have a distaste for the Zenpatlan flower and obsidian stone, due to the materials having properties that are toxic to them. The only way to completely destroy a Doll is to strike them in their Core, which disintegrates them once it is destroyed. Powerful Dolls are capable of having more than two Cores at once and transport them to another part of their body.

Dolls also have a mutual fear of a certain Doll, the Death Doll. Some are prone to cowering in fear upon mere mention of him, the cause being that the Death Doll is the only Doll known to consume them.

In fact, their fear of the Death Doll became so great that some decided to remain in hiding. Dolls consider being consumed by him as the worst form of death. Upon his "death", Dolls became even more rampant and ruthless, seemingly celebrating his demise.

Aggressiveness - How aggressive is the average Doll?

Dolls are basically empty and hollow, hence they can't feel emotions. They seek out thrill and something to keep them entertained, so they can only feel by killing and eating the souls of humans. The agressiveness of a Doll can be measured by the amount of human souls it has eaten. If they've eaten none for more than 2 weeks, they become extremely hungry and desperate, and, occasionally, adopt behavior similar to feral animals.

Dolls who have eaten a high number of souls can still retain aggressive behaviors; especially if they eat them on a daily basis and then they are suddenly unable to find a soul to feast upon.

Weaknesses - What are the notable weaknesses of Doll?

Zenpazochil Flower
The Zenpazochil flower is highly toxic to Dolls, and releases a scent that can repel them. Because of this, Marigold flowers are traditionally used to ward off Dolls and grow near the outskirts of
. They can also be used to create deadly potions to weaken and kill Dolls, most notably the Hacky Bombs, sacks filled with a mixture of marigold powder and gunpowder, created by Rin Redlock.

Obsidian was an ore used to dismember Dolls by humans in the past. Due to the lack of Soul Art at the time, humans discovered that the ore had the same toxic and destructive properties as the Marigold flower. Using the ore, swordsmen exterminated the Dolls by impaling their core, located in their chest, which is considered their physically weakest part. According to Rin Redlock, Soul Art users began to appear more often after most of the Dolls were exterminated, causing obsidian to be used less often. The Death Doll was highly feared by other Dolls because he was partly made of obsidian.

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Dolls are a byproduct of the Nothing, an entity that, above all else, wants to turn the world back into nothing. The Nothing was able to be controlled by the Curators Dollmaker and Lady Death.

Then, after the Nothing disease made its way into the mortal realm, several people began getting eroded by its essence, physically and psychologically. After their soul was drained, they soon turned into Dolls after death.

Humans infected by the disease lose their sense of identity, inability to feel emotions and lastly, their five senses, effectively making them soulless. When they die, they transform into a Doll. The Nothing also amplifies death as something more traumatizing to the Doll, which drives them insane so they can completely erase whatever is left of their human self.

Types of Dolls

Awakened Doll
Used to refer to those which haven't been Dolls for a while. Most Dolls have been around for over 100 years, while Awakened are said to be over 10-50. Awakened Dolls generally have a braindead mindset (almost like zombies), which makes them easy to eliminate. Their initial human appearance can deteriorate over time and their demeanors change to a more violent and aggresive one the more souls they consume.

Sentient Doll
Dolls that carry a certain level of consciousness. They're aware that they're incapable of feeling emotions such as joy, anger, sadness- so they replace those emotions by being sadistic and murderous. It's also said that if a person transforms into an Doll while having a strong attachment to life, they will keep their self-awareness, however the level of consciousness differs between individuals, implying that while they do still retain their original personality, most times it becomes a darker version of what it used to be.

Puppet Dolls
Also just referred to as "Puppets", they are Dolls artificially made from other human parts. Created by the Puppetmaster, everything about them is artificial, including their personalities, in order to appear more human-like. Their most notable trait is their mindless loyalty towards the Puppetmaster. Despite having various (fake) personalities, Puppets have only one goal which is to serve the Puppetmaster, signifying his absolute control over them.

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Bizarre mutation of a corpse due to the Nothing's influence.

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