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Jackie D. Bones

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Jackie D. Bones is one of the main supporting character in DOLLCORE. He is the acting director of the Moribundo Funeral Parlor, working as a paranormal investigator and mortician. He is the caretaker/boss of Iris Ziege.


Bossman (by Iris Ziege)

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Funerary Consultant
Paranormal Investigator


Moribundo Funeral Parlor





Cause of Death


Voice Actor(s)

Yuuma Uchida (JP)
Zeno Robinson (ENG)


Zenpa (from father's side)
Qamar (from mother's side)

Name Meaning

Jackie: named after Jackie Robinson
D. Bones: play on the word “debone”

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176 cm (5'9”)

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Jackie appears to be a serious and uptight character when first introduced, yet he is proven to be a righteous and incredibly driven individual. He is committed to protecting the citizens of Zenpatlan that he is regarded as a workaholic. He has a quick temper and is very vocal about his disdain for obnoxious and overbearing people, such as Iris, who he reprimands on a daily basis. He is sincere, smart, and knowledgeable, and he is attentive to civilians, accepting their requests for assistance and being generally polite to everyone he encounters. He is also a big lover of animals, particularly dogs, as shown when he summons a dog-like bone creature for search missions, later revealed to be his deceased dog Spike.

His honesty and natural compassion are some of Jackie's most significant personal attributes. He presents himself as competent and reliable in the presence of others, and he is normally highly respectful to his superiors. Jackie respects and supports various virtues, including drive, individuality, and loyalty. As a consultant for the Moribundo Funeral Parlor, he takes pride in his family's business and deems it his job to send away departed souls peacefully. He is someone who’d rather seek his answers instead of letting chaos run amok in Zenpatlan.

When not working, Jackie displays a more casual and laid-back side of himself. He can be sarcastic with his manner of speech, especially with Iris, although not in an unfriendly way, and shares a dead-pan sense of humor with Andrew, who he considers to be a close friend and friendly rival.

Additionally, Jackie is prone to long-winded sentences filled with elaborate terminology, much to Iris’ annoyance.

While Jackie firmly believes that people may fight or not fight out of their own free choice, he dislikes the notion of young children, such as Leo and Iris, actively risking their lives fighting Dolls, as seen by his warning to Iris that hunting down Dolls means living on the edge of life and death. Although he himself is still a teenager, he tends to treat Iris and Leo like children because he does not want them to give up their youth in order to protect Zenpatlan. This conviction earned him Andrew's respect (despite his mistrust of authority), and the two remain good friends despite their differing perspectives.

He also seems to have some hidden degree of mistrust towards authority figures especially after they left Iris in his care due to her being an extremely uncontrollable child, but he only saw a child needing help and emotional support. Despite initially being annoyed and embarrassed at Iris’ antics, he eventually started to consider her somewhat of a little sister and junior and goes as far as to say her wild and rambunctious conduct is normal. They are often portrayed as comedic relief, with Jackie stopping most of Iris’ wild endeavours. He appeared visibly distraught and horrified at the sight of her "death", and out of pure rage at the cult members, he summoned a goat-like bone creature, clearly showing that he valued and cared for her.


When in combat, he is able to react to panic-inducing situations with extreme calm and levelheadedness. When he does get angry, however, he tends to react in an uncharacteristically brutal manner. However, this only happens when he’s under extreme stress and overworked. Despite being seen as the more level-headed of the duo, Jackie does have moments where he shows that he can be almost or just as violent as Iris.



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Jackie's parents
Jackie doesn't mention his parents much in the story, but it's assumed he has a good relationship with them given how he was more than willing to take over the family business. From what Jackie himself says, his parents frequently send letters to him asking about his well being and apologizing from being away from home, showcasing that they are very caring parents. One of the letters implied that Jackie's mother is pregnant.

Spike is Jackie's pet skeleton dog. It's said that Jackie was so distraught upon his death that the reason he unlocked his Soul Art in the first place was because of his dog as he wished he could be with him forever.

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October 20

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Jackie is a descendant of the Bones family, a clan consisting of psychopomps that had been around after the Great Calamity was over. The Bones family are the only clan who still use the Curator of Soul's soul guiding practice. In his youth, he lived with his mother and father along with his dog Spike. When Spike died, a heartbroken Jackie unlocked his Soul Art which revived his dog into a bone creature. Like several of his ancestors and relatives, he had a affinity towards the dead, so his parents taught him how to be a mortician and embalmer so he could inherit the Moribundo Funeral Parlor.

When Jackie was around 12 years old, his parents went to an unspecified country to do mortician work. Jackie, despite his young age, became the acting boss of the funeral home all the while being a consultant in the public eye.

When he was 12 years old, he met Iris Ziege and took her under his wing.

gamepad Abilities

Enhanced Strength
Since becoming a Soul Art User, Jackie has refined his physical strength to superhuman levels, as he can easily snap animal bones on a regular basis. While not as physically powerful as individuals such as Birdy, Jackie has demonstrated a high level of physical ability, and when he was 11 years old, he beat up a prolific gang of deviants close to his home.

Enhanced Endurance
Jackie possesses remarkable endurance. Despite the fact that it pushes him to his limit, he can continually deploy his Bone Animals technique. After sustaining a stab wound and being critically injured, he was able to continue fighting the Baron.

Weapon Proficiency
Although Jackie has limited experience with weapons due to the fact that he must summon his hybrids with both hands, he often trains with Iris. Later on, he displayed his ability to efficiently wield weapons such as polearms and blades.

Tactical Intellect
Jackie has showcased a high level of tactical thinking. He is capable of quickly spotting various weaknesses his opponents may have.

Soul Art

Bone Animals

By cracking the bone of a specific animal, Jackie may create and summon creatures made of bone. He claims to be capable of creating skeletal hybrids from human bones, but he refuses to do so out of respect for the departed. He has been shown to carry a briefcase in which he keeps various bones.

A pitbull-like dog creature. He is Jackie's dog's remains, and after his death, he became the trigger that led Jackie to earn his Soul Art. He detects Dolls and alerts Jackie when one is near. His tracking skills allow him to locate missing people.

It looks to be a big, lion-like beast with wing extensions, a mix between a cat and a hawk. Its primary function is to help in rescue and search operations.

Trapper is a hybrid between a canine and a reptile that looks a lot like an axolotl. Trapper, as the name implies, can trap and ensnare its target with its sharp fangs and claws and is strong enough to hurl and slam them into structures.

The first ever hybrid summoned by human bones, Baphomet is a large human-like bone creature with a goat skull. Jackie summoned it because of his rage after Iris’ death. It is a highly dangerous hybrid, capable of tearing apart both humans and Dolls easily with its sharp claws and teeth.

edit Notes

  • He is based of off Xolotl, a mythological Aztec god who is known for being the soul guide for the dead.

  • His dog, Spike, is a Pitbull-xoloitzcuintle mix.

  • His favorite hobbies are playing card games and playing fetch with Spike.

  • Jackie is more emotional when it comes to animals. He's the kind of person who's driven to tears over animal death.

  • He likes people who have a strong sense of justice.

  • He's popular with girls because of his looks and personality.

  • His favorite animals are dogs and he's often seen feeding strays near the office.

  • His favorite food are peanut butter cookies and he dislikes chocolate.

  • He has frequent stomachaches related to stress (Iris).

  • His dynamic with Iris can best be described as a dog herding a goat, since he's basically the only person who's able to keep her under control. Additionally, his nickname for her (Kid) are what baby goats are called.

  • He and Jóse Victoria are distant cousins.

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