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Leticia Graves

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Leticia is the eldest daughter of Andrew Graves and Rin Redlock.



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11 years old

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Andrew Graves (father)
Rin Redlock (mother)
Oscar Graves (younger brother)
Lucia Graves (younger sister)
Noah Graves (youngest brother)
Canarie Graves (paternal aunt)
Leo (adoptive uncle)
Alma Graves (paternal grandmother; deceased)
Yolotli Graves (paternal grandfather; deceased)
Maza Redlock (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)



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Leticia is cheerful and flippant like her mother. As the eldest of her siblings, she is very responsible and takes care of them when her parents are too busy. However, she has a bit of a mischievious side which allows her to play along with her siblings' antics. She is close to both of her parents and loves them very much.

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