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Alma Graves

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Alma Graves is the deceased mother of Andrew Graves and Canarie Graves, and the wife of Yolotli Graves.


Mamá (by Andrew Graves and Canarie Graves)

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32 (upon death)

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Yolotli (husband; deceased)
Canarie Graves (daughter)
Andrew Graves (son)

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Her family





Cause of Death

Heart failure



Name Meaning

Alma meaning "soul"

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167 cm

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Alma is a woman with a brown complexion, gentle deep ocean blue eyes and shoulder length dark brown hair tied in a braided bun hairstyle adorned with a blue ribbon. She has ear-length bangs and locks that flow down to her shoulders.

fingerprint Nature

Alma was a gentle and warm person; as a widowed mother of two, she was known to work hard and was very openly affectionate and loving towards her children. Though she was a bit protective, she encouraged her children to be independent. After her husband’s sudden disappearance, she was heartbroken and depressed for some time, but she did not to let her grief overtake her. Alma's motherly nature is shown to have a lasting impact on her children, especially Andrew Graves; despite the latter having no memory of her whatsoever, she influenced her son through his subconciousness. Like her son, she was incredibly selfless, as she did everything she could to make her children feel safe and happy. In return, her children loved her with their whole being and would do anything to help her.

She was deeply concerned for the mental state of her daughter, Canarie, and eventually developed a sedative drug that prevented her from having breakdowns and seizures. However, her pure and selfless love also caused her to neglect her own health and eventually led to it deteriorating so much that her childhood symptoms came back. Before she died, she tearfully apologized to her children for leaving them behind and asked them to take care of each other.

She was also upset at the fact that Canarie's emotional growth was halted by carrying her guilt for so long and immediately forgave Andrew for forgetting her, because she knew that somehow he would be able to remember her.

Before meeting Yolotli, Alma knew she did not have much to live because of her poor health and she eventually decided to study medicinal plants to aid people with illness, as well as to strengthen her body. Alma is renowned for her medical knowledge and was loved by the village people.

During her younger years, Alma displayed a much quieter and lonelier personality due to losing her parents at a young age. Upon meeting Yolotli, Alma began to show her talkative nature more often around him, even though he wasn't able to talk at the time. She was also very emotional and would cry when having normal conversations, showing that she was a really lonely person who wanted to live and do normal things with others. Alma very much loved her husband. She was overjoyed when listening to him talk for the first time after Yolotli's curse had been broken. Though it was implied that she knew of Yolotli's curse, she was unaware that she was the reason why it broke, as one of the Death Doll's wishes for Yolotli was for him to fall in love and get married.

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Yolotli Graves
Yolotli is the husband of Alma. They met when Yolotli encountered the young girl struggling to pull out weeds near her home. Her parents recently succumbed to illness and Alma was left all alone. After the two talked with each other, Yolotli realized that she was lonely just like him, offered to help her in her weed-pulling. Alma thought of Yolotli as a wandering person with no home, so she asked him if he had a home to go to. Though Yolotli didn't answer, Alma offered to go to her home in case he needed a place to stay. Upon Alma's insistence, Yolotli reluctantly agreed.

The two eventually started to live together. Alma's talkative and understanding nature which somehow contrasted well with Yolotli's deadpan and quiet personality. Yolotli took care of her when fell ill and encouraged her to hold on to hope so she could enjoy the things she never had the chance to enjoy someday. Yolotli, to Alma, was a guardian of hope. At some point, Yolotli is implied to have told Alma of his curse; she was surprised to see him cry after he realized he could bleed and speak for the first time, a sign of the curse breaking. Unbeknownst to Alma, she was the reason why his curse broke in the first place, as the one of the Death Doll's wishes for Yolotli was for him to fall in love with another person.

With the curse finally broken, Alma and Yolotli became closer than ever, and they eventually got married. When Alma became pregnant, Yolotli was extremely protective of her.

Andrew Graves
Andrew is Alma’s son. He inherited her expressive personality and deep blue eyes, and unbeknownst to them, Andrew had also inherited her heart condition that would play a part in his death in years to come. Alma confided a lot with her only son. Andrew admired and loved his mother as well and often helped her collect materials for her medicine-making. When Canarie and Yolotli disappeared, he saw her at his lowest, and despite being a young child, he understood her pain and grief. Their bond as a mother and son was so strong that even after his death and losing his memories, Alma often appears in his subconscious (although her face is blacked out) and encourages him to help and protect Canarie.

Canarie Graves
Canarie is Alma’s daughter. She loved her daughter and often told her that was the cutest and bravest daughter in the world. When her daughter and husband disappeared, Alma, alongside Andrew, spent days restlessly searching for them. She never gave up hope that they would be found. After Canarie was finally found in a catatonic state, Alma ran to her and cried uncontrollably. A few days later, Alma found out about Canarie’s seizures and sleepwalking. She took Canarie to a doctor, who diagnosed her with extreme trauma and mental instability, and recommended her to be placed in a mental hospital as they said her symptoms could get worse and more dangerous. Alma refused, and by using her medicinal knowledge, she developed a special medicine that lessened Canarie’s symptoms, but it also put her in a mindless state. Alma eventually dedicated herself to making this drug so much that she sacrificed her own health for her daughter’s well-being. Canarie only found out the reason for her death because because an angered Andrew had revealed her to the “truth”. In his own words, it was because of Canarie that their mother had overworked herself to death. Canarie, feeling immense guilt, began to believe that she had killed her own mother.

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January 1

Background - What is Alma Graves’s background?

Alma was born very sick and with a heart condition that would get worse as she grew older and she was expected to die young. Despite her debilitating condition, Alma wanted to live. Because medical care was expensive at the time, Alma instead resorted to becoming a herbalist specializing in medicial herbs and plants, so she would become healthier. She became renowned for her medical knowledge and so the other townspeople sought for her help in curing illnesses.

At some point, Alma met Yolotli, when he encountered her struggling to pull weeds from outside her home. Alma suggested he come visit her if he doesn't have anywhere else to go, to which Yolotli reluctantly agreed. It is implied that Alma sympathized with Yolotli for seeming lonely as she was.

From that point on, Yolotli frequently visited Alma and eventually ended up living at her home to take care of her when she was ill. With the help of Yolotli, Alma managed to heal and gain a stable health condition.

One day, Yolotli's curse broke and he was finally able to speak and bleed. Alma was surprised and overjoyed to hear his voice and cried in joy. Following the curse breaking, the two got married. Alma would later get pregnant with Andrew and Canarie. She slept for 3 whole days after giving birth.

Years later, when Yolotli and Canarie and disappeared, Alma was struck with grief and prayed every day for their safe return. For three days, Alma refused to eat and sleep and instead went out to search for her missing daughter and husband.

When her daughter was finally found after 3 days, she was relieved, but sensed that something terrible happened to her. Despite Yolotli never being found and the rumors surrounding him drowning in the river’s currents, Alma never lost hope that her husband would return someday. She tried to encourage Canarie to explain what happened to her, but Canarie said she couldn’t remember at all. Furthermore, Canarie started having seizures every night, causing Alma great distress and despair over not being able to do anything to help her daughter. She took her daughter to a doctor, who diagnosed her with a mental disorder, and recommended that she is put in a mental hospital as her breakdowns could potentially turn violent. Alma refused, and quickly made a sedative drug for Canarie using her medical knowledge.

For six years, Alma and her family managed to get by selling flowers and medicines, but her health was significantly worsening to due to her overworking. One day, Alma’s health deteriorated enough that her heart condition’s symptoms came back, and she suffered a fatal heart attack and was left bedridden until her passing.

Before she died, she begged Canarie and Andrew to take care of each other and be each other's pillar of support. She was buried in the nearby mahogany tree.

gamepad Abilities

As a normal human, Alma didn't have any known abilities. However, she was an expert in phytotherapy and had a vast knowledge of medicinal plants. She was also a botanist and agriculturist. Alma was able to make a drug successfuly soothed Canarie's mind and prevented her from having seizures.

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  • Alma taught her daughter Canarie everything about agriculture, indicating she had some knowledge about gardening.

  • She had a tendency to fall asleep all the time and found any place comfortable enough to sleep in.

  • At first, she thought Yolotli was a wandering spirit. She didn't know that Yolotli's body was in a half-frozen state due to the Death Doll's smoke inside his body, which explained why he wasn't able to speak.

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